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Victory Screen

Situation Line Voice
Vs. Ragna This... This is the Azure Grimoire Father spoke of...!
Vs. Jin Hehe, I'm relieved... You weren't nearly as scary as I thought you might be... Now, if you'll excuse me...
Vs. Noel I can hardly believe you're the same person I knew all those years ago... It must be because of those weapons you have... Hehehe.
Vs. Rachel What's so fun about making fun of us? Sis doesn't like you very much either. If you just want to play, please do it somewhere else.
Vs. Taokaka Ugh! Please stop jumping on me every time we meet! Whenever you're around, nothing goes the way I want it to.
Vs. Tager Why does everyone want to take my sister away from me? Don't you think that's strange? We haven't done anything wrong!
Vs. Litchi I'm not good at dealing with you... Please stop telling me to do things. And please, please stop sticking your nose into my business.
Vs. Arakune I keep telling you; leave my sister alone... This is what you deserve if you won't listen to me...
Vs. Bang Ummm... uhhh... Would you mind not calling me "pupil" so loudly in public...?
Vs. Carl Please stop this, whoever you are. I don't want any unnecessary violence.
Vs. Hakumen My sister is not Nirvana! She's not...!
Vs. Lambda-11 Sis, you're trembling... Are you OK?
Vs. Tsubaki Resistance is futile, Tsubaki... You're going to answer some questions about my father...
Vs. Hazama Oh no! If only I'd realized sooner that he was from the Intelligence Department... He got away... I'm sorry, Sis...
Vs. Mu-12 You're the Azure Grimoire...? No... that's not right....But... no matter how many times I fight you, you just keep getting up... Sis, I think we should run!
Vs. Makoto It's been far too long since we last met. I'm glad to see that your happy-go-lucky demeanor hasn't diminished over the years.
Vs. Valkenhayn You're that witch's... hmph. If you don't mind, please pass along a message for me... Don't meddle in my affairs again.
Vs. Platinum Sis is acting strange... You... you must be hiding something as well.
Vs. Relius You did this to yourself, Father--no, RELIUS. I will avenge Mother and Sister both. Damn you... damn you!