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This is only a short list of grimoires. There is a lot of repitition.

My general team usage for grimoires is

- DPS (Crit Astral)

- Heat Gen

- Utility

- Situational 4th

Type Best S A B C
DPS (Crit Astral)
DPS (No Crit Astral)
DPS (Crit DD)
DPS (No Crit DD)
Heat Gen - Drive Support
Heat Gen - Skill Support
Utility Support
BBDW Grimoire Tea Party.png
(★5) Tea Party
Tank Support (For Vigor)
General Bulk for Support
Hate Down for Squishy Support
Blazblue Alternative Dark War 4Star Grimoire 26.png
(★4) Invisible


To pair with my Character Tier List, and looking only at characters A and above (as of the first draft):

Character Grimoire Role Reason
Most top tier DPS DPS (Crit Astral) A Crit Astral is basically peak damage for the vast majority of the cast. If crits are not feasible, you don't go for crits. Crits are better than no crits though.
Blazblue Alternative Dark War Jubei Icon.png
(SS) Jubei
DPS (Crit Astral) / DPS (Crit DD) I actually don't know which is best, this needs further testing. I didn't own Jubei in the first event, but both his AH and his S - DD - DD - DD chain are incredibly potent. Depends on the comp, and the triple DD cannot benefit from Tenjo's negative.
Heat Gen - Drive Support / Utility Support / Tank Support (For Vigor) Tenjo's ability to tank and play Drive Support depends on the opposing element. If she is elementally weak, she can play Drive. If she is elementally strong, she can play Tank. When neutral, utility is safe. This goes for most supports, but since Tenjo has Vigor herself, she will almost always fill that role.
Blazblue Alternative Dark War Tweyen Icon.png
(SS) Tweyen
Utility Support / General Bulk for Support Tweyen has a bad stat spread for the support role. Too much damage to be a drive support, too little bulk to be a tank. Normal bulk is best.
Blazblue Alternative Dark War Djeeta Icon.png
(SS) Djeeta
Heat Gen - Skill Support Djeeta has the best heat gen skill in the game. She is also a very good support outside that, but you want to exploit her heat gen as much as possible with the correct grimoire.
BlazBlue Alternative Dark War Kokonoe Icon.png
(SS) Kokonoe
Heat Gen - Drive Support / Utility Support / Tank Support (For Vigor) / General Bulk for Support Clicking all 4 boxes means that any grimoire is fine really, depends on the role that is required from her.
Preparing for War If you don't have Perparing for War, see Kokonoe's explanation.
Blazblue Alternative Dark War Sechs Icon.png
(SS) Sechs
Heat Gen - Drive Support / Utility Support / Tank Support (For Vigor) / General Bulk for Support Sechs is probably the best drive support here when it comes to pure gains, since he can inflate heat very very quickly. He can also play tank in the front row, but if he does, he does too much damage to be the Drive Support.
Hate Down for Squishy Support Ciel is squishy support. Very squishy.
Utility Support / General Bulk for Support Jin does way too much damage to be pressing buttons. If he is there as support, its just for his skill 2.
Heat Gen - Skill Support / Heat Gen - Drive Support / Tank Support (For Vigor) % based Heat Gen grimoires also inflate her S heat gen. Likewise, her passive means that someone else can play the role of Drive Support if needed, but against a weak element she can do it too. She can also tank, but that's not using her meter to its fullest potential.
Heat Gen - Drive Support / Tank Support (For Vigor) Rachel generates meter faster than anyone else on D naturally. This makes her the ideal Drive support. She can also be a tank support if required, since her def down is very solid.

For some notes on some character specific grimoires:

Grimoire Character Reason
Vs Wind The buff that Nine gets is wholly irrelevant. This is just a solid general grimoire thanks to its high atk and atk up.
AD Mai loves using the grimoires above this more, but it is a viable choice to look at.
Chachakaka does get good value from her personal grimoire, making it viable for her. She isn't that good overall, however.
Basically manditory on Mei and only Mei. This will keep everyone healthy effortlessly, which helps with getting Vigor to proc.
At the bottom in case a stage pops up that does require an aoe cleanse from an aoe stun for whatever reason. Incredibly unlikely. Not impossible. Celica is also not absolutely worthless, since she can passively buff older sisters a very respectable 20% ATK.


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