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Victory Screen

Situation Quote Audio
Location Test In the middle of a location test...[N 1]
Location Test We're in the middle of a location test...obviously.[N 2]
Location Test ロケテスト中だ。 Play
Rank Up (Network) Hmph... Not even worth my time.
Rank Up (Network) フッ…僕の敵じゃないな。
Rank Up (Network) You have my compliments.
Rank Up (Network) 誉めてやろう。
Rank Up (Network) Rank increased...? Not bad.
Rank Up (Network) 段位が上昇したか…。なかなかやるようだな。 Play
Rank Up (Network) Hmph... I hope you're not satisfied yet?
Rank Up (Network) フン、この程度で満足などするなよ? Play
Rank Up (Network) The result was expected... given your skill.
Rank Up (Network) 貴様の腕なら、当然の結果だ……。 Play
Vs. Ragna the Bloodedge I'm going to kill you, Brother. I won't let anyone else do it... that'll be the end of this pathetic "world."
Vs. Ragna the Bloodedge 他の誰でもない、僕が兄さんを殺す――
Vs. Jin Kisaragi Get out of my sight, you damn fraud! Hmph... is this really what this world is wishing for?
Vs. Jin Kisaragi 失せろ、虚像め。
Vs. Noel Vermillion (Act 1/2) Get out of my way. I won't hesitate to kill you... you trash.
Vs. Noel Vermillion (Act 1/2) 邪魔をするな。僕は躊躇なく斬るぞ……屑め。 Play
Vs. Noel Vermillion (Act 3) I will obey my calling... And that includes removing you, obstacle!
Vs. Noel Vermillion (Act 3) 僕は僕の使命に従うまで……
Vs. Rachel Alucard Hero...? I don't give a damn about such vanity. I slash those whom I must... that is all.
Vs. Rachel Alucard 英雄だと? そんな飾り、僕にはどうでもいい。
Vs. Taokaka Kitty... if you wanna play, you should go elsewhere. I don't have time to waste on you.
Vs. Taokaka 猫、遊びたいのなら余所へ行け。
Vs. Iron Tager Stand down. Your strength is no match to mine... run along home to your kitten master.
Vs. Iron Tager 無駄だ、貴様の力は僕に通用しない。
Vs. Litchi Faye-Ling This is your last chance, woman... show yourself before me again, and I WILL kill you.
Vs. Litchi Faye-Ling 二度目は無いぞ、女。次は容赦無く斬り捨てる。 Play
Vs. Arakune Out of my sight! You're not even worth the precious seconds it would take to kill you.
Vs. Arakune 消えろ。無価値な貴様を斬るのは時間の無駄だ。 Play
Vs. Bang Shishigami (Act 1/2) You may have lost your memories, but your body still remembers... Unfortunately, I don't have the time to enlighten you.
Vs. Bang Shishigami (Act 1/2) 記憶は無くとも、身体は憶えていたか。
Vs. Bang Shishigami (Act 3) Damn ninja... how dare you stand in my way once more? Although I hate to say... you can't protect anyone, if that's the best you've got.
Vs. Bang Shishigami (Act 3) 忍風情が、再び僕の前に立つか。
Vs. Carl Clover (Act 1/2) If you want to chase the Grim Reaper, then suit yourself. But don't you dare get in my way... there won't be a next time.
Vs. Carl Clover (Act 1/2) 『死神』を追うのならば好きにしろ。
Vs. Carl Clover (Act 3) Killing Noel Vermillion is my duty. Why don't stay out of this. Go play with your dolls...
Vs. Carl Clover (Act 3) 悪いが、ノエル=ヴァーミリオンを消すのは僕の役目だ。
Vs. Hakumen I don't give a damn about your vows. I'm going to kill Brother.
Vs. Hakumen 貴様の誓いなど知ったことか。兄さんは、僕が殺す。 Play
Vs. Nu-13 Tch... don't you dare look at me with that face... Annoying.
Vs. Nu-13 チッ……その顔を僕に向けるな。目障りだ。 Play
Vs. Tsubaki Yayoi (Act 1/2) Stand down, Tsubaki... there's something I must do. It's time you wake up from that cursed dream.
Vs. Tsubaki Yayoi (Act 1/2) 退け、ツバキ。僕にはやるべきことがある。
Vs. Tsubaki Yayoi (Act 3) Please, don't stand in my way, Tsubaki...
Vs. Tsubaki Yayoi (Act 3) もうこれ以上、僕の前に立つな。ツバキ……。 Play
Vs. Hazama (Act 1/2) Hmph, an empty shell... you truly are a snake, through and through.
Vs. Hazama (Act 1/2) 器だけか……フン。脱皮とは、まさしく『蛇』だな。 Play
Vs. Hazama (Act 3) How can you continue to laugh, after such a humiliating defeat. What do you want...?
