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Victory Screen

Situation Quote Audio
Rank Up (Network) H-Hey, I leveled up! Woohoo! Err, not that... I'm happy or anything!
Why don't you just be honest, Luna?
Rank Up (Network) 段位が上がったぞー! べ、別に嬉しくなんてないんだからな!
Rank Up (Network) Yaay, we did it! Thank you so much!
Not bad! You might even deserve my compliments.
Rank Up (Network) わぁ~いやりましたぁ~。ありがとうございます~。
やるじゃん! 褒めてやってもいいんだからな!
Rank Up (Network) If you, Luna and Sena all become one...
We're totally unstoppable!
Rank Up (Network) ルナとセナと、お前の力が一つになれば!
Vs. Ragna the Bloodedge (Act 1/2) Argh... why is it? When I see this guy's face, I just REALLY wanna punch him!
Vs. Ragna the Bloodedge (Act 1/2) 何故だ……コイツの顔を見てるとムショーに腹が立つぞ!
Vs. Ragna the Bloodedge (Act 3) Hah! Trying to beat Luna!? Maybe in a million light-years! LOSER! Pedo!
Vs. Ragna the Bloodedge (Act 3) ルナ様に勝とうなんて、10000年はやいんだよこのロリコン!
Vs. Jin Kisaragi The hell's this guy's problem!? Why's he following Luna around everywhere? Is he a groupie? A paparazzi?
Vs. Jin Kisaragi 何だコイツ!? なんでルナに付きまとってくるんだ!?
追っかけか!? 追っかけなのか!?
Vs. Noel Vermillion (Act 1/2) Huuh? Don't tell me you're... Hey, you're about the same as Luna. Aren't you happy, Luna?
Vs. Noel Vermillion (Act 1/2) あれ~? この人もしかして……
ルナと同じくらいじゃない? 良かったねぇルナ。
Vs. Noel Vermillion (Act 3) This is Noel Vermillion...? You sure this flatty's gonna make our dream come true?
Vs. Noel Vermillion (Act 3) こいつがノエル=ヴァーミリオン?
Vs. Rachel Alucard Haha! I've got no idea who you are, but don't get too ahead of yourself, you old lolita twerp!
Vs. Rachel Alucard へっへーん! 誰だか知らないけど調子に乗るなよな!
Vs. Taokaka Wohoo! I won! I guess this means dinner's all on YOU!
Vs. Taokaka いえーい勝ったー!
Vs. Iron Tager You are the poster child for every young man's dream... But I'm afraid I'm not really into modifications, myself...
Vs. Iron Tager 男のロマン満載ですね~。でも僕は改造はちょっと~……。
Vs. Litchi Faye-Ling Oh, thank goodness! Luna's super happy that... that Luna doesn't have that much FAT on her body... Oh, so happy!
Luna...? Are you crying?
Vs. Litchi Faye-Ling いやー良かった! そんな重たそうな脂肪、ルナには無くて良かった!
……ルナ? 泣いてるの?
Vs. Arakune U'waaaah! Eww! Disgusting! Hey, Sena! Switch with me. Now! I don't even care what you do to it, just SWITCH!
Vs. Arakune うわああああ! キモッ! クサッ! おいセナ交代だ交代!
Vs. Bang Shishigami Ugh, the scruff. The testosterone. Stay away from me! Shoo shoo!
Vs. Bang Shishigami むっさ! うわむっさ! こっち来んなあっち行け!
Vs. Carl Clover That doll looks REAL tough and raw. Where'd you buy it? N-Not that I'm interested in one or anything... I mean, dolls are for kids, right?
Vs. Carl Clover その人形ごっついな~。どこで売ってんだ?
Vs. Hakumen Whoooa, what the hell's your deal? Hey, Sena. Let's bury this guy and get the hell out of here while we can.
Vs. Hakumen おーこわ……何なんだよこいつ。
Vs. Nu-13 Damn that was close! Hey, didn't anybody ever teach you not to point sharp objects at people!? Huh?
Vs. Nu-13 あっぶねぇな!
Vs. Tsubaki Yayoi Damn, your face just looks... depressing. Nothing's gonna test good with that kind of attitude.
Vs. Tsubaki Yayoi なんか辛気臭い顔だな……。
Vs. Hazama What is it about this person... I've got a really bad feeling.
Vs. Hazama 何だろうこの人、すごく嫌な感じがする……。
Vs. Mu-12 Wow, now that's SOME costume you got there. I mean... why would you show so much, when you've got nothing to show...?
Vs. Mu-12 なんかすごい恰好してんな……。
Vs. Makoto Nanaya Whoooa, this is REALLY fluffy. Can I take it home? Please? Pleeeease?
Vs. Makoto Nanaya うわぁ~、これはモフモフですねぇ~。
Vs. Valkenhayn R. Hellsing Hmmm? Hey, didn't you try to kidnap Luna one time? Or maybe I'm just imagining things...
