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Victory Screen

Situation Quote Audio
Rank Up (Network) We've leveled up! ...It seems Sister has blessed us, as well.
Rank Up (Network) 段位が上がりましたよ!
Rank Up (Network) Hey Sis, we've gotten stronger again! ...I love it when you're happy.
Rank Up (Network) 姉さん、また段位が上がったよ!
Rank Up (Network) I'm so glad to have met someone like you... combined, nothing will stand in our way!
Rank Up (Network) あなたの様な人に出会えて、良かったです。
Vs. Ragna the Bloodedge (Act 1/2) The Azure Grimoire... finally, it's mine! Now, I can cure Sister's illness...!
Vs. Ragna the Bloodedge (Act 1/2) 『蒼の魔道書』……ようやく手に入れた!
Vs. Ragna the Bloodedge (Act 3) The Azure Grimoire... I suppose I should collect it, to be safe. I will try everything in my power... everything to save my sister...!
Vs. Ragna the Bloodedge (Act 3) 『蒼の魔道書』ですか……とりあえず回収させていただきましょう。
Vs. Jin Kisaragi Something the matter, sir? Seems like you were holding back...? Or is that just your excuse for when you lose?
Vs. Jin Kisaragi どうしました、先輩。随分と手加減していたようですが。
Vs. Noel Vermillion (Act 1/2) It seems I was one cut above... as a fellow Nox Nyctores wielder.
Vs. Noel Vermillion (Act 1/2) 同じ事象兵器の使い手でも、どうやら僕の方が一枚上手だったようですね。
Vs. Noel Vermillion (Act 3) This was unexpected... I didn't think I would find a hint to saving my sister so close to me.
Vs. Noel Vermillion (Act 3) 盲点だった……こんな近くに、姉さんを取り戻すヒントがあるなんて。
Vs. Rachel Alucard (Act 1/2) Nirvana is an object and a weapon... one that is in my possession. You have no business telling me how to use her.
Vs. Rachel Alucard (Act 1/2) ニルヴァーナは只の兵器で、僕の所有物だ。
Vs. Rachel Alucard (Act 3) A vampire's blood, said to have powers of immortality. I will use what I know from you to save my sister.
Vs. Rachel Alucard (Act 3) 不老不死といわれる吸血鬼の力、
Vs. Taokaka (Act 1/2) H-Hey...! Stop sharpening your nails on Nirvana!
Vs. Taokaka (Act 1/2) こ、こら! ニルヴァーナで爪を研がないでください!
Vs. Taokaka (Act 3) I'm sorry, but... I cannot let any other chosen surpass me.
Vs. Taokaka (Act 3) すみません。でも、他の資格者に先を越されるわけにはいかないので。
Vs. Iron Tager (Act 1/2) I will not let you have Nirvana... I need her to complete my mission.
Vs. Iron Tager (Act 1/2) 貴方にニルヴァーナは渡しません。
Vs. Iron Tager (Act 3) A cyborg...? I see. Hybrid of flesh and machine. Not a bad starting point for recreating my sister.
Vs. Iron Tager (Act 3) サイボーグ……成程、生体と機械のハイブリッドか。
Vs. Litchi Faye-Ling (Act 1/2) ...Stand down. I do not wish to fight you.
Vs. Litchi Faye-Ling (Act 1/2) ……退いてください。出来れば貴女とは戦いたくありません。
Vs. Litchi Faye-Ling (Act 3) Pardon me, Miss Litchi... but I'm going to take a peek into your soul.
Vs. Litchi Faye-Ling (Act 3) 失礼します、ライチさん。少々、貴女の魂を暴かせていただきます。
Vs. Arakune (Act 1/2) Nirvana isn't food! I won't let you have her!
Vs. Arakune (Act 1/2) ニルヴァーナは餌じゃない。食べさせるわけにはいきませんよ!
Vs. Arakune (Act 3) Don't you dare touch my sister with those dirty hands!
Vs. Arakune (Act 3) やめろ……汚い手で姉さんに触れるな!
Vs. Bang Shishigami (Act 1/2) I had no idea that ninjas were such... cantankerous people. I really do not wish to be associated with you. If you'll excuse me.
