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Solo Actions


Situation Quote Audio
6C I'm over here!
6C こっちだ
6C Where are you looking?
6C どこ見てんだ
D Normals Pierce through!
D Normals 貫け
D Normals Bloodedge!
D Normals ブラッドエッジ!
D Normals Tear to pieces
D Normals 切り裂く


Situation Quote Audio
Banishing Fang Banishing
Banishing Fang バニシング
Banishing Fang Let's go!
Banishing Fang いくぜ
→ Banishing Fang: Roar Fang
→ Banishing Fang: Roar ファング
→ Banishing Fang: Roar Ora
→ Banishing Fang: Roar おら
→ → Banishing Fang: Bash Bash
→ → Banishing Fang: Bash バッシュ
→ → Banishing Fang: Bash Slay!
→ → Banishing Fang: Bash 吹き飛べ
→ → Banishing Fang: Raid Raid
→ → Banishing Fang: Raid レイド
→ → Banishing Fang: Raid Crush!
→ → Banishing Fang: Raid 砕けな
Inferno Crusader Inferno Crusader
Inferno Crusader インフェルノクルセイダー
Inferno Crusader You're in the way!
Inferno Crusader 邪魔なんだよ!
Inferno Crusader Inferno
Inferno Crusader インフェルノ
Inferno Crusader Annoying!
Inferno Crusader うぜえんだよ
→ Overhead Kick Fall!
→ Overhead Kick 落ちろ!
Slash Kaid Slash Kaid
Slash Kaid スラッシュカイド
Slash Kaid Avoid this!
Slash Kaid 裂けろ!
Shift Sway Heh
Shift Sway へっ
→ Phantom Pain Gotcha!
→ Phantom Pain もらった!
→ Phantom Pain Take this!
→ Phantom Pain そらそら


Situation Quote Audio
Divine Smasher Divine Smasher
Divine Smasher ディヴァインスマッシャー
Divine Smasher Strike the gaps!
Divine Smasher 突き抜ける!
Divine Smasher It's over!
Divine Smasher 決める!
Divine Reaper Divine Reaper
Drop dead!
Divine Reaper ディヴァインリーパー
Divine Reaper Finish it with this!
It's the end!
Painful, right?
Divine Reaper こいつで決める


Situation Quote Audio
Edge of Eternity Edge of Eternity
I’ll show you a blood-soaked blade
The soul’s fragments won’t awaken
Be devoured by darkness!
Edge of Eternity エッジ・オブ・エタニティ
Edge of Eternity End this.
Burn into your eyes this edge of blood!
What you see there is only the void.
Edge of Eternity!
Edge of Eternity 終わらせる

