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Solo Actions


Situation Quote Audio
Weak Attack
Medium Attack
Strong Attack
Drive Attack


Situation Quote Audio

Distortion Drives

Situation Quote Audio

Astral Heat

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System Mechanics

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Aerial Throw
Throw Whiff
Throw Break
Throw Escape
Counter Assault


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Instant Block
Barrier Burst
Guard Break
Guard Fail (High)
Guard Fail (Low)
Guard Fail (Unblockable)

Taking Damage

Situation Quote Audio
Spinning Knockback
Wall Bounce
Ground Bounce
Hit by Counter Assault


Situation Quote Audio
Wakeup (Prone)
Wakeup (Supine)
Ground Ukemi (Neutral)
Ground Ukemi
Aerial Ukemi (Neutral)
Aerial Ukemi (Forward)
Aerial Ukemi (Backward)
Stagger Recovery


Situation Quote Audio
Idle I'm bored.
Taunt No finesse at all.
You going to entertain me?
Gii, can you fetch the tea?
What was that?
Turn around
Forward Air Dash
Backward Air Dash
Combo (2k Damage)
Combo (3k Damage)
Combo (5k Damage)


Situation Quote Audio
Intro You get to fight me... you should be honored.
I hope you're ready.
*sigh*... I hope you're better than my last partner.
This seems a bit lacking... for a ball.
It's such a pain, but I'll play with you.
I expect to be amused.
Round Win You still want to play?
Still trying?
No point trying.
If only you have some skill...
Outro I'm not entertained at all...
I think it's soon time for tea.
Maybe we'll meet again.
Are you even trying?
I'm tired.
I enjoyed myself a bit.
Defeat How boring...
I'm bored now.
Gii, Nago. You're getting punished later.
How uninteresting...
Time Up Defeat Didn't expect that.
What a farce.


Ragna the Bloodedge

Situation Quote Audio
Intro Rachel: Oh? You seem to be doing quite well.
Ragna: You again? Tch... Go away.
Taunt It's not like I'm doing any of this for you.
Round Win Ragna, that won't cut it.
I don't need that from you.
Outro Much to unsightly... How can you live with yourself?

Noel Vermillion

Situation Quote Audio
Intro Noel: Have we met before?
Rachel: You look quite energetic today. You usually seem tired.
Outro This is not what your life is for.


Situation Quote Audio
Intro Rachel: Come here, little doll. I'll be more than happy to play with you.
Nu: Detect irregularity. Destroying target.
Outro What a sad doll...

Victory Screen

Situation Quote Audio
Vs. Ragna the Bloodedge Your stupidity truly boggles the mind. You belong on the ground, worm. Play
Vs. Ragna the Bloodedge Play
Vs. Jin Kisaragi Oh dear, I seem to have ruined your pretty face. I must say, though, I think you look better this way. Perhaps you should keep it like this. Play
Vs. Jin Kisaragi Play
Vs. Noel Vermillion You felt like you were lacking something, so you wanted to be loved by others... You've been waiting for someone to take care of you... How pathetic. Play
Vs. Noel Vermillion Play
Vs. Rachel Alucard What a disgrace... Play
Vs. Rachel Alucard Play
Vs. Taokaka What an energetic child. Nago! Stop that! You should be ashamed of yourself. Play
Vs. Taokaka Play
Vs. Iron Tager That is quite a body you've built, but I believe only thirty percent of it is truly necessary. Are you perhaps... compensating? Play
Vs. Iron Tager Play
Vs. Litchi Faye-Ling You seem rather confident of that body of yours. Play
Vs. Litchi Faye-Ling Play
Vs. Arakune How filthy... Play
Vs. Arakune Play
Vs. Bang Shishigami You have defiled me with your... your sweat! You dirty, inhuman beast! Play
Vs. Bang Shishigami Play
Vs. Carl Clover If you really cherish that doll of yours, perhaps you should only play with her at home. It would be such a terrible shame if something bad were to happen to her... Play
Vs. Carl Clover Play
Vs. Hakumen How does it feel to be a hero? I must admit, I've always wanted to ask you that. Play
Vs. Hakumen Play
Vs. ν-No.13- I grow tired of your face... Relying on your other half has only weakened you. Play
Vs. ν-No.13- Play