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The Burning Red Grimoire (紅の魔道書バニングレッド), also known as the Crimson Grimoire or simply the Burning Red, is a Grimoire that was initially designed by Nine the Phantom to be paired with the Azure Grimoire. The Grimoire allows its user to use sorcery.

The Grimoire can be made with the combination of a Remix Heart and an incredible amount of sacrifices. An incomplete version of it can be made with a Remix Heart alone, where it takes the form of an orb of light. In the brief time it was used, it created a large torrent of lightning that was strong enough to punch a crater into a wall. [1]

Cypher Albar longed for this Grimoire, making it his life's obsession to claim it. He was briefly able to create one by using Mai Natsume but it was stolen from him by Hazama. Its current location is unknown.



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