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Gameplay:Hibiki Kohaku BBCF Quotes

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Solo Actions


Situation Quote Audio
6A Shoot!
6A 射出! Play
6A Careful now.
6A ご注意よ。 Play
5C Right there!
5C そこです! Play
5C Can you see this?
5C 見えますか? Play
D Normals Illusions!
D Normals 惑い! Play
D Normals O shadows!
D Normals 影よ! Play
D Normals To nothing.
D Normals 虚ろへ。 Play
D Normals Extend.
D Normals 伸びろ。 Play
Shadow is Hit That's too bad.
Shadow is Hit 残念でした。 Play
Shadow is Hit A superficial victory.
Shadow is Hit 虚栄ですよ。 Play
Shadow is Hit This one is the real one.
Shadow is Hit こちらが本物です。 Play
Shadow is Hit That one is the fake one.
Shadow is Hit そちらは偽物です。 Play


Situation Quote Audio
Soaring Kick Soaring Kick
Soaring Kick 嶄翔脚 Play
→ Piercing Feather Piercing Feather
→ Piercing Feather 尖羽 Play
→ Piercing Feather Here you are.
→ Piercing Feather 差し上げます。 Play
→ Thrashing Claw Thrashing Claw
→ Thrashing Claw 裂爪 Play
→ Thrashing Claw Here I go!
→ Thrashing Claw 行きますよ! Play
→ Pulverizing Fin Pulverizing Fin
→ Pulverizing Fin 鶚砕き
Play Play
→ Pulverizing Fin You won't get away.
Pulverizing Fin!
→ Pulverizing Fin 逃がしません
Play Play
→ Catastrophic Strike Catastrophic Strike!
→ Catastrophic Strike 禍討ち! Play
→ Catastrophic Strike I'm over here!
→ Catastrophic Strike こちらです! Play
Dual Wing Smash Dual Wing Smash
Dual Wing Smash 比翼陣 Play
→ Dual Wing Smash: Heaven Heaven
→ Dual Wing Smash: Heaven Play
→ Dual Wing Smash: Heaven Above you.
→ Dual Wing Smash: Heaven 上です。 Play
→ Dual Wing Smash: Earth Earth
→ Dual Wing Smash: Earth Play
→ Dual Wing Smash: Earth I'm below you.
→ Dual Wing Smash: Earth 下ですよ。 Play
→ Dual Wing Smash: Void Void
→ Dual Wing Smash: Void Play
→ Dual Wing Smash: Void Surprised?
→ Dual Wing Smash: Void 驚きました? Play
Soaring Slash Soaring Slash
Soaring Slash 飛斬衝 Play
Soaring Slash How's this?
Soaring Slash どうですか? Play
Soaring Slash You're full of holes.
Soaring Slash 隙だらけです。 Play
Soaring Slash: Revolution Revolution
Soaring Slash: Revolution Play
Soaring Slash: Revolution Excuse me.
Soaring Slash: Revolution 失礼。 Play
Double Wing Cyclone Double Wing Cyclone
Double Wing Cyclone 双翼旋 Play
Double Wing Cyclone This will hurt!
Double Wing Cyclone 痛いですよ。 Play
Piercing Muzzle-blade Piercing Muzzle-blade
Piercing Muzzle-blade 尖嘴刃 Play
Piercing Muzzle-blade Pierce through!
Piercing Muzzle-blade 貫く! Play


Situation Quote Audio
Shadow Dance "Hidden Phoenix" This way! / An opportunity!
Shadow Dance:
Hidden Phoenix!
Shadow Dance "Hidden Phoenix" こっち! / 好機!
Play Play Play
Shadow Dance "Hidden Phoenix" Right now-
Did you know this blade can see everything?
It's my move!
Shadow Dance "Hidden Phoenix" 今です。
Play Play Play
Black Thunder "Nue" Black Thunder:
Finish it!
Black Thunder "Nue" 冥雷
Play Play Play
Black Thunder "Nue" Farewell.
Black Thunder!
This is the end!
Black Thunder "Nue" お別れです。
Play Play Play


Situation Quote Audio
Divine Nightfall: "Raven" Let me show you,
A single ray of darkness that pierces to the core, cutting through dust.
Divine Nightfall:
Divine Nightfall: "Raven" お見せしましょう
Play Play Play Play
Divine Nightfall: "Raven" Let us end this.
Can you hear that? The footsteps of the grim reaper.
Scatter to the heavens!
Divine Nightfall: "Raven" 終わりにしましょう
Play Play Play Play

