Silvervine Candy

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Silvervine Candy in Kokonoe's laboratory

Silvervine Candy, also spelled Silver Vine, is a brand of lollipop candy in the BlazBlue world. Kokonoe is always seen eating them.


Silvervine is first mentioned in Taokaka's Help Me!! Professor Kokonoe segment, where Kokonoe gives it to the young Kaka. After consuming it, Tao demonstrates an increase of intelligence, a softer tone, and sophisticated language, much to Kokonoe's surprise. She then expresses regret for her rude behavior brought on by her immaturity before asking why both Kokonoe and the "heroine" are flat, much to the professor's offense. The effect is only temporary, as Tao immediately reverts back to her regular self. After she leaves, Kokonoe vows to destroy the confectionery.[1] This segment is non-canon.

Iron Tager, when describing Kokonoe to Noel Vermillion, states that the scientist is addicted to silvervine.[2] Kokonoe's official profiles state that the only reason that she is able to skip sleeping is thanks to silvervine as it gives her the strength to continue researching for days at a time.[3][4][5]

In her official artworks, Kokonoe is seen with blue silvervine, but in gameplay, is seen with an orange variant instead.


Silver vine, binomial name actinidia polygama, is a plant found in Japan and China that has a strong effect on cats, giving them a euphoric response similar to catnip, with some evidence suggesting that the response is stronger.[6]


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