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The XBlaze: Code Embryo Character Popularity Poll was hosted by Arc System Works on XBlaze's official website beginning Aug 7, 2013.[1][2] The results were released August 28, 2013 along with three exclusive illustrations, one for each of the categories.[3][4]


Overall Ranking

First Place Illustration

Male's Ranking

First Place Illustration

Female's Ranking

First Place Illustration

External Links


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    【お知らせ】本日『XBLAZE CODE:EMBRYO』公式サイトを更新致しました。キャラクター人気投票がスタートしたので、皆さん奮ってご参加くださいね♪ http://contentssync-arcsystemworks.ambel.info/index.cgi?eid=1018 #xblaze
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