System Mechanics

Situation Quote Audio
Schwarz Lace (Overdrive) Time to fulfill my duty!
Schwarz Lace (Overdrive) 使命を果たす時! Play
Schwarz Lace (Overdrive) Let's end this!
Schwarz Lace (Overdrive) 終わらせます! Play
Mark: "Purification" (Exceed Accel) Teya!
Mark: "Purification" (Exceed Accel) てやっ
Play Play Play
Mark: "Purification" (Exceed Accel) There!
Prepare yourself!
Mark: "Purification" (Exceed Accel) そこです
Play Play Play
Burst 障壁開放 Play
Burst Not all at once, please.
Burst 一気にならないでください。 Play
Taunt (laughter) Play Play
Taunt Excuse me, let's continue.
Taunt 失礼、続けましょう。 Play
Taunt Excuse me, we were in the middle of a match.
Taunt 失礼、勝負中でした。 Play
Taunt Oh, I laughed without meaning to...
Taunt おっと、つい笑が... Play
Taunt You're an entertaining one, aren't you.
Taunt 面白い方ですね。うふふ Play
Throw This will hurt a bit.
Throw 少し痛いですよ。 Play
Throw It will be over soon.
Throw すぐ終わります。 Play
Aerial Throw You can't escape.
Aerial Throw 逃げられませによ。 Play
Aerial Throw Sleep for a bit.
Aerial Throw 眠ってください。 Play
Throw Whiff It failed?
Throw Whiff 失敗? Play
Throw Break I won't let you through.
Throw Break 通しませんよ。 Play
Throw Break To be expected.
Throw Break さすがです。 Play
Throw Escape Please don't touch me.
Throw Escape 触らないでください。 Play
Throw Escape That won't do.
Throw Escape そうはいけません。 Play
Throw Escape Please remove your hand.
Throw Escape その手を引いてください。 Play
Guard I see.
Guard なるほど。 Play
Guard It's useless.
Guard 無駄です Play
Guard Naive.
Guard 甘いです。 Play
Guard Break The barrier!
Guard Break 防御が! Play
Guard Break The barrier--?
Guard Break 障壁が? Play
Instant Block Are you serious?
Instant Block 本気ですか。 Play
Instant Block I won't let you.
Instant Block させません。 Play
Instant Block You must be joking.
Instant Block 冗談ですよね。 Play
Instant Block Too easy.
Instant Block 辛すぎです。 Play
Wakeup This level of...
Wakeup この程度では... Play
Wakeup Pardon my indecency.
Wakeup お見苦し姿を見せしました。 Play
Wakeup Not yet!
Wakeup まだです! Play
Wakeup I'm just getting started.
Wakeup これからです Play
Ground Ukemi (Neutral) Let's resume.
Ground Ukemi (Neutral) 続行します Play
Ground Ukemi (Neutral) Not yet.
Ground Ukemi (Neutral) まだまだ。 Play
Ground Ukemi (Forwards or Backward) So you can do it.
Ground Ukemi (Forwards or Backward) やってくれますね。 Play
Aerial Ukemi (Neutral) Not bad.
Aerial Ukemi (Neutral) なかなか。 Play
Aerial Ukemi (Neutral) Let me recover.
Aerial Ukemi (Neutral) 復旧します。 Play
Aerial Ukemi (Forward) Naive of you.
Aerial Ukemi (Forward) 甘えですね。 Play
Aerial Ukemi (Forward) Let's continue.
Aerial Ukemi (Forward) 続けましょう。 Play
Aerial Ukemi (Backward) I'm over here.
Aerial Ukemi (Backward) こちらですよ。 Play
Aerial Ukemi (Backward) It's to the back.
Aerial Ukemi (Backward) 後ろです。 Play
Counter Assault That's enough!
Counter Assault いい加減に...! Play
Counter Assault Please move aside!
Counter Assault どいてください。 Play
Hit by Counter Assault You must be desperate.
Hit by Counter Assault 必死ですね。 Play
Hit by Counter Assault You had a trick like that?
Hit by Counter Assault そんな手がありましたか? Play
Crush Trigger Please behave.
Crush Trigger 大人しくしてください。 Play
Crush Trigger Please don't move.
Crush Trigger 動かないでください。 Play
Staggered With this much...!
Staggered これ位で…! Play
Stagger Recovery I'll return this twofold!
Stagger Recovery 倍にしてお返しします! Play
Stagger Recovery Are you pitying me?
Stagger Recovery 情けを掛けた積りですか? Play


