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Platinum is a character who fights using various Magical Weapons. Her normal and special attacks are easy to understand, and her special attack commands are simple, making her an easy to use character for players who aren't accustomed to fighting games.

At mid-range, use long reaching attacks like Standing B, ↘ + C, and Jumping C. These are most powerful when used from a range where it barely still hits. Connect Standing B into ↘ + C. If ↘ + C hits, follow up with B Mami Circular, or use Standing D to equip a Magical Weapon. If you get projectiles like Magical Bomb, Magical Missile, or Magical Boomerang, dash or airdash after launching it to advance more safely.

Once you're close to the opponent, use middle attack → + B and low attack Crouching A or Crouching B to shake up their guard. If you're at a little distance when using → + B, Platinum can move first after it hits or is guarded. If it hit, use Standing A or Standing C to combo. Immediately after jumping, use Swallow Moon → Jumping B or a Magical Frying Pan to hit a crouching opponent. Try to start by using jump cancellable attacks like Standing A or Standing C.

If the opponent attacks from the air, use → + A or Crouching C to counter. After → + A, if you connect into Standing C or → + C, you can start a combo. If the enemy pressures you, try to repel them with a Counter Assault or the atemi skill Happy Magika. Another solid option is to use a barrier to make space. If you're equipped with a Magical Bat, simply pressing the D button will give you invulnerability time. If the opponent packs a powerful offense, be aggressive about equipping Magical Bats.[1]

Command List

Name Command
Normal Input Alternative Input
Magical Symphony
Majikaru Shinfonī
Randomly summon a Magical Weapon and equip it
Magical Heart Catch
Majikaru Hāto Kyacchi
A + B + C + D
Allows the Magical Weapon to be used as many times as needed
Angelic Blast
Burasuto Enjeru
A + B + C + D during OD
Air Persia
Ea Purusha
↓↘→ + A (midair also) SP in midair
→Additional Attack A or B or C during Air Persia (3 max)
Mami Circular
Mami Sākyurā
↓↘→ + B or C SP or → + SP
Dream Sally
Dorīmu Sarī
↓↙← + A or B or C
Swallow Moon
Suworō Mūn
↓↘→ + C in midair → + SP in midair
Dramatic Sammy
Doramatikku Samī
←↙↓↘→ + D ↓ + SP
Mystic Momo
Misutikku Momo
↓↙← + D while Magical Weapon is equipped
Happy Magika
Happī Magika
↓ charge ↑ + C
Fallen Melody
Fōrin Merodī
↓↓ + C while opponent is down (midair also)
Distortion Drive
Cure Dot Typhoon
Kyua Dotto Taifūn
→↘↓↙←→ + C (midair also) ← + SP
Miracle Jeanne
Mirakuru Jyannu
↓↘→↓↘→ + D
Astral Heat
Shining Layered Force
Shainingu Leiādo Fōsu
↓↘→↓↘→ + C (midair also)




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