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Victory Screen

Situation Line Voice
Vs. Ragna Are you an idiot? However... if you will agree to spend the rest of your life as my slave, I may forgive you.
Vs. Jin You are a very interesting person, although I confess I cannot help but find you somewhat... amusing as well.
Vs. Noel You've slept in your cradle for long enough. It's time to wake up.
Vs. Rachel If you must imitate me, you could at least have the common courtesy to do it well!
Vs. Taokaka *Yawn* It seems you are still full of vim and vigor, but I am already quite tired. Gii, go entertain her in my stead.
Vs. Tager ...I doubt I shall ever be able to fathom Kokonoe's taste in men.
Vs. Litchi I suggest you return to your home before this situation exceeds your limited ability to control it... girl.
Vs. Arakune Disgusting.
Vs. Bang I do so wish there was a limit to how much a man could sweat... And please, -please- could we use our inside voices?
Vs. Carl It won't be your turn until much later.... Can you be a good boy until then?
Vs. Hakumen Your existence in this world is an ever more tenuous thing... I believe I shall observe you a little longer, Mr. Hero. I think I shall like that very much.
Vs. Lambda-11 You poor creature... Karma can be a cruel thing.
Vs. Tsubaki Your self-sacrifice and determination... So lovely... So pathetic.
Vs. Hazama I should very much like to grind you under my heel just now... Yes, I think I shall.
Vs. Mu-12 The unfortunate child of cruel fate... You have earned your rest.
Vs. Makoto You seem... less than focused.
Vs. Valkenhayn My goodness Valkenhayn. You must be out of practice... He he he. Although I imagine I am the only person capable of telling you so.
Vs. Platinum Ah, so you must be the one the rumors speak of. Unfortunately, I believe your cue is long past. ...Perhaps you are having trouble waking up?
Vs. Relius You dare to accuse me of undue intervention--you, of all people?!