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Victory Screen

Situation Line Voice
Vs. Ragna My name is Bang Shishigami! I have come with the iron fist of justice to punish the Grim Reaper who disturbs the peace of this city! H-Hey! How dare you run away!
Vs. Jin Finally, we meet again! Today, I shall set fire to that cold, evil heart of yours!
Vs. Noel Wh-Wh-Why--- Why shoot for the head right away!? Have I done something to offend you, young man!?
Vs. Rachel Don't think that your high-and-mighty act will convince me to forgive you! Come, and I will teach you -real- manners!
Vs. Taokaka Ho! How goes your training? Ahahahahahaha! Judging by how much you just lay about, I would say you've been slacking off!
Vs. Tager As a fellow bodybuilder and man who chases after Miss Litchi! As a fellow soldier who fights with his wits and strength! I cannot lose to you, no matter the cost!
Vs. Litchi M-Miss Litchiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!
Vs. Arakune My name is Bang Shishigami! The bounty on your head---er... Your evil deeds will be brought to an end, here and now--by me!
Vs. Bang Wh-What a handsome guy! I... I forgot to ask for his name and number...
Vs. Carl It seems you have been keeping up with your training! I can tell by the sharpness and determination in your attacks!
Vs. Hakumen Mind, technique, and body... all were top-notch! I must ask you for another match sometime!
Vs. Lambda-11 Might you be... what people refer to as a "Com Puter?"
Vs. Tsubaki You remind me of the aristocratic women of old. Why do you side with the Library--uh, I mean, Librarium? You should walk a straight and honest path...!
Vs. Hazama This is like trying to nail jelly to a wall! Real men stand up straight, with pride! I sense great evil coming from you...!
Vs. Mu-12 Wh-What do you mean you will destroy the world?! I... I can't sense any killing intent from you... or anything, for that matter... Why?
Vs. Makoto Such agility and power! Your ability to gather information and your bosom--*Cough* *Cough* A-At any rate, you are first-rate in any category! Have you considered becoming a kunoichi?
Vs. Valkenhayn Your clothing... It is not conventional, but I see similarities to that of a shinobi. Are you a a... a fugitive from Ikaruga?! No... probably not. Uh, pardon my rudeness.
Vs. Platinum H-How dare you attack me like this! Such a violent child! Eh? You say I was "checkin' you out"?! N-Never I... I prefer more mature women! Aaah! I said out out loud! Nooooooooooo!
Vs. Relius That mask didn't fool me one bit! I had you pegged for a villain the moment I saw you! Prepare yourself for the sting of heaven's justice!