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The current head of the Alucard Clan, Rachel Alucard, and her butler, Valkenhayn R. Hellsing.

The Alucard Clan are a family of vampires who reside in the Alucard Castle. Not all vampires are members of the clan, and their servants are made up of numerous species, barring humans.


It is unknown how long the Alucard Clan has existed, but the previous head, Clavis, lived for over a millennia. The clan itself has remained hidden from history, only intervening when necessary. Both known heads of the clan have been powerful individuals who were not only capable of sorcery, but were also the world's Onlooker during their lives. For this reason, despite the clan's absence in the world's affairs, it is an instrumental part of the world's existence. Even among vampires, the Alucard Clan is recognized as the strongest of their kind. All vampires in existence are able to trace their lineage back to the clan.[1]

The clan's home is the Alucard Castle; Clavis has compared the manor to the dark side of the moon - a place blanketed in a darkness that connects to every dark night in the world.[2] They have employed numerous servants in the past[3], but in recent years, Valkenhayn R. Hellsing, Nago, and Gii are the last of these ranks.




  • Clavis Alucard - the previous head of the clan; deceased.
  • Jubei - formerly worked for the clan during and prior to the Dark War.
  • Tomonori - formerly worked for the clan during and prior to the Dark War; deceased.

Bloodedge Experience

Family Tree

Clavis Alucard
Rachel AlucardRaquel Alucard
Adopted, only in Bloodedge Experience possibility


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