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Nachtmahr, AKA Danaiden


Fighting Games, duh. Also soshage

Character Themes

Endless Despair

What do you do here?


Stuff includes:

  • Uploading merchandise
  • Uploading and tagging images
  • Occasional proofreading
  • Moderating the Wiki Discord and forum (yes, forums still exists and we have one here )
  • Managing the Twitter account. Also follow us for occasional updates, fun facts, profiles and BlazBlue related retweets/repost or whatever they are called now
  • Newsbot

And, what else?

  • Have a question about fighting games? Years of experience with BlazBlue and other FGs, knows one thing or two
  • Knows too many things about the dark side of the video game and anime industry you probably don't want to know, or else you won't be able touch a game with a good conscience ever again
  • Huh, favorite character? The bastard at the right
  • Bribe Type-Moon, Aniplex and Arc System Works that they finally make a new Fate FG

Place for the "To do List"

  • More merch. We still don't have everything. It's a lot
  • Searching magazines and articles for "here-still-missing" extra artworks
  • Stuff for BlazBlue Alternative: Dark War before even after it got thrown into the Boundary.

Place for "Question & comments @ this user"

Better use Discord for that. But here's a dedicated place if for some reasons you don't want/can't have an account. How nice, eh?