Vs. Bang Shishigami (Act 1/2) 忍者って、こんなに愉快な人種だったんですね……
Vs. Bang Shishigami (Act 3) I will be taking the Nox Nyctores from you... this is vital to my[1] erasing Miss Noel.
Vs. Bang Shishigami (Act 3) それでは、事象兵器は頂いていきます。
Vs. Carl Clover (Act 1/2) A cheap imitation... where on earth do you find these things...?
Vs. Carl Clover (Act 1/2) ニルヴァーナの模倣品か。一体どこで手に入れたのやら……。
Vs. Carl Clover (Act 3) Please disappear... I will not forgive you, if you insult my sister any further.
Vs. Carl Clover (Act 3) 消えてください……
Vs. Hakumen You are quite the swordmaster... but it seems you could not overcome the advantage that comes in numbers.
Vs. Hakumen 中々の使い手のようですが、数の利は覆せなかったと言う事ですね。
Vs. Nu-13 (Act 1/2) Unfortunate for you, I have a powerful shield... Your "spray and pray" tactics have no effect on me.
Vs. Nu-13 (Act 1/2) 生憎と僕には優秀な『盾』が付いています。
Vs. Nu-13 (Act 3) A Dimensional Interface Prime Field Device... Incredible, and complete. I may be able to use you as material for recreating Sis yet.
Vs. Nu-13 (Act 3) 次元境界接触用素体……何て完成度の高さだ。
Vs. Tsubaki Yayoi (Act 1/2) I don't wish to hurt you any more, Tsubaki... Tell me everything you know about the Grim Reaper, and this will all be over.
Vs. Tsubaki Yayoi (Act 1/2) これ以上、先輩を傷つけたくはありません……
Vs. Tsubaki Yayoi (Act 3) There's no point, Miss Tsubaki. Nothing will deter me from what I must do. I WILL erase Noel Vermillion.
Vs. Tsubaki Yayoi (Act 3) 無駄ですよ、先輩。僕の決意は揺るぎません。
Vs. Hazama (Act 1/2) It seems you know something about the Grim Reaper. I will make you talk... by any means necessary.
Vs. Hazama (Act 1/2) 貴方、『死神』について何かご存知のようですね。
Vs. Hazama (Act 3) A vessel with a soul bound to it... Frustrating, but I must accept Father's genius.
Vs. Hazama (Act 3) 人格を有した器だなんて……悔しいけど、やっぱり父さんは凄い。
Vs. Mu-12 (Act 1/2) I can't believe Nirvana would be outperformed... Are you a Nox Nyctores, too!?
Vs. Mu-12 (Act 1/2) ニルヴァーナが出力で圧されるなんて……
Vs. Mu-12 (Act 3) Frankly, I'm disappointed, Miss Noel. To think that the completed form of a PFD was so weak.
Vs. Mu-12 (Act 3) 正直、落胆しましたよ先輩。
Vs. Makoto Nanaya You should really be worried about yourself right now... not your friends.
Vs. Makoto Nanaya 先輩、他人の事よりもご自分の弱さを心配するべきだと思いますけど。
Vs. Valkenhayn R. Hellsing (Act 1/2) I have no idea who or what you are... but don't you dare lay a finger on my tools.
Vs. Valkenhayn R. Hellsing (Act 1/2) 何処のどなたかは存じませんが、
Vs. Valkenhayn R. Hellsing (Act 3) You may be old, but I will not hold back. I must defeat every chosen to get what I need... for the sake of my sister.
Vs. Valkenhayn R. Hellsing (Act 3) ご老体といえど、手加減は出来ません。
Vs. Platinum the Trinity (Act 1/2) Nirvana... why have you stopped attacking!? Are you disobeying my order!?
Vs. Platinum the Trinity (Act 1/2) ニルヴァーナ……何故攻撃の手を緩めた!
Vs. Platinum the Trinity (Act 3) I understand, Sis... I'll stop right here. But I WILL take the Nox Nyctores.
Vs. Platinum the Trinity (Act 3) 分かったよ、姉さん……
Vs. Relius Clover (Act 1/2) Not yet, Father... This was nothing compared to the pain Mother endured...!
Vs. Relius Clover (Act 1/2) まだだよ父さん……
Vs. Relius Clover (Act 3) I don't have time for formalities... I'm going to take everything I can from you, Father.