Situation Quote Audio
Idle Are you done yet?
Idle 終わりですか? Play
Idle I still have work left to do.
Idle まだ仕事が残っているですが。 Play
Combo The finish.
Combo 最後です。 Play
Combo The final blow.
Combo 止め。 Play
Combo (2k Damage) How was that?
Combo (2k Damage) 如何です? Play
Combo (2k Damage) Like this.
Combo (2k Damage) こんな感じです。 Play
Combo (3k Damage) There won't be a next time.
Combo (3k Damage) 次はありませんよ。 Play
Combo (3k Damage) I hope you aren't injured?
Combo (3k Damage) お怪我はありませんか? Play
Combo (5k Damage) Can you still move?
Combo (5k Damage) まだ動けますか? Play
Combo (5k Damage) I overdid it.
Combo (5k Damage) やりすぎました。 Play
Taking Damage That's!
Taking Damage そんな! Play
Taking Damage Oh no!
Taking Damage しまっ! Play
Taking Damage Not bad
Taking Damage やりますね。 Play
Taking Damage Heavy...
Taking Damage 重い Play
Taking Damage This pain...!
Taking Damage この痛みは Play
Taking Damage What!?
Taking Damage なんですて!? Play
Taking Damage Below, is it!
Taking Damage 下ですか? Play
Taking Damage Don't tell me...!
Taking Damage まさか! Play
Taking Damage Oh no!
Taking Damage しまった! Play
Taking Damage My reaction was...!
Taking Damage 反応が! Play
Taking Damage It can't be blocked!?
Taking Damage 防げない? Play
Taking Damage My mistake.
Taking Damage 不覚。 Play
Taking Damage (Fire) Heat, is it?
Taking Damage (Fire) 炎熱ですか Play
Taking Damage (Fire) Trying to scald me?
Taking Damage (Fire) 火傷するでしょう Play
Taking Damage (Ice) A slight chill?
Taking Damage (Ice) 冷気とは Play
Taking Damage (Ice) I might even catch a cold.
Taking Damage (Ice) 風を引く所でした Play
Taking Damage (Lightning) I'm used to electricity.
Taking Damage (Lightning) 電撃には慣れて Play
Taking Damage (Lightning) The numbness is...
Taking Damage (Lightning) 痺れが Play
Taking Damage (Special Circumstances) How unpleasant.
Taking Damage (Special Circumstances) 不快です Play
Taking Damage (Special Circumstances) This feels terrible.
Taking Damage (Special Circumstances) 気分が悪い Play
Taking Damage (Special Circumstances) Abnormal circumstances?
Taking Damage (Special Circumstances) 状態異常? Play
Taking Damage (Special Circumstances) It's my first time experiencing this...
Taking Damage (Special Circumstances) 初めての感覚です Play
Taking Damage (Special Circumstances) This sort of technique [exists]...?
Taking Damage (Special Circumstances) こんな技が Play
Taking Damage (Special Circumstances) Absorption?
Taking Damage (Special Circumstances) 吸収ですって Play
Taking Damage (Special Circumstances) Sharp, aren't you?
Taking Damage (Special Circumstances) 鋭いですね Play
Taking Damage (Special Circumstances) Well done.
Taking Damage (Special Circumstances) お見事 Play
Taking Damage (Special Circumstances) Relying on props, are we?
Taking Damage (Special Circumstances) 小道具頼みですか? Play
Taking Damage (Special Circumstances) I let my guard down.
Taking Damage (Special Circumstances) 油断しました Play


Situation Quote Audio
Intro Direct confrontations aren't my specialty...
but I don't have any options.
Intro 真っ向勝負は専門外ですが……
Play Play
Intro Who might you be?
I'm quite busy as it is.
Intro どちら様でしょう?
Play Play
Intro Lord Kagura won't be arriving. I shall serve as your opponent.
Intro カグラ様が出るまでもありません。
Play Play
Intro Excuse me for coming from above.
I can't let you through here.
Intro 上から失礼いたします。
Play Play
Outro Don't worry, the medical expenses will be provided for by the Mutsuki family.
Outro 治療費はムツキ家から出しますので、ご安心を。 Play
Outro Please understand, protecting Lord Kagura is my duty.
Outro カグラ様をお守りすることが自分の使命。ご理解ください。 Play
Outro If I didn't have the ability, I wouldn't be able to be an aide. And with that....
Outro 実力がなければ、側近は務まりませんので。それでは……。 Play
Outro It seems I need to change the schedule....
Outro スケジュールの変更が必要ですね……。 Play
Outro Now then, I have work to attend to....
Outro では、自分は仕事がありますので……。 Play
Outro Fighting with half-hearted convictions is something to reconsider.
Outro 中途半端に腕が立つのも、考え物ですね。 Play
Defeat Lord Kagura... my deepest apologies...
Defeat カグラ様...申し訳ありません... Play
Defeat My duty...!
Defeat 自分の使命は… Play
Defeat In a place like this...!
Defeat こんな所で… Play
Defeat Lord Kagura... Please be careful...
Defeat カグラ様...お気を付けてください... Play
Time Up Defeat I neglected the time limit.
Time Up Defeat 時間管理怠りました。 Play
Time Up Defeat I was too absorbed and overdid it.
Time Up Defeat 夢中になりすぎました。 Play
Round End Shall we call the medics?
Round End 医療班を呼びしましょう。 Play
Round End I haven't even taken it seriously yet.
Round End まだ本気ではないのですが。 Play
Round End Oh, taking a break already?
Round End おや? もうお休みですか? Play
Round End Would you try a bit harder?
Round End も少し頑張ります? Play


