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Solo Actions

Situation Line Voice
A Normals
Nice, huh ?
Get up.
B Normals
There !
Go !
Over here !
Watch your feet.
C Normals
Like that.
Ehehe !
D Normals
This way !
Stretch !
Ouroboros ⇒ B
Well then.
Ouroboros ⇒ C
Three !
Ouroboros ⇒ D
It's time.
Venom Sword
Impressive, no ?
Venom sword !
Serpent's Benediction
Well ?
Serpent's Benediction. . .
⇒ Falling Fang
This is gonna hurt !
Falling Fang !
⇒ Rising Fang
Dancing blade !
Rising Fang !
Devouring Fang
Yahoo !
Devouring Fang !
Wind Serpent's Fang
Outta the way.
Wind Serpent's Fang !
Hungry Coils
There ! Shhnk. . .
Hungry Coils. Strike !
Bloody Fangs
Excuse me.
Bloody Fangs !
Serpent's Infernal Rapture
This may sting a bit. Serpent's Infernal Rapture !
I've warned you. Serpent's Infernal Rapture.
Eternal Coils of the Dragon Serpent
Eternal Coils of the Dragon Serpent ! Hyahahahahaha !
Eternal Coils of the Dragon Serpent ! Feels good don't it ?
System Mechanics
Aerial Throw
Throw Whiff
Throw Break
Throw Escape
Guard Break
Instant Block
Ground Ukemi (Neutral)
Ground Ukemi (Forward or Backwards)
Aerial Ukemi (Neutral)
Aerial Ukemi (Forward)
Aerial Ukemi (Backward)
Counter Assault
Hit by Counter Assault
Stagger Recovery
Combo (3k Damage)
Combo (4k Damage)
Combo (5k Damage)
Taking Damage
Time Up Defeat
Round End

Victory Screen

Situation Line Voice
Vs. Ragna That's it? I was expecting a little more from you... Guess this is all you got, then... What a shame.
Vs. Jin *Sigh* Do you think you could just think about the guy who's gotta clean up this mess for once?
Vs. Noel Usually I got people to carry stuff around for me, but I kinda need you, and I'm not about to wait around...
Vs. Rachel Ah, you see... It's kind of a pain in the ass when outsiders like you butt into our shit, you know?
Vs. Taokaka Ah, you do indeed have that cat's genes, huh? Well, that just about wraps this up, I guess.
Vs. Tager Nothing's more of a pain in the ass than a scientist in a machine.
Vs. Litchi Looks like maybe you know something, but... Little humans like you really shouldn't be screwing around with shit like this!
Vs. Arakune Eh? Didn't know trash could move around... Amazing what people are doing these days...
Vs. Bang ...Time to go now.
Vs. Carl You know I met your father, kid? I can read you like a book, but I never could tell what the old man was thinking...
Vs. Hakumen My oh my... You're still around?
Vs. Lambda-11 We have laws for disposing of large-scale, high-risk refuse. I'd appreciate it if you could follow them, hm?
Vs. Tsubaki All right, I've got a reeeeeeeeeeeal good idea of how well you fight now, First Lieutenant... Now please... Go take care of your mission, all right?
Vs. Hazama Oh...? When did they make another one?
Vs. Mu-12 Well, I'd say that's about...what I expected. Still, I'm gonna need you to draw out Amaterasu as soon as possible, 'k?
Vs. Makoto Oh man, this isn't good... Screw around too much, and you might find yourself on the wrong side of both sides, you know?
Vs. Valkenhayn Goodness, are you all right? Making an old man do things like this... Your master must be awfully mean. Would you like me to find you a nice old folks home? They'll have Bingo!
Vs. Platinum I was going to say that a weapon like that doesn't belong in a kid's hands, but... It all makes sense now. You've gotten a lot...cuter since I saw you last.
Vs. Relius Is this a test? You've got such a boner for 'em! Look! Nothing's wrong, see?