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Given Mai's weapon is a spear, she favors mid-ranged combat. With her longer reach zoning attacks, keep the opponent at bay, then use Juncture when you see the opponent let their guard down. Furthermore, Mai does not have a → + Normal Attack, nor does she have many routes to take in her combo path. Her controls are rather simple compared to others. Instead she can use Variable Arts. Variable Arts is a similar system to Revolver Action, but it allows you to string actions together, even when one misses.

During Variable Arts, C is Mai's main zoning tool. At mid-range, connect into it from a standing attack. Standing A → C is quick and effective. Next chain that attack into quick overhead follow-up A. If the opponent blocks while standing, close the distance with Juncture, and use a Crouching A. When you want to close the distance, Standing A → C → B or, the enhanced version of Suzuran: Blaze is effective. Both leave you with an advantage, even if the opponent blocks, so they are excellent tools.

If you're close to the opponent, connect into a Variable Arts B. Continue to press B, and Mai will transition into a stance where she lifts one leg off the ground. During this, use her Overheads ↑ + A or C, or her Low, A or C to break through opponent's guards. Against opponents that attack from midair, Crouching C is effective. If the opponent is farther away, Juncture, then go into a Himeyuri: Dipper or the anti-air Sylvan Hurricane Assault to shut them down. If you let the opponent get in really close, use a Barrier Block to spread the distance, followed by a Moon Blossom to rest the situation.

If you have Heat to spare, Floral Blizzard Blossom is extremely useful. You are able to block your opponent's attack, so use it with confidence. [1]

Command List

Name Command
Normal Input Alternative Input
Takes a deep stance and throws a spear. Charging it will allow Mai to change her stance and make the spear unblockable. Input ↓ or ↑ to alter the spear's trajectory
Flurry of the Winter Moon
Fūka Setsugetsu
A + B + C + D
Shortens the charging time for drive attacks
Shearing Cherry Blossom Storm
During OD, A + B + C + D
刹梛 (せつな)Temple Evergreen
↓↘→ SP
→ Himeyuri
姫百璃Lily (ひめゆり)
↓↘→ + A or A during Juncture
→ Himeyuri: Blaze
姫百璃・Lamp (ひめゆり・どう)
→↓↘ + B or B during Juncture
→ Himeyuri: Dipper
姫百璃・斗李Dipper plum (ひめゆり・とり)
↓↘→ + C or C during Juncture
Moon Blossom
↓↙← ↓ + SP
→ Suzuran
須寿蘭Lily of the Valley(すずらん)
↓↙← + A (midair also) or A during Moon Blossom
→ Suzuran: Blaze
↓↙← + B (midair also) or B during Moon Blossom
→ Suzuran: Dipper
↓↙← + C (midair also) or C during Moon Blossom
Distortion Drive
Sylvan Hurricane Assault
断空崩蕾花 (だんくうほうらいか)Sky-splitting Crumbling Buds and Flowers
↓→↘ + D (midair also) (uses 50% Heat)
Floral Blizzard Blossom
六花嵐桜閃 (りっからんおうせん)Six-Flower Storm Cherry Blossom Flash
↓↙← + D (delayable) (uses 50% Heat) ← + SP (uses 50% Heat)
Astral Heat
Royal Crimson Sprout: "New Moon Lotus"
朱臨(しゅりん)Crimson Confrontation「緋蓮蒼朔耶(ひれんそうさくや)」Red Lotus of the Azure New Moon
Shurin: Hirensōsakuya
↓↓↓ + D (uses 100% Heat)


  • Juncture (刹梛 Setsuna) is read as "juncture" but written with the characters for "temple" and "evergreen tree."
  • Himeyuri (姫百璃) is read as "lily" but written with the last character replaced with one for "lapis lazuli."
  • Suzuran (須寿蘭) is read as "lily of the valley" but written with the characters for necessity, longevity, and orchid respectively.



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