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Victory Screen

Situation Line Voice
Vs. Ragna Dark One… I shall sever the threads of our intertwining fate once and for all! Resound, Ookami!
Vs. Jin It is mine blade that will dispose of the evil in our world. I will see it through, even if I must stand against the “will” of this world…
Vs. Noel In the end, you still cannot reach… but Child of the Azure, you best remember, it will be my blade that severs your threads of fate…!
Vs. Rachel You have truly become the harlequin of this world… Know your place. You've no strength.
Vs. Taokaka Remnants after all… Your strength is not far from that of an ordinary feline.
Vs. Tager Tell your master… if she stands in my way, I WILL not hesitate to end her.
Vs. Litchi How foolish… you've become a puppet to your own emotions. This is a battlefield… not where you belong. Stand down.
Vs. Arakune All the knowledge in this world will not serve you… It will only serve to expose your ignorance to the world.
Vs. Bang Remember this… You may preach your justice as much as you want… but without the power to enforce it, it is a painful sight.
Vs. Carl Poor child… your soul has been tampered with enough. Nirvana… rest in peace with him at your side.
Vs. Hakumen Not once have I wavered… from the moment I picked up mine blade.
Vs. Nu-13 Crimes and sin can no longer describe what you have done… I will reduce you to rust on my blade.
Vs. Tsubaki Excessive power may be the spark of your destruction. There is more about this world you must know, Tsubaki… before you judge good and evil.
Vs. Hazama Just the vessel… yet I sense his remains within you. Hmph… Yuuki Terumi. Mark my words, you will atone for your sins.
Vs. Mu-12 Ah… a fragment you've cast aside. Why let go of the power of the Godslayer, Child of the Azure?
Vs. Makoto Feeble pride will only hamper you… if you truly care about your friends, seek strength instead.
Vs. Valkenhayn Stand down, Valkenhayn… Right now, you have no value to me. Why not protect your master instead of wasting my time?
Vs. Platinum A sanctuary for your soul… Platinum the Trinity. Is this what atonement looks like to you?
Vs. Relius You choose solitude because of your role as architect…? How arrogant. I shall bestow upon you another form of solitude… death.
Vs. Izayoi Do not stray, Tsubaki Yayoi… what is it that you see at the edge of your blade? Your own justice…? Or someone else's directive. Take one more good look.
Vs. Amane Get out of my sight, Observer… this world is not a source for your amusement.
Vs. Bullet Leave. The path of righteousness is not kind to those who crave battle.
Vs. Azrael You live and die to fight the strongest this world has to offer… In that case, I offer you death, Mad Dog… say your prayers.
Vs. Kagura Magnificent swordsmanship, Black Knight. But you are still a far cry from me…
Vs. Terumi End of the line, Terumi… Never again will you torment this world with your evil!
Vs. Kokonoe Cease your resistance and be consumed by this world, Grimalkin… that is, if you do not have the courage to stand up to your mother.
Vs. Celica Leave this place at once… there is no need for you to bear any more wounds.
Vs. Lambda-11 For whom do you wield thine blade…? Until you can face the truth, you will be nothing more than a cheap imitation.
Vs. Hibiki Pawns have their own way of living… I've born witness to your loyalty and resolution.
Vs. Naoto That arm… Your demonic strength… Impossible. How could there be two Black Beasts in this world!?
Vs. Nine Curse me if you want, sorceress… But I will make sure your flames do not scorch this world.
Vs. Izanami I see… it all makes sense now… death cannot be killed. Which means the key can only be…
Vs. Susano'o Futile… That is not something just anyone can easily wield… Let Izanami take you to the depths below, Terumi…
Vs. Es The “Azure” is pointless… One's justice can only be realized through one's blade.
Vs. Mai Begone. This is not your fight.
Vs. Jubei Grimalkin. You should have already realized. There is no path for us to retreat. That is why I will fulfill my calling. Simple.