Noel Vermillion

Situation Quote Audio
Intro (Act 1/2) Hibiki & Noel: Dispatched in mankind's darkest hour, we are knights of the blue flame.
Intro (Act 1/2) ヒビキ & ノエル: 我ら終末の日に遠わされた白日の使従にして蒼炎の騎士なり。 Play
Outro (Act 1/2) It's pitiable, but this too is for Lord Kagura's sake.
Outro (Act 1/2) 可哀想ですが、これもカグラ様のためです。 Play
Intro (Act 3) Noel: Captain Kohaku.... Do we have no choice but to fight?
Hibiki: I am only here to eliminate you.
Intro (Act 3) ノエル: コハク大尉……。戦うしか、ないのですか?
ヒビキ: 自分は、貴女を抹消するだけです.
Outro (Act 3) I'd like you to give up on resisting. If possible, I don't want you to suffer.
Outro (Act 3) 抵抗は諦めて頂きたい。出来れば苦しませたくありません。 Play

Tsubaki Yayoi

Situation Quote Audio
Intro (Act 1/2) Tsubaki: Captain Kohaku? What are you here for?
Hibiki: For security reasons, the area past here is off-limits.
Intro (Act 1/2) ツバキ: コハク大尉? 何のつもりでしょうか。
ヒビキ: 機密保持のため、この先への立ち入り禁じます。
Outro (Act 1/2) I can't let them realize Lord Kagura's true aim....
Outro (Act 1/2) カグラ様の狙い、気付かれる訳には……。 Play
Intro (Act 3) Tsubaki: Captain Kohaku, will you listen to what I have to say?
Hibiki: That would be about Miss Noel, I suppose?
Intro (Act 3) ツバキ: コハク大尉、お話を聞かせていただけませか?
ヒビキ: それは、ノエルさんの事でしょうか?
Outro (Act 3) My oh my, it seems information has been leaked somewhere.
Outro (Act 3) やれやれ、どこから情報が漏れてのやら。 Play


Situation Quote Audio
Intro Hazama: Well now, if it isn't the Mutsuki's servant.
Hibiki: Does the Intelligence Department require something from the Mutsuki's restricted location?
Intro ハザマ: これはこれは、ムツキ家の腰巾着じゃありませんか。
ヒビキ: 諜報部がムツキ家の管理区域に何のご用でしょう。
Outro I suppose I'll report this to Lord Kagura....
Outro カグラさまに報告しておきますか……。 Play

Makoto Nanaya

Situation Quote Audio
Intro Hibiki: Dispatched in mankind's darkest hour, we are knights of the blue flame.
Makoto: Dispatched in mankind's darkest hour--. What was it again?
Intro ヒビキ: 我ら終末の日に遠わされた白日の使従にして蒼炎の騎士なり。
マコト: 我ら終末の日に遠わされた白日ーー。のなんだっけ?
Outro She has her own duties.... We're depending on you.
Outro 彼女は彼女の役目を……頼みましたよ。 Play

Relius Clover

Situation Quote Audio
Defeat (Relius Astral) This body is... for Lord Kagura's sake...
Defeat (Relius Astral) この身は...カグラ様のために Play

Amane Nishiki

Situation Quote Audio
Intro Amane: This one has the most promise after Carl. You there, won't you come with me?
Hibiki: I don't quite understand, but I refuse.
Intro アマネ: こいつはカルル君に次ぐ逸材だ。あんた、うちにこ来ないか?
ヒビキ: よくわかりませんがお断わりします。
Outro I wonder what organization he hails from.
Outro どこの機関の者でしょうか……。 Play
Defeat (Amane Astral) Kill...kill...
Defeat (Amane Astral) ころす...ころす... Play

Kagura Mutsuki

Situation Quote Audio
Intro (Act 1) Hibiki: Lord Kagura.
It seems you've brought a lady to your room again.

Kagura: Gah!? W-wait. Let me explain. She's, yeah, a messenger from headquarters!