Vs. Hazama (Act 3) 斬られても尚、笑い続けるか。
Vs. Mu-12 (Act 1/2) How truly pathetic... you're running around chasing your own tail. Mark my words, I WILL eliminate you.
Vs. Mu-12 (Act 1/2) 自分自身に踊らされるその姿……憐れだな。
Vs. Mu-12 (Act 3) Hmph... the half that you've cast aside. Get out of my way... severing your threads of fate will do me no good.
Vs. Mu-12 (Act 3) これは……チッ、切り離された片割れか。
Vs. Makoto Nanaya If you want to live, I suggest you stay put.
Vs. Makoto Nanaya 死にたくなければ大人しくしていることだ。 Play
Vs. Valkenhayn R. Hellsing Deliver a message to that witch... I won't listen to anyone's orders.
Vs. Valkenhayn R. Hellsing あの魔女に伝えておけ。「貴様の指図は受けない」とな。 Play
Vs. Platinum the Trinity I really didn't want to get involved with you, but... I've no choice. I made a deal with that woman...
Vs. Platinum the Trinity 関わりたくはなかったが……仕方ない。
Vs. Relius Clover (Act 1/2) I know you had a part in this Embryo... Now tell me what you want. What does Saya want...?
Vs. Relius Clover (Act 1/2) この『エンブリオ』、貴様も無関係ではあるまい。
Vs. Relius Clover (Act 3) Your existence is a nuisance... You should shrivel up and die... alone.
Vs. Relius Clover (Act 3) 貴様の存在は目障りだ……此処で塵と成り果てろ……! Play
Vs. Izayoi Tsubaki, don't burden yourself with these sins... it's not yours to bear. Turn around before it's too late...
Vs. Izayoi ツバキ、お前が罪を背負う必要はない。
Vs. Amane Nishiki There's something dangerous about you... What are you?
Vs. Amane Nishiki 貴様からは異様な力を感じる。何者だ? Play
Vs. Bullet Damn mercenary... get out of my sight.
Vs. Bullet 傭兵風情が……さっさと失せろ。 Play
Vs. Azrael You wanna fight big bad guys... I suggest you do it in hell.
Vs. Azrael 強者と戦いたければ、地獄の鬼とでも戯れるんだな。 Play
Vs. Kagura Mutsuki (Act 1/2) What a disappointment... This isn't the "Black Knight Kagura" I knew...
Vs. Kagura Mutsuki (Act 1/2) 『黒騎士カグラ』が聞いて呆れる。
Vs. Kagura Mutsuki (Act 3) I don't care about your ideals, Kagura... now hand over Noel Vermillion.
Vs. Kagura Mutsuki (Act 3) 貴様の理想など関係無い。
Vs. Yuuki Terumi Get out of my sight... Your dreams end here.
Vs. Yuuki Terumi 散れ。貴様の悪夢も此処で終わりだ。 Play
Vs. Kokonoe (Act 1/2) Let me warn you... don't believe everything you see.
Vs. Kokonoe (Act 1/2) ひとつ忠告してやろう。
Vs. Kokonoe (Act 3) A scientist through and through... Why don't you just stay in your lab?
Vs. Kokonoe (Act 3) 所詮は科学者か。大人しく部屋に篭っていろ。 Play
Vs. Celica A. Mercury ...You pest. Get out of here before you get hurt.
Vs. Celica A. Mercury ……目障りだ。怪我をする前に帰れ。 Play
Vs. Lambda-11 An imitation... You would dare point your blade at me...!
Vs. Lambda-11 模造品が……意思無き分際で僕に刃を向けるな……! Play
Vs. Hibiki Kohaku Not bad... I can see why Kagura keeps you by his side. But you can't defeat me with speed alone.
Vs. Hibiki Kohaku さすがはカグラの側近といったところか。
Vs. Naoto Kurogane Bloodedge... I will slash any evil that stands against this world.
Vs. Naoto Kurogane ブラッドエッジ……。
Vs. Nine the Phantom The curtains will fall, Sage. Disappear along with this world.
Vs. Nine the Phantom 幕だ、大魔道士。この下らない『世界』と共に消え失せろ。 Play
Vs. Izanami (Act 2/3) That's enough, Saya... go to sleep.
Vs. Izanami (Act 2) もういい――眠れ、サヤ。 Play
Vs. Susano'o (Act 3) I will judge any evil that corrupts this world... even if it may be the gods themselves.
Vs. Susano'o (Act 3) 秩序を乱す『悪』は僕が裁く……たとえそれが、神であろうとな。 Play
Vs. Es (Act 3) Pathetic... The Azure will hardly do me any good.
Vs. Es (Act 3) 下らん……『蒼』など、僕には無用だ。 Play
Vs. Mai Natsume (Act 3) I don't have time to hear you lament. Now, if you don't want to add to your list of regrets, I suggest you leave. Immediately.
Vs. Mai Natsume (Act 3) 生憎と思い出話に浸るつもりは無い。
Vs. Jubei (Act 3) You can't stop me, feline. Not right now.
Vs. Jubei (Act 3) 貴様では、今の僕は止められない。


