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A Phantom Field (ファントムフィールド, Fantomu Fīrudo) is a world created by an Observer to grant a wish. They are split off from the regular passage of time and will loop from a specific starting point until the Observer's wish is granted. Phantom Fields are powered by seithr flowing from the Boundary via a Cauldron.


In most cases, Phantom Fields operate independently of their Observers after their creation. The Observer and others caught within the Phantom Field are usually unaware of the Phantom Field's existence, and the Observer themselves unaware of their own status as an Observer. Being forced to recognize it could cause a mental breakdown.[1]

A stronger Observer can take over as the Observer of the Phantom Field and override the original Observer, which will cause the Phantom Field to reconstruct itself to match its new Observer.[2]

Destroying its Cauldron will shut down the Phantom Field, after which the Phantom Field will gradually return to the original state of the world. The greater the discrepancy between the Phantom Field and the original world, the longer it will take for the world to return to normal.[3]

The World Console

The World Console governs the creation of the Phantom Field.[4] A powerful Observer like Kokonoe can interfere with the World Console to intentionally alter the Phantom Field.

Otherwise, Phantom Fields are constrained by their Observers and cannot manifest what that their Observer cannot imagine.[5] Phantom Fields may pull in people and things from other worlds to better create a situation that can grant its Observers wish, known as Contaminants. Self-aware Contaminants can become candidates for removal.

The Power of Order

The Power of Order acts as the unbreakable law of the world, and it works to keep the Phantom Field intact and operational after its creation.[6] This includes provisions that an Observer of a Phantom Field cannot destroy its Cauldron[6], and it will work to remove outside forces like self-aware Contaminants and Strangers, who have infiltrated from outside.

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