Help Me!! Professor Kokonoe

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Greetings, lost children. I am Professor Kokonoe, genius scientist and ruler of the Sector 7 laboratory. …Well, OK, we aren't in the lab at the moment. This place can sort of be temporarily moved into the Boundary. Well, simply put, it's a mysterious room. A room where you can do anything you want. To be honest, it's a paradise for all those sad, little lost children who couldn't make it to the true ending. A sort of Avalon. If you're one of those nutbars who's all "I don't need help" or "I only want to unlock hidden stuff" or "I'll just look for a flowchart online", then you can piss off. … Very well. Lost child of the day… you may enter.

Help Me!! Professor Kokonoe (たすけて!!ココノエ博士) is an omake introduced in Blazblue: Continuum Shift. It takes place in a room somewhere within the Boundary, where it is hosted by Kokonoe, who gives advice to the players on how to reach the true ending. This can be only accessed if the player had reached the bad ending.


  • Ragna the Bloodedge: Upon Ragna's arrival to the room, he briefly looks around and asks where is he, to which Kokonoe replies that he not only destroyed Kagutsuchi, but the entire planet (thus it can't be sold). Once Ragna goes into detail of his failure, Kokonoe briefly pokes fun at him and tells him that he won't remember the events that happened here, much to Ragna's irritation. When Kokonoe explains her role in the "counseling room", Ragna mocks her, saying that any advice would be meaningless after he forgets everything that happened. Kokonoe then proceeds to pull Ragna's cheek, retorting that his "big friend on the other side of the monitor" will remember the advice for him, before advising him to listen to Rachel and Jubei's warnings of using the Azure Grimoire. After giving out her advice, she reassures the player that they don't have to lose to get 100% like in the last game, and adds that there are some story paths for certain characters that only open up when they die. Once Ragna proceeds to leave, Kokonoe dismisses the player for the amount of exposition before ending the segment.
  • Jin Kisaragi: Upon arriving to the room, Jin immediately becomes hostile to Kokonoe and threatens to kill her, refusing to listen to her advice as a way to leave the room. He then proceeds to use Yukianesa to freeze Kokonoe, who responds by summoning Ragna into the fray. Once Kokonoe retreats, Jin, ecstatic at seeing his brother, chases the distraught Ragna all across the room until he knocks him into unconsciousness. Afterwards, the mortified Ragna asks Kokonoe to give advice to Jin, which she responds by telling him not to lose. Once Ragna is warped out of the room, Jin chases after him. Kokonoe then expresses her disbelief at Jin's attitude.
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