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Solo Actions

Situation Line Voice
A Normals
B Normals
C Normals
Move it !
D Normals
Just die !
This'll leave a mark !
Go to hell !
Die !
Hell's Fang
Hell's fang...
⇒ Additional Attack
Ough !
...fang !
Inferno Divider
Inferno Divider !
Outta my way !
⇒ Uppercut
⇒ Straight Punch
⇒ Ax Kick
Shatter !
Gauntlet Hades
Gauntlet Hades !
⇒ Spin Kick
...hades !
Hrragh !
Dead Spike
Dead Spike !
Not Over Yet
Belial Edge
Get ready !
Belial Edge !
Carnage Scissors
Carnage. . . Scissors !
Carnage Scissors ! I'll devour you !
Blood Kain
Unleashing Armagus !
Blood Kain !
Devoured by Darkness
The darkness consume you... Shatter !
Forget it. Peace out.
Black Onslaught
I'll show you. . . The power of the Azure ! I'll show you. There is no darkness. . . just hell. . This is the power of the Azure.
Black Onslaught ! Black Zagum.... Nightmare rage ! Destruction.
System Mechanics
Are you even trying ?
This ain't exacly a playground.
Entertain me!
That's that.
Ready ?
This'll sting !
Aerial Throw
Throw Whiff
Huh ?
Wha ?
Throw Break
Not bad !
Bastard !
Throw Escape
Get off me !
No way !
Guard Break
My guard ?
Damn it !
Instant Block
Gotcha !
Sorry !
Keep trying !
You dumb ?
Not yet...!
Here !
Ground Ukemi (Neutral)
Ground Ukemi (Forward or Backwards)
That tickled !
Aerial Ukemi (Neutral)
Aerial Ukemi (Forward)
Aerial Ukemi (Backward)
Bring it !
Is that it ?
Counter Assault
Hit by Counter Assault
My Attack !
Counter ?
Stagger Recovery
Damn you !
Sorry, but can you hurry it up ?
What's the matter ?
Combo (2k Damage)
Die !
It's over !
Combo (3k Damage)
Well ?
Hmph !
Combo (5k Damage)
Hurts, don't it ?!
Get 'em ?
Taking Damage
You're not leavin' me much of a choice.
Well then. . . Let's do it.
Outta my way. . . Or you're dead.
I don't have time for this.
You're too weak to stand in front of me.
Geez... what a pain.
Is this. . . it ?
Time Up Defeat
Round End
Huh ! How sloppy !
Hey what's the matter ? Get up !
Listen, stay outta this !


Situation Line Voice
Jin Kisaragi
Jin: I'm going to take my time. . . and enjoy killing you, brother.
Ragna: I'm not gonna let you kill me, Jin.
Round End
Get up, Jin. . .
Round End (Blood Kain)
This isn't over yet, Jin !
Bring it on, Jin.
Jin, simmer down a bit.
Inferno Divider
Idiot !
Gauntlet Hades
Jin !
⇒ Spin Kick
Die already !
Devoured by Darkness
Jin. . . it's over. . .
2K Damage
How's that, Jin ?!
3K Damage
Feel that ?
I've got you, Jin.
Ground Ukemi (Forward or Backwards)
Is that all you got ? !
Aerial Ukemi (Forward)
Jin, you bastard !
Situation Line Voice
Noel Vermillion
Noel: Ragna the Bloodedge ! You're under arrest !
Ragna: You again. . . Pain in the ass. . .
Round End
Sorry. . .
Do me a favor. . . And forget I exist.
Hell's Fang
Are you. . .
⇒ Additional Attack
...stupid ?!
Gauntlet Hades
God damn it Noel !
⇒ Spin Kick
You're pissin' me off !
2K Damage
Just stay down !
3K Damage
Ya ain't catching me, stupid ! Ya ain't catching me bitch !
Instant Block
Not a chance, dummy !
Idiot !
Situation Line Voice
Rachel Alucard
Ragna: Gonna make you cry, Bunny Leech !
Rachel: Oh yes, please do.
Round End
I'm not takin' that crap !
Round End (Blood Kain)
Can it, you monkeys !
Goddamn I'm worn out...
Man, you talk alotta shit.
2K Damage
Rabbit. . .!
3K Damage
Hey, Rachel !

Victory Screen

Situation Line Voice
Vs. Ragna I'll admit you've got some guts. Don't blame me if the Library accidentally kills you instead...
Vs. Jin You little crybaby... I'll settle my score with you some day...
Vs. Noel Noel, was it...? Why are you fighting..?
Vs. Rachel I'm telling you! Go home already!
Vs. Taokaka You again!? Goddammit, can't a man walk down the street with food in his hands anymore!? H-Hey! Gimme that back!
Vs. Tager Hey, so we meet again. Well, gotta go!
Vs. Litchi Hey, uh, lady? You're saying you really are a doctor? That's not your real job...is it?
Vs. Arakune Cry all you want. I promised somebody I wouldn't kill ya.
Vs. Bang What a pain in the... *Sigh*
Vs. Carl I dunno what the deal is with you and your sister, but you might wanna keep a lid on that. It could get really complicated. Trust me...
Vs. Hakumen What are you, some kinda monster...!? Damn! You're way too powerful... That ain't even funny...!
Vs. Lambda-11 Wh-What the hell are you...!? Aw shit... did Kokonoe put you up to this?!
Vs. Tsubaki Hey... That's the Izayoi! Drop that thing right now, you idiot!
Vs. Hazama You, I can never forgive... Now spit it out! Where's the Imperator!?
Vs. Mu-12 Noel, I'm sorry... Why did it have to turn out this way...!?
Vs. Makoto You're...um...well...that...um...tail of yours... is pretty... uh... damn big, huh?
Vs. Valkenhayn I-It's wasn't me! She's the one who keeps following me around! I didn't do nothin'! Hey... don't glare at me like that! Whoa, whoa, scary.
Vs. Platinum You little punk. Why do you have to butt into everything!? If you don't like me, then just leave me the hell alone! Easy, huh?
Vs. Relius Get ready to talk, bastard--'cause you're gonna tell me EVERYTHING!