Phantom Grimoire

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The Phantom Grimoire as Es' left eye

Phantom Grimoire (幻影の魔導書, Gen'ei no Madōsho) is a type of Grimoire in the XBlaze possibility. It was briefly possessed by Es.


After being turned into a normal human by Myself, Es lost most of her powers. However, her left eye had the remainder of Nobody's Phantom Memories as the Phantom Grimoire stored inside of it. Using those Phantom Memories allowed Es to activate Phantom Memory: XBlaze (ファントムメモリーエクスブレイズ, Fantomu MemorīEkusuBureizu), which, much like Touya Kagari's Awakening Release (XBlaze), used the stored seithr to increase her physical attributes dramatically, letting her keep up with Freaks. Unfortunately, this could only be used once and her eye returned to normal after that.


  • Es - briefly

Activation Call

  • Phantom Intervention Complex Formation, deploy! PHANTOM MEMORY! XBLAZE!