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Victory Screen

Situation Line Voice
Vs. Ragna Na-na-naa-na-naaaa-na! Take p-pedo...! Damn it, Sena! Stop trying to butt in!
Vs. Jin *Gasp* W-Wow, it's sooo cooold. Luna, please switch with me! Come on, don't be such a meanie...
Vs. Noel You know, you really shouldn't wave loaded guns around like that. You might want to exercise a bit more self-control.
Vs. Rachel Hey, what in the hell?! Your stupid electrical attack is making a mess of my hair! Sena, stop laughing you imbecile and help me out here!
Vs. Taokaka ...You know, you're a lot like Luna, but...I'm quite sure-- Ow ow ow! Luna, stop pinching me!
Vs. Tager I guess size doesn't matter all that much after all!
Vs. Litchi Wha--?! B-But's not supposed *Sob* *Sob* UWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!
Vs. Arakune ...Bugs, I can't... *Thud* ... Sena! Hey, Sena! Get a grip! Aw, man...he's out cold.
Vs. Bang Hey mister, you didn't have to hold back just because Luna's a kid. We already know you're a nice guy.
Vs. Carl Those are some seriously huge glasses...! A shame that they don't seem to be of any help since you seem to be blind to the world around you...
Vs. Hakumen Holy crap, you're strong...! No no no! Actually, you're...average, maybe? I mean, you're not even close to being in the same league as Master Jubei!
Vs. Lambda-11 Damn, you're way too gloomy, you know?! You really should try to cheer up a little!
Vs. Tsubaki Those clothes look brutally hot... Are they supposed to keep you from looking fat or something?! Or are you just trying to piss Luna off?!
Vs. Hazama You obnoxious, sleazy, low-life degenerate worm...! Sena, let's get the hell out of here. If Luna has to stay around this guy any longer I think I'll vomit.
Vs. Mu-12 Wait, aren't you the girl with the guns? You look so different from before that it caught me off guard. Umm... Why do you look so melancholy...?
Vs. Makoto Oh my god...! You look and fluffy! Can Luna play with your tail? Just for a little bit? Come on, PLEEEAAAAAAAAAASE?!
Vs. Valkenhayn Whoa, gramps! S-Stop right there! Luna isn't your enemy! Now, why don't we just sit down and has things out over some nice Earl Grey?
Vs. Platinum Luna, are you awake? Oh thank goodness, there you are. What's wrong? Oh...nothing. Absolutely nothing...!
Vs. Relius Hey, mystery perv! Luna's gonna kick your ass, so don't try anything funny!