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Solo Actions


Situation Quote Audio
Reitou (Frost Bite) Shatter!
Reitou (Frost Bite)
Reitou (Frost Bite) Freeze!
Reitou (Frost Bite)
Reitou (Frost Bite) Chill!
Reitou (Frost Bite)


Situation Quote Audio
Hishouken (Ice Blade) Ready?
Hishouken (Ice Blade)
Hishouken (Ice Blade) Strike!
Hishouken (Ice Blade)
Aerial Hishouken (Ice Blade) Scatter!
Aerial Hishouken (Ice Blade)
Aerial Hishouken (Ice Blade) There!
Aerial Hishouken (Ice Blade)
Aerial Hishouken (Ice Blade) Blades!
Aerial Hishouken (Ice Blade)
Aerial Hishouken (Ice Blade) Pierce them!
Aerial Hishouken (Ice Blade)
Fubuki (Blizzard) Blizzard!
Fubuki (Blizzard)
Rehhyou (Violent Ice) Weak!
Rehhyou (Violent Ice)
Rehhyou (Violent Ice) Gale!
Rehhyou (Violent Ice)
Musou Senshouzan (Crystal Strike) Succumb!
Musou Senshouzan (Crystal Strike)
Musou Senshouzan (Crystal Strike) Die!
Musou Senshouzan (Crystal Strike)
Sekkajin (Snow Flower Storm) Back off!
Sekkajin (Snow Flower Storm)
Sekkajin (Snow Flower Storm) There!
Sekkajin (Snow Flower Storm)
Hishougeki (Flying Ice Strike) Think you can dodge this?
Hishougeki (Flying Ice Strike)
Hishougeki (Flying Ice Strike) Dodge this!
Hishougeki (Flying Ice Strike)
Hirensou (Duel Ice Strike) Halt!
You're mine!
Hirensou (Duel Ice Strike)
Hirensou (Duel Ice Strike) Scatter!
Don't bother!
Hirensou (Duel Ice Strike)
Musou Tesshougeki (Freezing Crystal Strike) Succumb!
Stay awhile!
Musou Tesshougeki (Freezing Crystal Strike)
Musou Tesshougeki (Freezing Crystal Strike) Die!
Stand down!
Musou Tesshougeki (Freezing Crystal Strike)


Situation Quote Audio
Touga Hyoujin (Ice Fang) Arctic daggers!
Touga Hyoujin (Ice Fang) 凍牙氷刃とうがひようじん
Touga Hyoujin (Ice Fang) Pierce my enemy!
Touga Hyoujin (Ice Fang) 氷鎌ひょうれんの刃よ!
Hiyoku Getsumei (Moonsong) Absolute zero!
Hiyoku Getsumei (Moonsong) 氷翼月鳴ひよくげつめい
Hiyoku Getsumei (Moonsong) Arrows of ice!
Hiyoku Getsumei (Moonsong) 氷河ひょうがの弓よ!


Situation Quote Audio
Rengoku Hyouya (Arctic Dungeon) Arctic Dungeon!
Rengoku Hyouya (Arctic Dungeon) 煉獄氷夜れんごくひょうや
Rengoku Hyouya (Arctic Dungeon) Freeze eternally!
Rengoku Hyouya (Arctic Dungeon) 永遠に凍てつけ

System Mechanics

Situation Quote Audio
Barrier Burst Why hold back?
Barrier Burst 手加減無用だ
Barrier Burst Armegis overload!
Barrier Burst 障壁解放!
Taunt Go learn to fight.
Taunt 一から出直せ…
Taunt That's all you got?
Taunt それで本気なか?
Taunt I'm at a loss for words.
Taunt とんだ茶番だな…
Taunt Hmph, that's it?
Taunt ふん。その程度か
Throw Halt!
Throw 凍れ…
Throw Freeze!
Throw 氷陣
Air Throw Freeze!
Air Throw 凍れ...
Air Throw Frost!
Air Throw 結晶
Ground Ukemi You've got some tricks!
Ground Ukemi 少しはやるようだな
Ground Ukemi Too weak!
Ground Ukemi 弱いな!


