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Victory Screen

Situation Line Voice
Vs. Ragna There's a dangerous guy roaming around here named "Rawrgna"! You better be careful too, meow!
Vs. Jin Grrrrrrr... Hisssssss...
Vs. Noel Your boobies are tiny. You should eat steamed buns! They'll make your breasts bigger!
Vs. Rachel You look like a rabbit, but you don't look very tasty. You smell very dry... no life.
Vs. Taokaka That was really fun. We should play again! ...But you really do look like me... Strange...
Vs. Tager Mmmmm... Meat... *slurp*
Vs. Litchi Oh! Boobie lady! You should come over and play again. By the way... how do they get that big? Do you eat steamed buns too?
Vs. Arakune You better not ever come to my village again! I'll break you, slice you, and beat you to a pulp!
Vs. Bang Tao doesn't like sweaty things. Go away!
Vs. Carl This big one is as hard as a rock! That makes me sad, meooow.
Vs. Hakumen Phew...
Vs. Nu-13 Victory! I saved the world from destruction! Good job, Tao!