Hibiki: That excuse... I'm tired of hearing it.
Intro (Act 1) ヒビキ: カグラ様

カグラ: どぅわ!?ま、待て。話せば分かる。あいつは、そう、本部の伝令でな!

ヒビキ: その言い訳は……聞き飽きました。
Play Play Play
Outro (Act 1) Are you sure about this? Even as a joke you're still the highest-ranking officer.
If you repeat something like this again, you'll be setting a bad example to your subordinates.
Please treat this sort of incident as forbidden from now on.
Outro (Act 1) いいですか?貴方は仮にも最高司令官なのですから
Play Play Play
Round End My oh my, what a troublesome superior.
Round End やれやれ、世話の焼ける上司ですね Play
Round End I'll leave you to prepare to return.
Round End 帰り支度をおねがしますね Play
Idle Please moderate your flirting.
Idle お戯れも程々に Play
Schwarz Lace (Overdrive) Please reflect upon your actions!
Schwarz Lace (Overdrive) 反省してください! Play
Combo (2k Damage) How was that?
Combo (2k Damage) 如何ですか? Play
Combo (3k Damage) My apologies, I went too far.
Combo (3k Damage) 失礼、出過ぎた真似を Play
Combo (5k Damage) You can keep going, right?
Combo (5k Damage) まだ行けますよね Play
Shadow Dance "Hidden Phoenix" I offer to you
The consequence of my suspicion
However crudely.
Shadow Dance "Hidden Phoenix" 捧げましょう
Play Play Play