Vs. Relius Clover (Act 3) 形振り構っている時間はないんだ。
Vs. Izayoi Justice and evil... they are both simply ways to manipulate the masses.
Vs. Izayoi 正義も悪も、使えるものは全て利用するまでです。
Vs. Amane Nishiki Let go of me! I told you I'm not going to become a performer!
Vs. Amane Nishiki 離してください! 僕は貴方にも舞踊にも興味はありません!
Vs. Bullet (Act 1/2) Sector Seven. Vigilantes... that has nothing to do with me. I'm going to defeat the Grim Reaper, plain and simple.
Vs. Bullet (Act 1/2) 第七機関だろうが、咎追いだろうが、関係ありません。
Vs. Bullet (Act 3) Let's go, Sis. Looks like there's nothing of any benefit to us here.
Vs. Bullet (Act 3) 行こう、姉さん。
Vs. Azrael (Act 1/2) Your power is insane... How could Nirvana be overpowered...?
Vs. Azrael (Act 1/2) この人、なんて怪力だ……ニルヴァーナが力負けするなんて。
Vs. Azrael (Act 3) I'm almost jealous... you think you can solve any problem with sheer force.
Vs. Azrael (Act 3) 全く羨ましいな……
Vs. Kagura Mutsuki You're supposed to be the commanding officer of the most elite? It's no wonder you need Vigilantes to help you.
Vs. Kagura Mutsuki 衛士最高司令官がこの様ですか。
Vs. Yuuki Terumi (Act 1/2) You seem to know Nirvana... but would you mind not laying a finger on her? She's my tool now...
Vs. Yuuki Terumi (Act 1/2) ニルヴァーナを知っていたようですが、あまり近づかないでもらえますか。
Vs. Yuuki Terumi (Act 3) This person... has no form. I believe further investigation is necessary. You may hold the secrets to saving my sister...
Vs. Yuuki Terumi (Act 3) この人、実体が無い……少々調べさせていただきます。
Vs. Kokonoe (Act 1/2) Even Sector Seven's after the Grim Reaper...? Looks like I've got no time to waste.
Vs. Kokonoe (Act 1/2) 第七機関も『死神』を狙っているなんて……急ぐ必要がありそうだ。
Vs. Kokonoe (Act 3) Of course... that was the key to smelting a human all along. The marriage of science and magic. Amazing skill you possess.
Vs. Kokonoe (Act 3) 成程……やはり人体を精錬する鍵はソコにありましたか。
Vs. Celica A. Mercury (Act 1/2) You were acquaintances with Nirvana...? I'm sure that was a long time ago. Now, she belongs to me.
Vs. Celica A. Mercury (Act 1/2) ニルヴァーナについて何かご存知のようですが、
それは過去の話でしょう? 今の所有者はこの僕です。
Vs. Celica A. Mercury (Act 3) Stay away from me! Whenever you're nearby, Sis behaves oddly.
Vs. Celica A. Mercury (Act 3) 近付かないでください。
Vs. Lambda-11 (Act 1/2) You're nothing but a weapon, just like Nirvana... what good will emotions do you? Pathetic...
Vs. Lambda-11 (Act 1/2) 貴女もニルヴァーナと同じ、ただの兵器でしょう?
Vs. Lambda-11 (Act 3) It's been rearranged a little bit, but you're no doubt my father's creation... You will become wonderful research material.
Vs. Lambda-11 (Act 3) 少しアレンジを加えてあるけど、これも父さんの造った素体……。
Vs. Hibiki Kohaku Valiant effort at assassination... But it will not work on me.
Vs. Hibiki Kohaku 死角からの奇襲は僕には通用しませんよ。
Vs. Naoto Kurogane This power... I think it's best if we avoided each other from now on.
Vs. Naoto Kurogane この力は……どうやら、深追いは避けた方が良いみたいですね。
Vs. Nine the Phantom (Act 1/2) You could see through Nirvana's quirks...? Damn. Looks like I need to make some adjustments...
Vs. Nine the Phantom (Act 1/2) ニルヴァーナのクセが見切られるなんて……
Vs. Nine the Phantom (Act 3) The creator of the Nox Nyctores... the witch. There are so many questions I have for you...!
Vs. Nine the Phantom (Act 3) 事象兵器を産んだ魔女……
Vs. Izanami (Act 2/3) I can't die here... not yet. I need to save my sister!