System Mechanics

Situation Quote Audio
Blood Repulser (Overdrive) I'll end it with this!
Blood Repulser (Overdrive) これでおわらせる
Blood Repulser (Overdrive) I'll annihilate you!
Blood Repulser (Overdrive) 全開でいく
Grim of Phantom (GOP) (Exceed Accel) I'll wipe the floor with you...Grim of Phantom!
Grim of Phantom (GOP) (Exceed Accel) これで片付ける...グリム・オブ・ファントム!
Grim of Phantom (GOP) (Exceed Accel) With this one strike, it's your end!
Grim of Phantom (GOP) (Exceed Accel) この一撃でてめえは終わりだ!
Taunt There's no way you're taking me seriously like this, right?
Taunt これが本気のわけないよな
Taunt You're fine with ending this soon, right?
Taunt そろそろ終わらせていいだろ
Taunt You still wanna continue?
Taunt まだ続けんのか?
Taunt Show me what you're like when you're serious.
Taunt あんたの本気、みせてくれよ
Throw Don't get careless!
Throw 油断するな!
Throw Caught you.
Throw 捕まえた
Aerial Throw You're not getting away.
Aerial Throw 逃さない
Throw Whiff Oops.
Throw Whiff やべえ
Throw Break Try me.
Throw Break やらせない
Throw Break Not bad!
Throw Break やるな
Throw Break Dammit!
Throw Break クソが
Throw Escape Shit.
Throw Escape クソ
Throw Escape As if I'd let you!
Throw Escape させるか
Throw Escape Like I'd be caught!
Throw Escape 捕むなよ
Throw Escape Let go!
Throw Escape 離れろ!
Guard I can see through you!
Guard 見えてるぜ!
Guard Too simple!
Guard 単純!
Guard Light!
Guard 軽いな
Guard Break Destroyed...
Guard Break 除滅...!
Instant Block That's not gonna work!
Instant Block きかねぇな!
Instant Block
Instant Block
Wakeup Dammit.
Wakeup ちくしょうが
Ground Ukemi (Neutral) Not yet!
Ground Ukemi (Neutral) まだだ!
Ground Ukemi (Neutral) Over here!
Ground Ukemi (Neutral) こっちだ
Aerial Ukemi (Forward) This much!
Aerial Ukemi (Forward) これぐらい
Aerial Ukemi (Forward) It starts now!
Aerial Ukemi (Forward) これからだ
Aerial Ukemi (Backward) This level!
Aerial Ukemi (Backward) この程度
Aerial Ukemi (Backward) Not yet!
Aerial Ukemi (Backward) まだまだ!
Counter Assault Take this!
Counter Assault こりゃ!
Hit by Counter Assault What!?
Hit by Counter Assault なんだと!?
Crush Trigger Punch through!
Crush Trigger ぶちぬく
Crush Trigger Still alive?
Crush Trigger 見きれるか?
Stagger Recovery That was close...
Stagger Recovery やばかったぜ


Situation Quote Audio
Idle Let’s get this started.
Idle さっさと始めよう
Idle You’d better do this properly!
Idle ちゃんとしろよ
Combo (2k Damage)
Combo (2k Damage)
Combo (2k Damage)
Combo (2k Damage)
Combo (3k Damage)
Combo (3k Damage)
Combo (3k Damage)
Combo (3k Damage)
Combo (5k Damage)
Combo (5k Damage)
Combo (5k Damage)
Combo (5k Damage)
Taking Damage Oh no.
Taking Damage やっべっ
Taking Damage That was dangerous...!
Taking Damage あっぶねえな


Situation Quote Audio
Intro So we hafta fight, no matter what?
Intro どうしても戦わないとダメか?
Intro You seem strong... but I'm still gonna win.
Intro あんた強そうだね……勝つのは俺だけど。
Intro If you'd just retreat... but you won't, huh.
Intro 引いてもらう事は……出来ないよな?
Intro Can we get started?
Intro はじめようか?
Intro I'll have you... get outta my way.
Intro そこ……どいてもらうぜ。
Intro Sorry about this but... I'll end this quickly.
Intro あんたには悪いが……さっさとけりを付けさせてもらう。
Intro I'm in a hurry. Don't get in my way.
Intro 急いでんだ。邪魔すんじゃねーよ。
Intro Get outta my way.
Intro どいてもらうぜ。
Outro Ha... I managed to win somehow....
Outro はぁ……なんとか勝てたな……。
Outro That's enough isn't it... It's my win.
Outro もういいだろう……俺の勝ちだ。
Outro I made a promise.... Don't think badly of me.
Outro 約束があるんだ……悪く思わないでくれよ。
Outro Phew. That was dangerous....
Outro ふぅ……危なかったぜ……。
Outro You can't... win against me!
Outro あんたじゃ俺には……勝てねぇよ!
Outro I'll definitely find [her]! I won't stop until I do.
Outro 必ず見つける!それまでは止まれねぇんだ。
Defeat I can’t... stop here...!
Defeat ここで……たち止まるわけには…!
Defeat My bad.... Raquel...
Defeat ラケル……悪い……
Defeat Sorry... [[Haruka Hayami |Haruka]]... Haruka]]...}}
Defeat ハルカ……すまねえ
Defeat Until I find you, I... Shit...
Defeat 見つけるまでは……クソ…
Time Up Defeat
Time Up Defeat
Time Up Defeat
Time Up Defeat
Round End Do me a favor and stay down?
Round End そのまま立ち上がらないでくんねえか
Round End Hah... I managed to win somehow.
Round End はぁ…なんとか勝てたな


