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Victory Screen

Situation Line Voice
Vs. Ragna Hmhmhm... Dark One. It seems we are both unwilling accomplices to her schemes.
Vs. Jin You or I... Who shall read the end first? I look foward to finding out.
Vs. Noel So, it was you. Small wonder I could not identify you through logic alone. This is what you call "destiny", girl. Accept it.
Vs. Rachel Playtime is finally over, puppetmaster.
Vs. Taokaka ...You lack discipline, cat.
Vs. Tager What's the matter, Grimalkin? You seem to be in a hurry. How unlike you... Hmhmhm.
Vs. Litchi Hesitation... anxiety... insecurity... affection... You burden yourself with all these emotions, and you expect to accomplish something?
Vs. Arakune Pitiful creature... You have far too much knowledge for your own good.
Vs. Bang Hah, so you haven't changed at all... I advise you to use that power to its fullest extent.
Vs. Carl So you have chosen to live your life alongside this child, Nirvana? Perhaps you are right. No one need know your true purpose.
Vs. Hakumen Is this some manner of quantum fault? Perhaps a causality echo... Heh... I suppose I no longer have cause to find anything in the world surprising...
Vs. Lambda-11 Hmhmhm... Grimalkin. It is almost refreshing that you make no attempt to hide your intentions. You are the incarnation of vengeance itself.
Vs. Tsubaki When a human is granted the power to judge--a power given only to the gods--they then become one of the Wings of Justice. But the price is eternal suffering and sin.
Vs. Hazama A vessel, huh... So, you were created when this world was formed... Nevertheless, your crimes are not easily forgiven!
Vs. Mu-12 Ah, child of distortion... So, you have been reborn. At the very least, I shall do you the honor of laying you to rest once more. Be at peace.
Vs. Makoto To refine untainted power to this level... You are truly impressive.
Vs. Valkenhayn Stand down, lord of wolves. This is not your stage.
Vs. Platinum The Muchourin... But you... ah. I see. You are a spectator until the end, then?
Vs. Relius Relius Clover... I shall deny your very existence!