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Victory Screen

Situation Line Voice
Vs. Ragna I will ask you kindly, sir, to cease your pursuit of Madam Rachel. Immediately.
Vs. Jin Order is powerful indeed, but you lack experience. You will do Madam Rachel little good in this state.
Vs. Noel This is the first time you have seen a full transformation, yes? W-Why I--! Stop that! My tail is not a toy!
Vs. Rachel Oh, you have grown so very much. I've no doubt the master would be very pleased. I am sure I need not say it, but to attend you has been my life's greatest pleasure.
Vs. Taokaka The blood of Lord Jubei does indeed flow in your veins. Heh... I daresay it is rather too early for my generation to pass the torch to children, however.
Vs. Tager You serve your master much as I serve mine, Red Devil. I know all too well why you will not back down, but this is a battle you cannot win.
Vs. Litchi The power of the boundary is too great for you, Fraulein. In time, it will consume you, and when it does... Please, I beg of you, retreat while you are still able to do so.
Vs. Arakune Even so deformed, this monster yet grasps the nature and the source of its power?
Vs. Bang I cannot help but admire your devotion to justice, and your enthusiasm is unparalleled. Your methods, however, lack...elegance.
Vs. Carl You needn't glare at me so, Nirvana. I am no enemy of yours, and I have no intention of harming your youthful charge.
Vs. Hakumen Impressive, Lord Hakumen... With all due respect, however, I feel your strength is not what it once was.
Vs. Lambda-11 What a pitiful shadow of a life you are... I can feel only sorrow for you. Best, perhaps, that you rest in peace.
Vs. Tsubaki The Sealed Weapon, Izayoi! That monster! What the Devil is he plotting?!
Vs. Hazama Your words are far too foul to have any place in my ears. I suggest you leave this world and never return.
Vs. Mu-12 Inheritor of the Azure, I must stop you here and now, in the name of my master.
Vs. Makoto Young lady, you must understand the possibilities your bestial nature presents. A beastkin is by no means inferior to a human, I assure you.
Vs. Valkenhayn There is little point in attempting to mimic my appearance, knave. The very core of my being is my loyalty to Madam Rachel and that, sir, is inimitable.
Vs. Platinum This resonance.... That Nox Nyctores... Hmph. I see you have returned to the stage in a rather...different costume this time...
Vs. Relius Our fates have been tangled for many a year. But's time we sever the threads!