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The Maha Raja~Curry Shop was a curry restaurant in Shin Yokozaki City. It employed both Touya Kagari and Ringo Akagi before abruptly disappearing after the events of XBlaze Code: Embryo.


Maha Raja was a popular curry restaurant in Shin Yokozaki, famed for its food and ambience. It only had three employees: the manager, Ringo, and Touya. The manager of Maha Raja was lazy and rarely caught doing any work. In his stead, part-timer Ringo did most of the work, such as cooking and waiting on customers. Touya was a waiter, but despite his hard work, Ringo's unique attitude towards curry seemed to be the reason for the restaurant's popularity.

Most of the curry recipes were ones created by the manager. The restaurant also had a secret menu that customers could order from, but only if they managed to impressed Ringo or live up to her eccentric curry philosophies. The only known recipe on this menu is "Secret Curry: Prototype Z", a unique spicy curry that Ringo copied from Kuon Glamred Stroheim's mother.[1]

After Ringo left the restaurant, it mysteriously disappeared.[2]

Official Descriptions

XBlaze Lost: Memories TIPS Entry

Maha Raja

A hidden gem of the Shin Yokozaki culinary scene. Known for its awe-inspiring curry, terminally lazy manager, and a waitress who is WAY too into her job. Occasionally serves a rare and mysterious curry.[3]


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