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Moving missing merchandise discussion here from the Forum.

It's closer to the page(s) related to it & a natively supported format, whereas the WikiForum extension is in beta and could become unmaintained at any time. Progress on the extension is slow, and the current WikiForum experience doesn't include verification before thread/reply deletion and you can accidentally delete a reply by linking to its edit box, which wipes the post's existing content. Editing one's own reply also requires elevated privileges, which need to be granted individually. The discussion page, on the other hand, is open for anyone to edit, has protections against deletion, and retains a history of changes.

- Chao (talk) 15:47, 20 April 2022 (UTC)

Missing Merchandise

Missing merchandise includes some stuff around 2015 and some newer items. I'll update this post later with the links I've gathered to track the backlog. (Update 2/24/2021: Added listing below)

Images of merchandise (i.e. stock photos) can be uploaded using Campaign:Merchandise and merchandise entries can be added to the respective Merchandise pages using existing entries as a guide.

I've organized the merchandise entries by release date with newer entries on top, and some pages are also split further into categories by type or game.

Originally I was the only one working on merch and its organization was meant to be temporary, but I've seen some interest in it and am glad a couple of people have found it useful. Even now, I don't think the pages are used much relative to other pages so anything related to merch is relatively low priority, aside from updating it ASAP to prevent disgusting backlogs or info being pulled from the Internet before we can document it. As always, any help is welcome.

Newer Items

Older Items

Compiled from Arc System Works' Japanese news archives, so this list is not comprehensive.

Arc System Works changed up their company website some years ago, which removed all their old blog posts, so I've linked archived versions on the Internet Archive. The BlazBlue website is still up unchanged, thankfully (until that gets redone too).

Date Event Notes
2014-07-12 GGXBB MUSIC LIVE 2014

(archived event page)

2014-08-23 Unlimited VS Event card file (BB Secret Report), character sleeve EX, boxes, BB chara half poster
merch listing
2014-09-18 TGS 2014 (see also Machi Asobe vol 13 below)

(archived event page)

2014-10-11 Machi Asobi Vol. 13 Dead Spike Parka, BBCP2.0 tapestry, tager phone case, rachel daki, hazama/terumi daki, Azure Mens Tapestry, arc revo 2014 fan (arakune/pakumen), brain cat passcase, bbradio earphone jack cleaner set, pixel chara clear file, special postcard

(archived event page)

2015-01-19 Kotobukiya ASW Shop bbradio earphone jack cleaner set
twitter post
2015-05-12 Collab Cafe - CPEX 4gamer article
2015-07-12 Blue Fes 2015 yukata can badge vol 1, (summer) mini chara clearfile set

(event page)
Part of the ASW Summer Campaign 2015: (archived event page)

2015-07-24 BBRadio Q4 wallpaper download
(twitter post)
2015-08-18 Arc Revolution Cup 2015 just missing BBRadio DVDs, BBRadio fight stick

(archived event page)

2015-09-17 TGS 2015 blazblue tile gachagacha

(archived merch list (pdf))
(archived event page)

2015-12-18 Kotobukiya ASW Shop 3rd anni BBRadio Comic Tote, Mecha Tsubaki,

character buttons (for fight sticks) - Weapon Charms are done
Merch list 1 Merch list 2 Merch list 3 Merch pictures

2016-05-30 Noel Phone Cases twitter post
2016-08-10 BlazBlue Live Act 2016 (BBCS) clear files, can badges, trading can badges, tote bags, ticket/bromide set, pamphlets, bromides

event page

2017-02-14 Comiket 91 Ragna (released 2010?), Jin daki (already up), Jubei sleeping mask, Es works
(archived event page)
2017-09-21 TGS 2017 Ragna/Hazama lighters, Jubei T-shirt, April Fool's acrylic figures

(archived event page)

2017-10-17 Fight Stick - Toushinsai (2017) ATTASA CF2.0 stick

twitter post

2018-11-16 Anime NYC 2018 Noel T-shirt, Dead Spike T-shirt, free BBTAG tote bag

event page

2018-12-20 Kotobukiya ASW Shop 6th anni can badge presents

twitter post

??? BBCSII Thanks Fes Taokaka Strap for 4k pts,

Ragna or Jin or Noel keyholder for 5500 pts, Jubei plush 15k point prize
merch list, event pics 1, event pics 2, event pics 3

??? Fight Sticks - missing almost all of them BBRadio fight stick (Arc Revo 2015), BBCF fight stick, BBCP fight stick...
??? Shop Extras - BB Phase Shift 1 merch list
??? Shop Extras - BBCS II Portable merch list
??? Website Specials - BBCF Console voiced countdown, special art, etc
??? Website Specials - BBEX Console Wallpapers for BBCSII

BBEX special page

??? Rachel nendoroid (CP special ed), CT bonus drama CDs, etc
  • Backlogged releases from around 2015 (I'll update here with links later) updated
  • Shop bonuses
    • CF shop bonus images were uploaded by User:Nachtmahr (thank you!) and added to the CF gallery but might be missing entries on the individual Merchandise pages Not missing, thanks!

- Chao (talk) on 20 April 2021 at 21:05

New merch for BBDW

New merch for BBDW: BlazBlue Alternative: Dark War Premium Cards Vol. 1 - (Twitter post) (ebten product page)

  • Price: 3850 JPY
  • 20 holographic cards with slip case. Characters featured: Noel, Naoto, Trinity, Kazuma, Jin, Tsubaki, Hibiki, Kuon, Valkenhayn (BE), Relius (BE), Saya, Taokaka, Tager, Litchi, Mai, Kajun, Linhua, Acht, Drei, Es.
  • Release date: Upper third of May

- Chao (talk) on 27 April 2021 at 11:45

Special promotional Quo card

I guess this counts as merch, maybe?

  1. feat. Hazama grimoire for 6 lucky winners (Twitter post)
  2. Kazuma's grimoire "Beauty Held Aloft" (Twitter post)
  3. Terumen grimoire (Twitter post)

- Chao (talk) on 29 April 2021 at 03:56


Looking for sketches/WIPs of 2 of the XBlaze Lost: Memories store benefits. They should look like this:

I'm pretty certain they released not more than those which are already uploaded, but it is still possible I might've missed them

Furthermore, I look for the store benefits which were available for XBlaze Code: Embryo

  • Sample image, from either the website or the store
  • What kind of merchandise it is (tapestry, clear file, etc.)
  • Skteches/WIPs which were published on the official website (might not be available)

Thanks to Kyubi all the store benefits are uploaded! They only need to be added to Merchandise.

- Nachtmahr (talk) on 13 May 2021 at 12:33.

BBDW half-anniversary merch

BBDW half-anniversary merch (Twitter link) (ebten store)

GBF x BBDW collab


  • grimoire 花園、二人の少女 acrylic plate (Twitter post)

- Chao (talk) on 8 October 2021 at 21:19.

BlazBlue (BBCF) Marukuji merchandise lottery

(Twitter) (Marukuji details page)

  • One of 15 varieties of mega acrylic stands (5%)
  • One of 10 varieties of crest rock glasses (7%)
  • One of 10 varieties of crest acrylic coaster (20%)
  • One of 10 varieties of crest can badges (33%)
  • One of 12 varieties of acrylic bookmarks (35%)

- Chao (talk) on 13 October 2021 at 23:45