Vs. Izanami (Act 2/3) 僕はまだ死ぬわけにはいかない! 姉さんを助けるんだ!
Vs. Susano'o (Act 3) This power is insane... There's no way we can take this head-on. We're retreating, Sis!
Vs. Susano'o (Act 3) こんな馬鹿げた力、真っ向からぶつかるわけにはいかない……
Vs. Es (Act 3) What are you...? Neither human nor machine... How could something like this exist in the world?
Vs. Es (Act 3) 何だこの人……人間でも機械でも素体でもない……
Vs. Mai Natsume (Act 3) You're... this isn't the Military Academy anymore. I have my reasons why I cannot let you win.
Vs. Mai Natsume (Act 3) 貴女は……士官学校の頃とは事情が違います。
Vs. Jubei (Act 3) The DNA platform for the Kaka Clan. You've piqued my interest. Pardon me while I collect a few samples.
Vs. Jubei (Act 3) カカ族のベースとなった遺伝子か……

System Voice

Situation Quote Audio
"Here Comes A New Challenger" Screen
"Here Comes A New Challenger" Screen

Character Select Screen

Situation Quote Audio
Character Select Well then, Shall we begin the duel?
Character Select さー、デュエルを始めましょう
Ragna the Bloodedge Ragna the Bloodedge
Ragna the Bloodedge ラグナ=ザ=ブラッドエッジ
Jin Kisaragi Kisaragi Senpai
Jin Kisaragi キサラギ先輩
Noel Vermillion Noel Senpai
Noel Vermillion ノエル先輩
Rachel Alucard Rachel Alucard
Rachel Alucard レイチェル=アルカード
Taokaka Miss Cat
Taokaka 猫さん
Iron Tager Iron Tager
Iron Tager テイガー
Litchi Faye-Ling Miss Litchi
Litchi Faye-Ling ライチさん
Arakune Arakune
Arakune アラクネ
Bang Shishigami Mr. Bang
Bang Shishigami バングさん
Carl Clover Come, let's go, Sister.
Carl Clover さあ、行くよ、姉さん。
Hakumen Hakumen
Hakumen ハクメン
Nu-13 Nu-13
Nu-13 ニュー・サーティーン
Tsubaki Yayoi Tsubaki Senpai
Tsubaki Yayoi ツバキ先輩
Hazama Hazama
Hazama ハザマ
Mu-12 Mu-12
Mu-12 ミュー・テュエルブ
Makoto Nanaya Makoto Senpai
Makoto Nanaya マコト先輩
Valkenhayn R. Hellsing Valkenhayn R. Hellsing
Valkenhayn R. Hellsing ヴァルケンハイン=R=ヘルシング
Platinum the Trinity Platinum the Trinity
Platinum the Trinity プラチナ=ザ=トリニティ
Relius Clover Dad
Relius Clover 父さん
Izayoi Izayoi
Izayoi イザヨイ
Amane Nishiki Amane Nishi-woah, wait a minute, stop that!
Amane Nishiki アマネ=ニシっ、うわ、ちょっと、止めってください!
Bullet Bullet
Bullet バレット
Azrael Azrael
Azrael アズラエル
Kagura Mutsuki Kagura Mutsuki
Kagura Mutsuki カグラ
Yuuki Terumi Yuuki Terumi
Yuuki Terumi ユウキ=テルミ
Kokonoe Kokonoe
Kokonoe ココノエ
Celica A. Mercury Celica A. Mercury
Celica A. Mercury セリカ=A=マーキュリー
Lambda-11 Lambda-11
Lambda-11 ラムダ・イレブン
Hibiki Kohaku Hibiki Kohaku
Hibiki Kohaku ヒビキ=コハク
Naoto Kurogane Naoto Kurogane
Naoto Kurogane クロガネ=ナオト
Nine the Phantom Nine the Phantom
Nine the Phantom ナイン=ザ=ファントム
Izanami Izanami
Izanami イザナミ
Susano'o Susano'o
Susano'o スサノオ
Es Es
Es エス
Mai Natsume Mai Senpai
Mai Natsume マイ先輩
Jubei Jubei
Jubei 獣兵衛
  1. Translation typo. The correct word in this case would be "me".