Victory Screen

Situation Quote Audio
Location Test A location test...? Hm... I sincerely hope this doesn't affect Lord Kagura's public duties...[N 1]
Location Test ロケテストですか……
Rank Up (Network) Brilliantly done. We've ranked up.
Rank Up (Network) お見事、段位が上昇しました。
Rank Up (Network) Your rate of growth is quite stunning... It helps a great deal we can expedite our schedule.
Rank Up (Network) 目覚ましい成長速度ですね。
Rank Up (Network) I do not know how to thank you... I bestow upon you this blade.
Rank Up (Network) 感謝の言葉が見つかりません。この刃、貴方に託しましょう。
Vs. Ragna the Bloodedge (Act 1/2) Frankly, I'm quite disappointed, Grim Reaper. I can't having you helping Lord Kagura in such a disgraceful state.
Vs. Ragna the Bloodedge (Act 1/2) 正直拍子抜けですね「死神」さん。これではカグラ様のお手を煩わせるでもありません。
Vs. Ragna the Bloodedge (Act 3) Noel's destruction is imperative to changing the world... If you impede my progress, I will simply remove you, too.
Vs. Ragna the Bloodedge (Act 3) 世界を変えるためには、ノエルさんの排除は必須。それを阻むのであれば、押し通るまでです。
Vs. Jin Kisaragi The Kisaragi family's swordsmanship. Brilliant... It's no wonder Lord Kagura has his eye on you.
Vs. Jin Kisaragi キサラギ家の剣技、お見事です。カグラ様も一目置かれるわけですね。
Vs. Noel Vermillion (Act 1/2) Might I suggest you use other senses to determine your opponent's location before firing? You rely too much on your eyes, and this is what happens.
Vs. Noel Vermillion (Act 1/2) 射程に驕らず、標的を五感で感じるべきかと。
Vs. Noel Vermillion (Act 3) No mercy, and no hesitation. For the sake of Lord Kagura's new world... I will eliminate you.
Vs. Noel Vermillion (Act 3) 慈悲も躊躇いもありません。カグラ様のため、貴女には消えていただきます。
Vs. Rachel Alucard Per Lord Kagura's orders, I will be restraining you... Excuse me? Tea time...? Very well, I will make the preparations.
Vs. Rachel Alucard カグラ様の命により、捕縛させて頂きます……はい?チータイム……ですか?……わかりました、ご用意しましょう。
Vs. Taokaka I wasn't expecting you to find me by my scent alone...
Vs. Taokaka 匂いで本体を判別するとは……盲点でした。
Vs. Iron Tager It would seem we're both at the mercy of demanding superiors. I sympathize with your pain...
Vs. Iron Tager お互い困った上司に振り回されているようですね。心中お察しします。
Vs. Litchi Faye-Ling I must keep your information away from Lord Kagura at all costs. Much to my chagrin, I confess he is quite the womanizer.
Vs. Litchi Faye-Ling この方の事はカグラ様には内密にしておきましょう。あの人の女癖は、公務に多大な影響を与えますからね……。
Vs. Arakune If this is the result of Sector Seven's research, then... all the more reason I cannot let you do as you please.
Vs. Arakune これが第七機関の研究のよるものだとしたら……手放し彼等を信用するわけにはいけませんね。
Vs. Bang Shishigami (Act 1/2) You're the one Lord Kagura mentioned... but what are you doing here? I suppose I should report this...
Vs. Bang Shishigami (Act 1/2) この方はカグラ様の言っていた……しかし何故こんな場所に?念のため報告しておきますか。
Vs. Bang Shishigami (Act 3) It would seem I've overestimated a ninja's five senses... Now, to collect your Nox Nyctores.
Vs. Bang Shishigami (Act 3) どうやら、忍の五感を買い被ったいたようですね。さて、その事象兵器は回収させていただきます。
Vs. Carl Clover (Act 1/2) Currently, access to this district is prohibited. You may be a child, but I must have you follow the rules.
Vs. Carl Clover (Act 1/2) 現在この区域への立ち入りは禁止されています。子供と言えど、規則は守って頂きますよ。
Vs. Carl Clover (Act 3) I will be using that Nox Nyctores of yours... to eliminate Noel Vermillion.
Vs. Carl Clover (Act 3) その事象兵器は、利用させて頂きます。ノエル=ヴァーミリオン抹消のために……
Vs. Hakumen I can hardly believe someone of your caliber exists. Where have you acquired such skills...?[N 2]
Vs. Hakumen 貴方のような腕の方がいるとは……驚きました。しかしその剣筋、どこかで……?
Vs. Nu-13 Could that be... the Murakumo Unit...? I see. You're the 13th PFD.
Vs. Nu-13 それはもしや、ムラクモウニット……。成程、貴方が第十三素体でしたか。
Vs. Tsubaki Yayoi (Act 1/2) First Lieutenant Tsubaki... Please surrender. If you turn yourself in now, your punishment will be lightened. Any more combat is meaningless.
Vs. Tsubaki Yayoi (Act 1/2) ツバキ中尉。諦めて投降して下さい。今ならまだ罪も軽いはず。これ以上の戦闘は無意味です。
Vs. Tsubaki Yayoi (Act 3) A friend's life and the fate of the world... There's simply no comparison. But really, it's a shame... I thought you were much smarter than that.
Vs. Tsubaki Yayoi (Act 3) 「友の命」と「世界の命運」 ……双方の価値は比べるべくもありません。貴女はもっと賢い方だと思っていたのですがね。
Vs. Hazama A fuse between two nut-cases can't possibly end well. Frankly, I hope we never have to fight again.
Vs. Hazama ふぅ……捻くれ者同士の化かし合いは正に泥沼ですね。正直な話、二度と戦いたくありません。
Vs. Mu-12 (Act 1/2) Godslayer... now that sounds ominous. That said, I suppose you could say the same about my profession...
Vs. Mu-12 (Act 1/2) 「神殺し」とは何とも罰当たりですね。もっとも、暗殺者が言えた口ではありませんが。
Vs. Mu-12 (Act 3) Part of Miss Noel...? What on earth is happening...?
Vs. Mu-12 (Act 3) ノエルさんの半身……?一体何が起きているというのですが……。
Vs. Makoto Nanaya (Act 1/2) I see... I've underestimated the strength of a beastkin. I was afraid you were going to see right through my shadows.
Vs. Makoto Nanaya (Act 1/2) 成程、獣人の力を見くびっていたようです。いつ分身が見破れるかヒヤヒヤしましたよ。
Vs. Makoto Nanaya (Act 3) You scared me... this is the speed of a beastkin? Now, why don't you tell me... where I can find Noel?