  1. Location test lines are only available in-game as audio and only in Japanese, but they are translated in the game's files.
  2. Act 3's lines sometimes includes a second translation of the location test line.

System Voice

Situation Quote Audio
"Here Comes A New Challenger" Screen
"Here Comes A New Challenger" Screen Play

Character Select Screen

Situation Quote Audio
Character Select Hurry up and choose, you trash.
Character Select さっさと選ぶ、クズが。 Play
Ragna the Bloodedge Brother...The reason for your death shall be ME!
Ragna the Bloodedge 兄さん。。。兄さんの殺すのは僕だ! Play
Jin Kisaragi Hmph, Me?
Jin Kisaragi ふむ、僕か? Play
Noel Vermillion You OBSTACLE!
Noel Vermillion この障害が! Play
Rachel Alucard Witch!
Rachel Alucard 魔女! Play
Taokaka Taokaka
Taokaka タオカカ Play
Iron Tager Red Devil
Iron Tager 赤鬼 Play
Litchi Faye-Ling Litchi Faye-Ling
Litchi Faye-Ling ライチ=フェイ=リン Play
Arakune Arakune
Arakune アラクネ Play
Bang Shishigami Bang Shishigami
Bang Shishigami シシガミ=バング Play
Carl Clover Carl Clover
Carl Clover カルル=クローバー Play
Hakumen Hakumen
Hakumen ハクメン Play
Nu-13 Nu-13
Nu-13 ニュー・サーティーン Play
Tsubaki Yayoi Tsubaki...
Tsubaki Yayoi ツバキ。。。 Play
Hazama Hazama
Hazama ハザマ Play
Mu-12 Mu-12
Mu-12 ミュー・テュエルブ Play
Makoto Nanaya Makoto Nanaya
Makoto Nanaya マコト=ナナヤ Play
Valkenhayn R. Hellsing Valkenhayn R. Hellsing
Valkenhayn R. Hellsing ヴァルケンハイン=R=ヘルシング Play
Platinum the Trinity Platinum the Trinity
Platinum the Trinity プラチナ=ザ=トリニティ Play
Relius Clover Relius Clover
Relius Clover レリウス=クローバー Play
Izayoi Izayoi
Izayoi イザヨイ Play
Amane Nishiki Amane Nishiki
Amane Nishiki アマネ=ニシキ Play
Bullet Bullet
Bullet バレット Play
Azrael Mad Dog
Azrael 狂犬 Play
Kagura Mutsuki Kagura
Kagura Mutsuki カグラ Play
Yuuki Terumi Yuuki Terumi
Yuuki Terumi ユウキ=テルミ Play
Kokonoe Kokonoe
Kokonoe ココノエ Play
Celica A. Mercury Celica A. Mercury
Celica A. Mercury セリカ=A=マーキュリー Play
Lambda-11 Lambda-11
Lambda-11 ラムダ・イレブン Play
Hibiki Kohaku Hibiki Kohaku
Hibiki Kohaku ヒビキ=コハク Play
Naoto Kurogane Brother? No, what is this? This feeling...
Naoto Kurogane 兄さん?いや、何だ、この感覚は。。。 Play
Nine the Phantom Nine the Phantom
Nine the Phantom ナイン=ザ=ファントム Play
Izanami Saya!
Izanami さや! Play
Susano'o It's Susano'o, isn't it.
Susano'o スサノオだっと Play
Es Es
Es エス Play
Mai Natsume Mai Natsume
Mai Natsume マイ=ナツメ Play
Jubei Cat.
Jubei Play