Ragna the Bloodedge

Situation Quote Audio
Intro Naoto: Pissing me off... Can't see your face without wanting to put my fist through it.
Ragna: You're on. Just try me, you shitty brat.
Intro ナオト: イラつくな……テメェだけは殴らずにいられねぇ。
ラグナ: 上等だ、やってみろよこのクソガキ。
Outro You're ridiculously difficult to fight... what the hell are you?
Outro すげぇやりづれぇ……何なんだあんた? Play
Round End Don't start feeling like giving up!
Round End 負ける気がしねぇな! Play
Round End Hey! Get up and let's continue!
Round End おら、さっさと続きをやろぜ! Play
Idle Bastard gets on my nerves.
Idle 癪にさわるやろうだ。 Play
Blood Repulser Bloodedge!
Blood Repulser ブラッドエッジ! Play
Divine Reaper Bite it off!
Divine Reaper 食いちぎる! Play
Divine Reaper I'll floor you!
Divine Reaper 沈め! Play
Divine Reaper (Overdrive) My blood's boiling!
Divine Reaper (Overdrive) ぶったぎる! Play

Jin Kisaragi

Situation Quote Audio
Intro Jin: The same presence as my brother...?
Naoto: Those eyes... It doesn't seem like you're gonna let me through.
Intro ジン: 兄さんと同じ気配だと……?
ナオト: その眼、通しちゃくれなさそうだな。
Outro That was some crazy bloodlust.... Just who the hell was that...?
Outro すげぇ殺気だったぞ……。誰なんだ、コイツ……? Play

Rachel Alucard

Situation Quote Audio
Intro (Act 1/2) Naoto: Raquel...? No, it's not. Hey, you.
Rachel: Stop.... Don't approach me...!
Intro (Act 1/2) ナオト: ラケル……?いや、違うか。なあ、アンタ。
レイチェル: やめて……私に近付かないで……!
Intro (Act 3) Naoto: Explain everything to me already!
Rachel: There's no time to talk. Hurry and disappear.
Intro (Act 3) ナオト: いい加減、洗いざらい話してもらうぜ。
レイチェル: 話すことなんてないわ、早く消えて。
Outro (Act 1/2) Geez, calm down!! But still... they're way too similar.
Outro (Act 1/2) ったく落ち着けよ!!しかしまぁ……似すぎだろ。 Play
Outro (Act 3) Sorry, I can't let her wait any longer.
Outro (Act 3) 悪いな。これ以上、アイツを待たせるわけにはいかねぇんだ。 Play
Round End
Round End さーて、話を聞かせてもらおうか Play
Round End That erratic attitude is just like her
Round End そのエラそうな態度、誰かさんにそっくりだぜ Play
Idle I finally found a clue
Idle やっと見つけた手がかりだ Play
Blood Repulser I'll use it, Raquel ! !
Blood Repulser 使うぜ、ラケル!! Play
Divine Reaper Try not to cry...
Divine Reaper 泣くんじゃねぇぞ… Play
Divine Reaper Crush !
Divine Reaper 砕けろ! Play
Divine Reaper (Overdrive)
Divine Reaper (Overdrive) 刻んでやらぁ! Play