Vs. Makoto Nanaya (Act 3) ヒヤヒヤしましたよ、これが獣人の速度ですか。さて……教えていけますか?ノエルさんの居場所を。
Vs. Valkenhayn R. Hellsing Speed alone may be no match for techniques as honed as yours... I, too, have much to learn.
Vs. Valkenhayn R. Hellsing 老練の技を相手に速度だけでは厳しいですね。己の未熟さを痛感しました。
Vs. Platinum the Trinity That Nox Nyctores should not be in the hands of a child. Excuse me...? A Vigilante? You?
Vs. Platinum the Trinity その事象兵器は子供が持つものではありませんよ。は? 咎追い……貴女がですか?
Vs. Relius Clover I don't know what your intentions are, but I will not partake in your data collection.
Vs. Relius Clover 何のつもりかは知りませんが、データの収集とやらにこれ以上付き合わされるのはごめんですよ。
Vs. Izayoi Justice...? I'm afraid that's a foreign concept to us assassins.
Vs. Izayoi 正義……ですか。暗殺者には理解できませんね。
Vs. Amane Nishiki Excuse me? You want to... recruit me? I'm terribly sorry, but I have my duties as a soldier of the NOL.
Vs. Amane Nishiki はい? 自分を、勧誘したい……?申し訳ありませんが、自分には衛士としての役目もありますので。
Vs. Bullet It's quite easy to fight someone as... straightforward as you.
Vs. Bullet 貴女のような真っ直ぐ向かって来る方はやりやすいですね。
Vs. Azrael I can't believe you'd make me fight the Mad Dog on my own. Lord Kagura... you owe me one.
Vs. Azrael 全く……狂犬の相手を一人でするなんて……。もう二度とごめんですよ、カグラ様。
Vs. Kagura Mutsuki (Act 1/2) Now, Lord Kagura... time to return to the office. There is QUITE a bit of work I need you to complete today, you see.
Vs. Kagura Mutsuki (Act 1/2) さぁカグラ様、執務室に戻りますよ。本日中にやっていただく仕事が山積みですので。
Vs. Kagura Mutsuki (Act 3) Have you forgotten about all our comrades who gave up their lives along the way? We now shoulder their burden. This cannot fail...
Vs. Kagura Mutsuki (Act 3) お忘れですか? 過去、道伴ばに倒れた同志達を。我々は彼等の命に報いなければなりません。
Vs. Yuuki Terumi (Act 1/2) Pardon me, but... how exactly are you related to Captain Hazama again?
Vs. Yuuki Terumi (Act 1/2) 失礼ですが、貴方……ハザマ大尉とどういったご関係でしょうか?
Vs. Yuuki Terumi (Act 3) Yuuki Terumi... your existence is an obstacle. I will end you right now.
Vs. Yuuki Terumi (Act 3) ユウキ=テルミ……貴方の存在は障害です。ここで終わらせていただきます。
Vs. Kokonoe (Act 1/2) For some reason, Lord Kagura places a lot of trust in you, but I'm afraid that does not extend to me. If I see any funny business, I will not hesitate to remove you.
Vs. Kokonoe (Act 1/2) カグラ様は彼女を信用しているようですが自分は、何かあれば容赦なく斬らせてもらいますよ。
Vs. Kokonoe (Act 3) The next time we meet in this world... we may be enemies. Please do not forget that.
Vs. Kokonoe (Act 3) この世界では、次にお会いする時には敵同士かもしれません。その事をお忘れなきよう……。
Vs. Celica A. Mercury (Act 1/2) Miss Minerva... was it? Please take good care of Celica.
Vs. Celica A. Mercury (Act 1/2) 手当はしておきます。ミネルヴァさん……でしたか?その方の事は任せますよ。
Vs. Celica A. Mercury (Act 3) Lord Kagura... I've secured Miss Celica. Yes, I've put her to sleep so we don't lose sight of her again.
Vs. Celica A. Mercury (Act 3) カグラ様、セリカさんを保護しました。ええ、見失わぬよう、ひとまず眠って頂きました。
Vs. Lambda-11 (Act 1/2) Please excuse the ambush, but you have access to sensitive information that I could not let fall into the wrong hands.
Vs. Lambda-11 (Act 1/2) 不意を討たせていただきました。
Vs. Lambda-11 (Act 3) A Murakumo Prototype developed by Professor Kokonoe...? I suppose that explains the specs. But it would seem in the end, I was a cut above.
Vs. Lambda-11 (Act 3) ココノエ博士が開発した、ムラクモの模倣品……
Vs. Hibiki Kohaku What on earth is...? Is this another one of your pranks, Lord Kagura?
Vs. Hibiki Kohaku この方は一体……またカグラ様の悪ふざけでしょうか。
Vs. Naoto Kurogane (Act 1/2) This district is currently on alert level D. I suggest you leave at once. Or, I shall be forced to remove you.
Vs. Naoto Kurogane (Act 1/2) この区域は現在、レベルD警戒態勢が発令されています。
Vs. Naoto Kurogane (Act 3) You are one of the chosen, as well...? Does "Bloodedge" mean you are somehow related to Ragna?
Vs. Naoto Kurogane (Act 3) この方も、資格者……?
Vs. Nine the Phantom You don't often see magic around here... this is quite surprising. Very well done, Miss.
Vs. Nine the Phantom 魔法を見る機会などまずありませんので、驚きました。実に見事なものですね。
Vs. Izanami (Act 2/3) I am not afraid of death. I've been prepared for it, from the moment I was born.
Vs. Izanami (Act 2/3) 自分が死を恐れる事など、有り得ません。それを受け入れる覚悟は幼少の頃より出来てますから。
Vs. Susano'o (Act 3) Your power is quite terrifying... but it seems you were no match for my speed.
Vs. Susano'o (Act 2/3) 成程、確かに恐ろしい力です。ですが、速度では自分が上回っていたようですね。
Vs. Es (Act 3) Your presence would suggest you are not human. That's obvious, but what it doesn't tell me is... what exactly ARE you?
Vs. Es (Act 3) 気配からして人ならざうモノであることは明白……。答えてください。貴女は一体何者ですか?
Vs. Mai Natsume (Act 3) These evasive movements... are you from the Hazuki household's...? I'm going to ask you to follow me.
Vs. Mai Natsume (Act 3) この体捌きはまさか、ハズキ家の……。……ひとまず拘束させて頂きますよ。
Vs. Jubei (Act 3) My oh my, you got me. I can see that petty tricks are no match for your strength. Ambushing you is out of the question.
Vs. Jubei (Act 3) やれやれ、参りました……。あなたの様な真っ当な強者の前では奇策も然程意味を成しませんね。

