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Victory Screen

Situation Line Voice
Vs. Ragna Your stupidity truly boggles the mind. You belong on the ground, worm.
Vs. Jin Oh dear, I seem to have ruined your pretty face. I must say, though, I think you look better this way. Perhaps you should keep it like this.
Vs. Noel You felt like you were lacking something, so you wanted to be loved by others... You've been waiting for someone to take care of you... How pathetic.
Vs. Rachel What a disgrace...
Vs. Taokaka What an energetic child. Nago! Stop that! You should be ashamed of yourself.
Vs. Tager That is quite a body you've built, but I believe only thirty percent of it is truly necessary. Are you perhaps... compensating?
Vs. Litchi You seem rather confident of that body of yours.
Vs. Arakune How filthy...
Vs. Bang You have defiled me with your... your sweat! You dirty, inhuman beast!
Vs. Carl If you really cherish that doll of yours, perhaps you should only play with her at home. It would be such a terrible shame if something bad were to happen to her...
Vs. Hakumen How does it feel to be a hero? I must admit, I've always wanted to ask you that.
Vs. Nu-13 I grow tired of your face... Relying on your other half has only weakened you.