Situation Quote Audio
Intro (Act 1/2) Nu: Who? Who are you!?
Naoto: Are you that... Murakumo Unit?
Intro (Act 1/2) ニュー: 誰?あんた誰よ!?
ナオト: お前それ……ムラクモユニットか?
Intro (Act 3) Nu: Don't talk to me with that face, that appearance!
Naoto: I'm so sorry. Is it because you're a Murakumo Unit?
Intro (Act 3) ニュー: その顔で、その気配で話しかけるな!
ナオト: すげぇ悪意だ。ムラクモユニットの影響か?
Outro I'm sorry, but I'm destorying that thing.
Outro 悪いな、それは壊させてもらうぜ Play
Round End I'm sorry. I'm gonna destroy you.
Round End 悪いな、破壊させてもらうぜ Play
Round End I'll make it easier now.
Round End 今、楽にしてやる Play
Idle Is it a Murakumo unit ?...
Idle ムラクモユニットかよ… Play
Blood Repulser Break it down ...!
Blood Repulser ぶっ壊す…! Play
Divine Reaper It was just...
Divine Reaper あっりったけだ… Play
Divine Reaper Wear it !
Divine Reaper 穿つッ! Play
Divine Reaper (Overdrive) Bear with me ! !
Divine Reaper (Overdrive) 耐えてみやがれぇぇッ!! Play

Valkenhayn R. Hellsing

Situation Quote Audio
Intro Naoto: You've really aged, old man!
Valkenhayn: A cheeky mouth as usual, eh kid?
Intro ナオト: すっかり老けたな、おっさん!
ヴァルケンハイン: 相変わらず生意気な口だな、小僧?
Outro Ha! It's 'cause you underestimated me!
Outro は!なめてかかるからだよ! Play
Round End It means I've also improved.
Round End 俺も成長したってことさ。 Play
Round End Where'd all that strength of yours go!?
Round End あの時の威勢はどこいったんだよ! Play
Idle That crazy number hasn't changed.
Idle 相変わらずはんぱね数値だ。 Play
Blood Repulser Double back! !
Blood Repulser 倍返しだ!! Play
Divine Reaper Chewed up!
Divine Reaper かみ砕く! Play
Divine Reaper Fall!
Divine Reaper 落ちろ! Play
Divine Reaper (Overdrive) In half!
Divine Reaper (Overdrive) 真っ二つだ! Play

Relius Clover

Situation Quote Audio
Intro Naoto: You're also here... wait, you're still alive!?
Relius: Oh? It's been too long.
Intro ナオト: テメェもここに...って、まだ生きてやがったのか!?
レリウス: ほう……久しいな。
Outro Just what the Hell is going on here...
Outro 一体どうなってやがる... Play
Defeat (Relius Astral) Raquel is... waiting!
Defeat (Relius Astral) ラクルが…待ってるんだ! Play
Round End So? How does it feel, to be knocked out by a pseudo-vampire?
Round End どうだ?吸血鬼もどきにのされた気分は? Play
Round End Yeah, you're really one creepy guy.
Round End やっぱり薄気味悪いやろうだぜ。 Play
Idle [It's] different now.
Idle あの時とは違うぜ。 Play
Blood Repulser Here's what I owe you!
Blood Repulser 借りを返すぜ! Play
Divine Reaper Smash yourself!
Divine Reaper すり潰す Play
Divine Reaper Farewell!
Divine Reaper あばよ Play
Divine Reaper (Overdrive) You're mincemeat!
Divine Reaper (Overdrive) 細切れだぁ! Play

Amane Nishiki

Situation Quote Audio
Defeat (Amane Astral) Don’t call me girl game guy!
Defeat (Amane Astral) ギャルゲー男って言うんじゃねえ! Play


Situation Quote Audio
Intro Naoto: Are you a... Prime Field Device?
Lambda: Readings unknown... Ragna?
Intro ナオト: あなたは...プライムフィールドデバイスですか?
ラムダ: 読み取り値は不明です... ラグナ?
Outro I have no idea what's going on here...
Outro ここで何が起こっているのかわかりません...