System Voice

Situation Quote Audio
"Here Comes A New Challenger" Screen Be careful; it's an unsettling presence.
"Here Comes A New Challenger" Screen ご注意よ、不穏分身の様です。

Character Select Screen

Situation Quote Audio
Character Select Please allow me to see the letter.
Character Select お手紙拝見させていただきます。
Ragna the Bloodedge Ragna the Bloodedge
Ragna the Bloodedge ラグナ=ザ=ブラッドエッジ Play
Jin Kisaragi Major Jin Kisaragi
Jin Kisaragi ジン=キサラギ少佐 Play
Noel Vermillion Lieutenant Noel Vermillion
Noel Vermillion ノエル Play
Rachel Alucard Rachel Alucard
Rachel Alucard レイチェル=アルカード Play
Taokaka Taokaka
Taokaka タオカカ Play
Iron Tager Mr. Tager
Iron Tager テイガーさん Play
Litchi Faye-Ling Litchi Faye-Ling
Litchi Faye-Ling ライチ=フェイ=リン Play
Arakune Arakune
Arakune アラクネ Play
Bang Shishigami Bang Shishigami
Bang Shishigami シシガミ=バング Play
Carl Clover Carl Clover
Carl Clover カルル=クローバー Play
Hakumen Hakumen
Hakumen ハクメン Play
Nu-13 Nu-13 Play
Tsubaki Yayoi First Lieutenant Tsubaki Yayoi
Tsubaki Yayoi ツバキ=ヤヨイ中尉 Play
Hazama Captain Hazama
Hazama ハザマ大尉 Play
Mu-12 Mu-12 Play
Makoto Nanaya Lieutenant Makoto Nanaya
Makoto Nanaya マコト=ナナヤ少尉 Play
Valkenhayn R. Hellsing Valkenhayn R. Hellsing
Valkenhayn R. Hellsing ヴァルケンハイン=R=ヘルシング Play
Platinum the Trinity Platinum the Trinity
Platinum the Trinity プラチナ=ザ=トリニティ Play
Relius Clover Colonel Relius Clover[N 3]
Relius Clover レリウス=クローバー技術大佐 Play
Izayoi Izayoi
Izayoi イザヨイ Play
Amane Nishiki Amane Nishiki
Amane Nishiki アマネ=ニシキ Play
Bullet Bullet
Bullet バレット Play
Azrael Azrael
Azrael アズラエル Play
Kagura Mutsuki Lord Kagura, if you would quickly look over this.
Kagura Mutsuki カグラ様、くれぐれもそその内容に Play
Yuuki Terumi Yuuki Terumi
Yuuki Terumi ユウキ=テルミ Play
Kokonoe Professor Kokonoe
Kokonoe ココノエ博士 Play
Celica A. Mercury Miss Celica
Celica A. Mercury セリカさん Play
Lambda-11 Lambda-11 Play
Hibiki Kohaku Me, is it? Very well.
Hibiki Kohaku 自分、ですか?よろしくです。 Play
Naoto Kurogane Naoto Kurogane
Naoto Kurogane ナオト=クロガネ Play
Nine the Phantom Nine the Phantom
Nine the Phantom ナイン=ザ=ファントム Play
Izanami Izanami
Izanami イザナミ Play
Susano'o Susano'o
Susano'o スサノオ Play
Es Es
Es エス Play
Mai Natsume Mai Natsume
Mai Natsume マイ=ナツメ Play
Jubei Jubei
Jubei 獣兵衛 Play


  1. Location test lines are only available in-game as audio and only in Japanese, but they are translated in the game's files.
  2. In the Japanese, Hibiki says, "I can hardly believe someone of your caliber exists. However, where have I...?"
  3. The title is, "Colonel Relius Clover of the Engineering Department" in Japanese, but the Engineering Dept. specification is dropped in the localization usually.