Gameplay:ティーパーティ BBDW Grimoire

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Tea Party
BBDW Grimoire Tea Party.png
Skill IconSkill Description
BBDW Status Healing Skill Up.png
 ⇑ Healing Up: Healing Skill Effectiveness Up
Healing Up 25%
(At MAX)
 ⇑ Healing Up: Healing Skill Effectiveness Up
Healing Up 30%
Nameティーパーティ (Tī Pāti)
Profile Description (English)

For great mages, rest is indispensable. Especially relaxing times like these, spent with everyone, chatting and drinking tea; times that would be difficult to trade for anything else. In the end, we're still girls at heart!

Profile Description (Japanese)

凄い魔法使いだって、休息は必要。 特に休憩中にみんなでおしゃべりしながら楽しむお茶は、 何ものにも代えがたい幸せな時間なの。 だって、女の子だもの!

HP (Min/Max)3168/6336
Atk (Min/Max)304/608
Def (Min/Max)480/960
Illustrator 西出ケンゴロー (Nishide Kengoro)
Release Date2021/02/16
CharactersCelica A. Mercury,Nine the Phantom,Trinity Glassfille