Situation Quote Audio
Intro Naoto: Saya...! No, that's not it. Calm down!
Izanami: Outsider... do you want me to kill you?
Intro ナオト: サヤ……いや、違う。落ち着け……。
イザナミ: 異分子め……私に殺してほしいのか?
Outro Looks like there's a lot I gotta talk with you about.
Outro お前ともゆっくり話さないといけないみたいだな。 Play

Victory Screen

Situation Quote Audio
Location Test
Location Test Play
Rank Up (Network) Right-on! We've leveled up!
Rank Up (Network) よっし! 段位が上ったぜ! Play
Rank Up (Network) We're still gonna become stronger... Let's push this as far as we can, buddy!
Rank Up (Network) 俺達はまだまだ強くなれる。
Rank Up (Network) It's like... we're invincible! I trust you to get my back, partner!
Rank Up (Network) もう無敵って感じだな! 背中は任せたぜ、相棒! Play
Vs. Ragna the Bloodedge What the hell's going on...? Why do you have the same Drive as Saya!?
Vs. Ragna the Bloodedge どういうことだ……
Vs. Jin Kisaragi Whoa, you tryin' to kill me or something? What did I do to you? Gimme a break...
Vs. Jin Kisaragi なんて殺気向けてくんだよ……勘弁してくれ。
Vs. Noel Vermillion You're... No, never mind. You just looked a lot like my sister.
Vs. Noel Vermillion お前……いや、悪い何でもない。妹にちょっと似てたんでな。 Play
Vs. Rachel Alucard Now, tell me... where can I find Raquelle Alucard!?
Vs. Rachel Alucard さぁ、教えてもらうぜ……ラケル=アルカードの居場所を! Play
Vs. Taokaka Umm... It'll be a little tough for me to buy you anything. I mean, I don't have money from this world.
Vs. Taokaka いや、奢れって言われてもなぁ……
Vs. Iron Tager Whoa... cyborgs. Are we in some kinda movie!? I guess the tech in this world is pretty advanced!
Vs. Iron Tager すげー……サイボーグとか、映画かよ。
Vs. Litchi Faye-Ling Sorry, but my master gave me this arm. I don't know anything about an Azure Grimoire.
Vs. Litchi Faye-Ling 生憎、この腕はご主人様からの貰い物なんだ。
Vs. Arakune Dammit, I feel sick... Watching you makes me remember that piece of shit.
Vs. Arakune ったく、気分悪ぃ……
Vs. Bang Shishigami Whoa, you mean you've got ninja, too...? This world is like a theme park!
Vs. Bang Shishigami 忍者までいるのかよ。テーマパークみたいだな、この世界。 Play
Vs. Carl Clover You... sorta look like someone I know...
Vs. Carl Clover お前、俺の知ってる奴に何となく似てるな……。 Play
Vs. Hakumen Damn, your numbers are off the charts... You're way beyond anything humanly possible...!
Vs. Hakumen コイツ、とんでもねぇ『数値』だ……
Vs. Nu-13 You're a victim of the Murakumo Unit, too...? Don't worry, I'll put you right out of your misery.
Vs. Nu-13 お前も『ムラクモユニット』の被害者なんだな……
Vs. Tsubaki Yayoi Grim Reaper? NOL? I'm afraid that has nothing to do with me... I'm just trying to find someone.
Vs. Tsubaki Yayoi 『死神』? 『統制機構』? 俺には関係ねぇよ。
Vs. Hazama You're... Hazama!? Damn, why'd I have to run into you of all people...
Vs. Hazama テメェ……ハザマか!? チッ、嫌な奴見つけちまったぜ……。 Play
Vs. Mu-12 I'm going to smash all the Murakumo Units. Sorry, but my decision is final.
Vs. Mu-12 ムラクモユニットはぶっ壊す……悪いが、俺はそう決めたんだ。 Play
Vs. Makoto Nanaya Umm, heh... Not sure how to put this, but... Could you just, you know... wear something on top of that?
Vs. Makoto Nanaya あーなんだ、うん……。
Vs. Valkenhayn R. Hellsing Consider this payback for what you've done!
