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Victory Screen

Situation Line Voice
Vs. Ragna Mm! This scent is... steamed buns! Hey, good guy, there's no point in hiding it. This one's mine!
Vs. Jin Grrrr... I don't like you.
Vs. Noel Hmm, you're as flat as ever. You want some of my steamed buns? They might help you out a bit.
Vs. Rachel Mewmew!? For some reason I remember you doing some really mean things to me before, but...was that just my imagination...?
Vs. Taokaka That was fun! But Tao's got business to take care of. Good little kitties like you should go back home and sleep.
Vs. Tager Ooh! Big guy! Can you make your arms fly again!? What? They don't fly anymore...? That's no fun.
Vs. Litchi Boobie lady! I never get tired of your airbags!
Vs. Arakune Take that, squiggly! Go home! Shoo! Get outta here before I chop you into bits!
Vs. Bang Scruffy man! I trained real hard today! Gimme food! Foooooooood!
Vs. Carl Hoho! We meet again, shorty! If you really want to, I can make you my student!
Vs. Hakumen Grrrrr...! You're scary... Go away!
Vs. Lambda-11 Memeow? Why do I feel like I've seen you somewhere...? Or maybe not... Hmm...
Vs. Tsubaki Ohoho! You can't deceive my eyes with those clothes! You're really nice and squishy, too!
Vs. Hazama Mew-mew!? Every last hair on my body is tingling... You must be a bad, bad guy!
Vs. Mu-12 Meow? Haven't I seen you before...? With that perfectly flat chest, you really remind me of someone, but...maybe Tao's just thinking too hard.
Vs. Makoto Meowhahaha! You're so soft and fluffy! I wish my fur was this soft!
Vs. Valkenhayn Meow! Could you be a friend of the cat person?
Vs. Platinum Meow?! My instincts are going haywire, nya!
Vs. Relius *sniff sniff* You smell like shorty!