Vs. Valkenhayn R. Hellsing んんん~? あんた、どっかでルナの事連れ去らなかったか……?
Vs. Platinum the Trinity Wait, so this Luna is Sena, but that Sena is Luna...? Argh! This is too complicated! I'll just beat the crap out of you!
Vs. Platinum the Trinity こっちのルナがセナであっちのセナがルナで……?
ああもうややっこしい! とりあえずぶっ飛ばす!
Vs. Relius Clover It's a perverrrrt! Everyone! Get the hell out of here while I distract him!
Vs. Relius Clover 変態だぁああああああ!! 逃げろぉおおおおおお!!
Vs. Izayoi So that's... the Sealed Armament...
Vs. Izayoi それが、封印兵装ですか……。
Vs. Amane Nishiki Ahhh, I'm getting dizzy! Stop twirling that thing around and around...!
Vs. Amane Nishiki ああもう目が回る! そのフラフラクネクネいい加減やめろ!
Vs. Bullet Hah! You're not gonna beat Luna with your ass ha... hanging out like that... *sniff*
Luna...? A-Are you crying?
Vs. Bullet へへーん! そんな重そうなケツぶらさげたまんまでルナに
……ルナ? 泣いてるの?
Vs. Azrael Haha... get with the times. Carnivorous men are so last century.
Vs. Azrael あはは、肉食系男子なんて今時流行りませんよ~。
Vs. Kagura Mutsuki Dammit, I'm still growing! It's called puberty, dumbass! Why are you looking at me with such pity!?
Vs. Kagura Mutsuki 成長期だ! ルナは成長期の真っ最中なんだよ!
Vs. Yuuki Terumi I've got NO idea why, but that FACE of yours just pisses me off! I'll beat the crap out of you!
Vs. Yuuki Terumi なんっかよくわかんないけど、まず顔がムカツクんだよな!
Vs. Kokonoe It's hot, it's cold, it's shocking! What are you, some kinda carnival ride!?
Vs. Kokonoe 熱いし寒いし痺れるし! 何だよコイツ! 遊園地かよ!
Vs. Celica A. Mercury Hah! Take that! Luna wins! But, uhh... why do you look so worried? (Luna)
Vs. Celica A. Mercury どーだ、まいったか! ルナ様の勝ちだ!
Vs. Lambda-11 C'mon, it's called enunciating! I can barely make out what you're saying! (Luna)
Vs. Lambda-11 もっとハキハキ喋れよ。ぼそぼそ呟いても聞こえないって。
Vs. Hibiki Kohaku This drool-worthy scent... don't tell me, you're a man who can cook!? Get up! Get up right now, and make Luna something to eat! (Luna)
Vs. Hibiki Kohaku この美味そうな匂い……まさかオマエ料理できる系男子か!
立て! 立って今すぐご飯を作るんだ!
Vs. Naoto Kurogane Ugh... A weapon made out of blood, are you serious? It hurts just watching you fight! (Luna)
Vs. Naoto Kurogane うへぇ、血でできた武器とか、見てるこっちが痛くなってくるっての!
Vs. Nine the Phantom (Act 1/2) Huh...? Have I seen you somewhere? (Luna)
Vs. Nine the Phantom (Act 1/2) あれ……アンタとどっかで会ったっけ?
Vs. Nine the Phantom (Act 3) *Pant pant* Dammit... hold back a little, will you!? I mean... act your age, you old witch! (Luna)
Vs. Nine the Phantom (Act 3) はぁはぁ……くっそぉ……ちょっとは手加減しろよなぁ……
Vs. Izanami (Act 2/3) So, what? You're trying to go out and end the world all on your own...? Like HELL you're gonna do that! Luna and Sena are gonna live happily with Jubei! (Luna)
Vs. Izanami (Act 2/3) 勝手に世界を終わらせるってか……ふざけんな!
Vs. Susano'o (Act 3) Wh-Why the hell would you use all your force against a child!? What're you gonna do if Luna dies? Huh? HUH!? (Luna)
Vs. Susano'o (Act 3) こ、子供相手に本気だすんじゃねー!
Vs. Es (Act 3) Whoa, what the heck!? You pop out of nowhere and try to cut me up!? What's your problem, woman!? (Luna)
Vs. Es (Act 3) びっくりしたぁ~! いきなり出てきて斬りかかってくんじゃねぇよ!
Vs. Mai Natsume (Act 3) Aw man... look at the kids these days... it's like they don't know when to stop growing...! (Luna)
...Luna? Are you crying? (Sena)
Vs. Mai Natsume (Act 3) あーあーどいつもこいつもだらしない身体しちゃってさぁ!
……ルナ? 泣いてるの?
Vs. Jubei (Act 3) Master Jubei! Please don't ever leave our side. You're going to be with Luna forever. Right!?
Vs. Jubei (Act 3) 獣兵衛様~! もう絶対離さないぞ!