Vs. Valkenhayn R. Hellsing あん時の借り、きっちり返させてもらったぜ! Play
Vs. Platinum the Trinity What kind of world did I end up in...? Kids swinging weapons around on the side of the street? Damn...
Vs. Platinum the Trinity ガキが道端で武器をブンブン振り回すって……
Vs. Relius Clover Hey! The arms and legs you gave me... not bad. It's just enough for me to beat the crap out of you!
Vs. Relius Clover テメェにもらった腕と足、なかなか調子いいぜ。
Vs. Izayoi Justice and evil have nothing to do with me... I just made a promise, and I intend to keep it.
Vs. Izayoi 正義も悪も関係ねぇ。
Vs. Amane Nishiki You seem to know an awful lot about this world... Now, why don't you tell me everything, Mr. Performer?
Vs. Amane Nishiki テメェ、事情に詳しそうじゃねぇか。
Vs. Bullet I'm telling you, my arm is NOT the Azure Grimoire. What is with you people? ...Mission? That's got nothing to do with me! And no, you can't have it!
Vs. Bullet だから俺の腕は魔道書なんかじゃねぇっつうの!
Vs. Azrael These numbers... You mean you weren't even fighting me with all your strength? You are one helluva monster. Really...
Vs. Azrael この『数値』……コイツ本気出してねぇのかよ……
Vs. Kagura Mutsuki Holy crap... you're really strong. I admit, I was underestimating the Library, or whatever...
Vs. Kagura Mutsuki あっぶね……アンタ目茶苦茶強いのな。
Vs. Yuuki Terumi This sensation... no, it couldn't be. I wouldn't run into one of Terumi's relatives here... I think?
Vs. Yuuki Terumi この感じ……いや、まさかな。
Vs. Kokonoe Holy crap! How many weapons do you have on you!? You trying to wage a one-cat war against something?
Vs. Kokonoe あっぶねぇな! どんだけ武器仕込んでんだよ!
Vs. Celica A. Mercury The doll's wounds are healing...? Does your power have anything to do with the vampire?
Vs. Celica A. Mercury 人形の損傷が直っていく……?
Vs. Lambda-11 A PFD...? I see, you're their sister, too...
Vs. Lambda-11 次元境界接触用素体……そうか、お前もアイツの姉妹なのか。 Play
Vs. Hibiki Kohaku My "eyes" work a little differently... Split yourself up as much as you want, but I can see right through you.
Vs. Hibiki Kohaku 俺の『眼』はちょっと変わっててな。
Vs. Naoto Kurogane What the hell's going on in this world... Is this the result of the Azure or something?
Vs. Naoto Kurogane どうなってんだよこの世界は……
Vs. Nine the Phantom I'm not interested in this world... So, don't worry. I won't be sticking around.
Vs. Nine the Phantom 俺はこの『世界』になんか興味はねぇっての。
Vs. Izanami (Act 2/3) I don't care who you are... the Imperator or Izanami or whatever. But I don't like you running around doing as you please with my sister's face.
Vs. Izanami (Act 2/3) 帝だかイザナミだか知らねぇがな……
Vs. Susano'o (Act 3) Dammit, you're strong. WAY too strong! It's like I'm fighting the gods themselves...!
Vs. Susano'o (Act 3) おいおい、強すぎだろアンタ!
Vs. Es (Act 3) What the hell is this... sensation... Do I know you...?
Vs. Es (Act 3) 何だ、この感覚……俺は……お前を知っている……? Play
Vs. Mai Natsume (Act 3) Now, I respect everyone has their taste in fashion, but... do you like... want my jacket or something?
Vs. Mai Natsume (Act 3) アンタの趣味に口出しするつもりは無い……無い、が……
Vs. Jubei (Act 3) It walks, it talks, it's strong as Hell... What is up with this cat?
Vs. Jubei (Act 3) 立つし、喋るし、半端無く強ぇし……