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Solo Actions


Situation Quote Audio
Weak Attack
Medium Attack
Strong Attack
Drive Attack


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Distortion Drives

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Astral Heat

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System Mechanics

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Aerial Throw
Throw Whiff
Throw Break
Throw Escape
Counter Assault


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Instant Block
Barrier Burst
Guard Break
Guard Fail (High)
Guard Fail (Low)
Guard Fail (Unblockable)

Taking Damage

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Spinning Knockback
Wall Bounce
Ground Bounce
Hit by Counter Assault


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Wakeup (Prone)
Wakeup (Supine)
Ground Ukemi (Neutral)
Ground Ukemi
Aerial Ukemi (Neutral)
Aerial Ukemi (Forward)
Aerial Ukemi (Backward)
Stagger Recovery


Situation Quote Audio
Taunt Know your place.
You don't know how to fight.
I am disappointed.
How boring.
Turn around
Forward Air Dash
Backward Air Dash
Combo (2k Damage)
Combo (3k Damage)
Combo (5k Damage)


Situation Quote Audio
Intro Give it everything, and you might live a little longer.
Hmph. Only death awaits you.
Why don't you show me... your so-called justice.
A match? No... This will be a massacre!
I hope you know what it means... to stand before me!
I will obey my fate... and destroy you!
Round Win Get up.
This isn’t over yet.
Still up to fight?
Outro I am Hakumen! Do not forget that.
Try harder in your next life.
In the next lifetime.
There is no way you can defeat me!
What was that? Don't tell me you call THAT fighting.
Defeat Uaaarrrgghh!
This too... must be fate...
I guess I was just... incomplete...
There.... there still things... that I must do...
Time Up Defeat Time... can be so cruel..
Everything has a limit.


Ragna the Bloodedge

Situation Quote Audio
Intro Ragna: Tch.
Hakumen: Let us now put an end to our ever intertwined fates.
Idle What’s the matter? Your feet are trembling.
Round Win It seems I have given you too much credit.
Why don't you fight seriously!?
Outro I can hear terror calling your name!

Jin Kisaragi

Situation Quote Audio
Intro Jin: Who... the hell are you?
Hakumen: ...
Outro ...


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Intro Taokaka: Who?
Hakumen: Hmm... Remnants of age's past. Intriguing.
Outro Your original... was not this weak!


Situation Quote Audio
Intro A demon forged from humans...
Idle I shall deny your very existence!
Round Win To whose side does the scales of justice tipped?
Outro I shall deny your very existence!

Victory Screen

Situation Quote Audio
Vs. Ragna the Bloodedge Hah! Nightmare... Return to your senses... Feel the solitude... Reminisce about your past... Lament over the Azure, and then just disappear. Play
Vs. Ragna the Bloodedge Play
Vs. Jin Kisaragi ...
Vs. Jin Kisaragi ...
Vs. Noel Vermillion I see... How rude of me to ask "why"... What a pitiful girl... you were born in the midst of such turmoil... Play
Vs. Noel Vermillion Play
Vs. Rachel Alucard What is this charade? The puppets are going too far. Be careful, Icarus... Play
Vs. Rachel Alucard Play
Vs. Taokaka Hehehe... Oh, kitty, you have brought such a dangerous being before us. Play
Vs. Taokaka Play
Vs. Iron Tager Don't interfere. This is my redemption. Play
Vs. Iron Tager Play
Vs. Litchi Faye-Ling Don't fight it. This was meant to be. Let the flow carry you. Play
Vs. Litchi Faye-Ling Play
Vs. Arakune There is only one way to save the fallen. I hope you're prepared. Play
Vs. Arakune Play
Vs. Bang Shishigami Your determination is unparalleled. I would like to see what you do with it... Roam this world as you desire. Play
Vs. Bang Shishigami Play
Vs. Carl Clover Young man, you came the closest to discovering the truth, and then diverted your eyes... How pitiful. Play
Vs. Carl Clover Play
Vs. Hakumen This world doesn't need two of the same Sacred Treasure. That means one of them must be destroyed. Play
Vs. Hakumen Play
Vs. ν-No.13- I will put an end to all of this by killing you right now! Play
Vs. ν-No.13- Play