Situation Quote Audio
Idle Excuse me?
Idle なんだそれは?
Idle Hmph.
Idle フン
Combo Hmph.
Combo ふん。
Combo Here's an example!
Combo これが手本だ!
Combo How about it?
Combo こんなものだ
Combo Child's play!
Combo 遊戯にもならん!
Combo Of course.
Combo 当然だ
Combo Just as planned.
Combo 計算通りだ


Situation Quote Audio
Intro Why don't you show me...
...what you got?
Intro 貴様の実力
Intro If you must stand in my way...
...I'll cut you.
Intro 立ちふさがるというのなら…
Intro Yukianesa's power...
...experience it firsthand!
Intro ユキアネサの力
Intro Yukianesa...
...hear me!
Intro ユキアネサ
Intro This won't even...
...take a second!
Intro 2分と…
Intro I don't have the time to waste on you.
Intro 貴様にかまっている時間(とき)などない
Outro Why do you even bother wasting my time?
Outro 無駄な時間を使ってしまったようだな…
Outro I gave you too much credit, you're worthless.
Outro 所詮この程度か、くだらない…
Outro You're just too weak.
Outro 貴様は弱すぎる....
Outro Not even a worthy opponent.
Outro 相手にすらならないか...
Outro Don't you ever appear before me again!
Outro もう二度と現れるな…
Defeat You damn obstacle!
Defeat 障害の分際で!
Defeat I'm still not good enough?
Defeat まだ届かないのか…
Defeat How did I lose to you?
Defeat 貴様のような雑魚に…
Time Up Defeat Inane...
Time Up Defeat くだらん…
Time Up Defeat I'm out of time?!
Time Up Defeat 時間切れだと…
Round End A waste of time...
Round End 無駄な事を...
Round End You're wasting my time, give it up.
Round End 時間の無駄だ、諦める
Round End You had good determination, I'll give you that.
Round End 気持ちだけは認めてやろう…
Round End Hmm, not bad.
Round End ほう、やるな…


Ragna the Bloodedge

Situation Quote Audio
Intro Jin: Ooh! Long time no see, brother!
Ragna: I will never forgive you...!
Intro 久しぶりだね…兄さん…
Outro Aah, let's... have some more fun, Ragna!
Outro ああ…もっと楽しもうよ…兄さん…
Round End, Taunt, Air Ukemi This is no fun at all!
Round End, Taunt, Air Ukemi 楽しめないよ…
Throw, Air Throw (Success) Don't let your guard down.
Throw, Air Throw (Success) 油断しちゃ駄目だよ
Combo Ragna!
Combo ラグナ...
Combo Brother!
Combo 兄さん...
Combo Brother!
Combo 兄さん!
Touga Hyoujin (Ice Fang) I'll end your misery!
Touga Hyoujin (Ice Fang) 殺してあげるよ
Hiyoku Getsumei (Moonsong) You're so stupid.
Hiyoku Getsumei (Moonsong) 馬鹿だな兄さん
Idle, Intro
(Unlimited Ragna)
Come on, brother!
Idle きなよ兄さん
Ground Ukemi You're cruel, brother!
Ground Ukemi 酷いな兄さんは…
Barrier Burst Ragna!
Barrier Burst ラグナ!!

Noel Vermillion

Situation Quote Audio
Intro Jin & Noel: Dispatched in mankind's darkest hour, we are knights of the blue flame!
Intro 我ら終末の日に遣わされた白日の使徒にして蒼炎の騎士なり
Outro Get out of my way, eyesore!
Outro 消えろ、目障りだ…
Throw Begone!
Throw 失せろ!
Air Throw Obstacle!
Air Throw 障害!
Combo Stop getting in my way!
Combo 僕の邪魔をするな!
Touga Hyoujin (Ice Fang) Noel Vermillion!
Touga Hyoujin (Ice Fang) ノエルヴァーミリオン!!
Hiyoku Getsumei (Moonsong) Why do you look so similar!?
Hiyoku Getsumei (Moonsong) お前は似すぎている!
Idle Lieutenant Vermillion!
Idle ヴァーミリオン少尉!
Ground Ukemi You bitch!
Ground Ukemi 貴様!
Air Ukemi Lieutenant!
Air Ukemi 少尉!

