BlayzBloo: Super Melee Brawlers Battle Royale

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ぶれいぶるー -バトル×バトル-
BlayzBloo: Super Melee Brawlers Battle Royale

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Arc System Works


JP: Arc System Works
NA: Aksys Games


Team Action Fighter


Nintendo DSiWare

  • JP: January 27, 2010[1]
  • NA: Aug 02, 2010[2]

BlayzBloo: Super Melee Brawlers Battle Royale, released as BlazBlue: Battle × Battle in Japan (ぶれいぶるー -バトル×バトル-), is a team-based action game developed by Arc System Works and released on Nintendo DSiWare. The game makes use of chibi 3D avatars based on those seen in BlazBlue Radio, and supports up to four-person multiplayer.[1]


Gameplay takes place on a 3D stage, which characters can be knocked off of. Stages are timed for 60 seconds. The player can choose to play through either a single player mode where the player fights through 5 stages, or a free mode, where the rules for winning the game can be changed and the player can fight against either CPUs or friends.


Modes of play (ルール Rūru) for each stage determine the win condition of each stage.

  • Point: The player with the highest amount of points when the game ends is declared the winner. All players begin with 50 points, and points can be stolen from other players by successfully attacking them. When a character falls off the stage, they lose 20 points.
    • Melting Point: A special mode where you defeat 3 Jins while constantly losing points.
  • Life: The goal is to reduce the other players' life to 0. The player with the most life at the end of the game wins. Characters disappear when their life reaches 0.
  • Flag: The player in possession of the flag at the end of the game wins. The flag appears at a set point on the stage until it is grabbed by a character. If a character falls off the map, they lose possession of the flag and the flag returns to its starting point.

Playable Characters




Introduction trailer (Japanese)


  • Character Illustration
Hiromi Kageyama 影山 博美
  • Ending Illustrator
Satomi Satou 佐藤 智美
  • Programmer
Kawakami Yuuki 川上 裕貴
  • Character Model/Motion
Satomi Satou 佐藤 智美
Tetsu Kana 金 喆
  • Design UI/Effects
  • BG Design
Tomoko Hoshino 星野 智子
  • Special Thanks
Mowa もわ
Eiji Katou 加藤 英治
Satoshi Takase 高瀬 智志
Junji Hirode 廣出 淳司
  • BGM
Daisuke Ishwatari 石渡 太輔
  • Arrangement
SolidTune Inc.
Tetsuya Fujiwara 藤原 逹也
Yuuichi Yamazaki 山崎 雄一
  • Director
Kazunori Deguchi 出口 和憲
  • Producer
Mori Toshimichi 森 利道
  • Executive Producer
Minoru Kidooka 木戸岡 稔

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