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Victory Screen

Situation Line Voice
Vs. Ragna Tsubaki and Noel are the only ones allowed to touch my tail...! Now shoo! Shoo I tell you!
Vs. Jin Yaaaay! I beat the mighty Jin Kisaragi! Am I a badass or what?
Vs. Noel To go so far as to run your fingers through my magnificent tail... Noel, you're a little...
Vs. Rachel The lightning show was impressive! But it's nothing compared to the static electricity that my tail generates!
Vs. Taokaka Haaaaawawah! I'm definitely not a cat person! It must be in my DNA or something. Ouchie! Stop nibbling on my tail!
Vs. Tager Hmm? Don't tell me you were holding back for my benefit? You're quite the...err...gentleman, Mr. Red Devil.
Vs. Litchi Whoa! You're gorgeous! ...Speaking of which, haven't we met somewhere before?
Vs. Arakune Oh,'re so squiggly and yucky! Noel would burst into tears if she ran into you!
Vs. Bang Hold on a second. Weren't the ninjas of Ikaruga supposed to be super-stealthy and stuff? ...You're so incredible loud...and scruffy..
Vs. Carl Carl, you shouldn't push yourself so hard. Don't worry about a thing. I'll take really good care of you.
Vs. Hakumen Dear god, you're strong...! And it was almost like you could predict my attacks... Don't tell've mastered the power of your mind's eye?!
Vs. Lambda-11 So Sector Seven is trying to play the Library's game now...? Now there are two of you... Wonderful....
Vs. Tsubaki Tsubaki, your smile still suits you best... Put down your weapon and let's...just go home, yeah?
Vs. Hazama What exactly is going on here!? Captain Hazama...tell me everything you know!
Vs. Mu-12 Please, wake up! Come on, you have to listen to me! I'll let you play with my tail just like you always used to... Hey, Noel!
Vs. Makoto The me that's not me...from inside of me...who isn't me...? Hey, that was pretty poetic! Anyway, I was surprised how young...they..I...looked!
Vs. Valkenhayn A cornered mouse will bite the cat, and the adorable squirrel will best the wolf. I hope you learned something from this fight, old man.
Vs. Platinum Are you a boy? A girl? Oh man, I'm starting to get a little... NO! Bad Makoto! Now is not the time to embrace a new dirty little fetish! ...Darn it...
Vs. Relius You and Captain Hazama are up to something! What is it?!