Bang Shishigami

Situation Quote Audio
Intro *sigh* What a persistent buffoon.
Intro はぁ、しつこい奴だ
Outro Give up. You don't have a chance.
Outro 諦めろ、貴様では勝てん。


Situation Quote Audio
Intro Jin: Who... the hell are you?
Hakumen: ...
Intro お前。いったい、何者だ??
Outro What... is this sensation?
Outro なんだ?この…感覚は??

Iron Tager

Situation Quote Audio
Touga Hyoujin (Ice Fang) Sector Seven! Stay out of this!
Touga Hyoujin (Ice Fang) 機関が!出しゃばるな!
Hiyoku Getsumei (Moonsong) Red Devil dies today!
Hiyoku Getsumei (Moonsong) この赤鬼が!!
Taunt So this is the best Sector Seven can do?
Taunt 機関の力なぞこの程度か!
Ground Ukemi Red Devil, my ass!
Ground Ukemi 甘いぞ赤鬼!
Air Ukemi Not bad, Red Devil.
Air Ukemi さすが赤鬼か…

Victory Screen

Situation Quote Audio
Vs. Ragna the Bloodedge This is so much fun, Brother. Why stop now? Play
Vs. Ragna the Bloodedge 楽しいよ兄さん。さあもっと楽しもうよ......。 Play
Vs. Jin Kisaragi What were you thinking!? Did you honestly think you could impersonate me? How pitiful. Play
Vs. Jin Kisaragi 何を考えている?その程度で僕の名を、姿を騙れるとでも思っていたのか?浅はかな。 Play
Vs. Noel Vermillion Scum… Get out of my sight! Play
Vs. Noel Vermillion 屑が、失せろ。 Play
Vs. Rachel Alucard What an arrogant little girl. Acting like she knows everything… Play
Vs. Rachel Alucard 妙に知った口の利き方だな、生意気な小娘が。 Play
Vs. Taokaka I hope you've learned how ineffective it is to rely on instincts alone. Play
Vs. Taokaka 本能だけで戦うということがいかに効率が悪いことか、その身をもって知るがいい。 Play
Vs. Iron Tager A fighting style that relies completely on strength… Not even worth mentioning. And you're supposed to be Sector Seven's secret weapon? What a joke. Play
Vs. Iron Tager 力に頼った戦闘スタイルなど、恐るるに足らん。これが第七機関の兵器とは笑わせる。 Play
Vs. Litchi Faye-Ling I see you've put some thought into fighting with a long weapon, but you need to work on your defense. I can take you down without even trying. Play
Vs. Litchi Faye-Ling 遠隔操作できる武器とは考えたものだが、常にどちらかがおざなりになっているようだな。造作もなく崩せるぞ。 Play
Vs. Arakune I'm not interested in you. Out of my way. Play
Vs. Arakune 貴様などに興味はない。失せろ。 Play
Vs. Bang Shishigami Those strange clothes… You must be from Ikaruga. I'm guessing you're here for revenge… How pitiful. Play
Vs. Bang Shishigami その服はイカルガの民だな。おおかた復讐といったところか。はっ、くだらん Play
Vs. Carl Clover You had potential at the academy. What a waste… But I have not business with weaklings or puppets. Play
Vs. Carl Clover 資質はあったのに残念だ、傀儡に操られた軟弱者に用はない。 Play
Vs. Hakumen Who the hell… are you? Play
Vs. Hakumen 何者だ.......貴様。 Play
Vs. Nu-13 I'll finish you right here, so you can never lay a finger on my brother. Play
Vs. Nu-13 二度と兄さんに近づけないよう、ここで終わりにしてやる。 Play