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BlazBlue Sound Complete Box

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Release Date

JP: November 21, 2019






612 min.



BlazBlue Sound Complete Box (stylized BLAZBLUE SOUND COMPLETE BOX) is a comprehensive release of all tracks from Calamity Trigger to Central Fiction. The album was announced shortly after Evolution Championship Series 2019 (Evo 2019) and was released November 21, 2019.[1]

Calamity Trigger

Disc 1

1."Calamitytrigger" (BBCT arcade opening theme) 
2."蒼-iconoclast (Short ver)" (BBCT console opening theme) 
3."Rebellion" (Ragna the Bloodedge's theme) 
4."Lust SIN" (Jin Kisaragi's theme) 
5."Bullet Dance" (Noel Vermillion's theme) 
6."MOTOR HEAD" (Iron Tager's theme) 
7."Catus Carnival" (Taokaka's theme) 
8."Queen of rose" (Rachel Alucard's theme) 
9."Thin RED Line" (Arakune's theme) 
10."Gale (烈風)" (Bang Shishigami's theme) 
11."Oriental Flower" (Litchi Faye-Ling's theme) 
12."Marionette Purple" (Carl Clover's theme) 
13."SUSANOOH" (Hakumen's theme) 
14."Awakening the Chaos" (Nu-13/Lambda-11's theme) 
15."Blood Pain" (Mirror match theme) 
16."Love so Blue ~蒼の鼓動~" (Noel's theme (Story mode)) 
17."お前の鉄槌に釘を打て" (Bang's theme (When Furinkazan activates)) 

Disc 2

1."nocturne" (Title screen) 
2."Altar" (Menu screen) 
3."Blue beating" (Character select screen) 
4."VS" (Versus screen) 
5."Under Heaven Destruction" (Ragna vs. Jin's theme) 
6."Imperial Code" (Noel vs. Jin's theme) 
7."White Requiem" (Rachel vs. Ragna's theme) 
8."Weak Executioner" (Arakune vs. Litchi's theme) 
9."Winner" (Victory screen) 
10."Challenger" (Challenger screen) 
11."Black Onslaught" (Unlimited Ragna theme) 
12."Impulse" (Astral Heat (Unused)) 
13."Continue" (Continue screen) 
14."Limited Again" (Ending theme (Staff Roll B)) 
15."Highlander" (Story Mode opening) 
16."Open The Gate" (When the gate opens) 
17."Flos" (Story mode) 
18."Mirage" (Story mode) 
19."Stardust memory" (Story mode) 
20."Hollow" (Story mode) 
21."Cloudy" (Story mode) 
22."Front line" (Story mode) 
23."Curse" (Story mode) 
24."RIOT" (Story mode) 
25."MarsMars" (Story mode) 
26."Misletoe" (Story mode) 
27."Raise" (Story mode) 
28."Rimelight" (Story mode) 
29."The road to hope." (Ending theme (Staff Roll A)) 
30."Game over" (Game over screen) 
31."Bright" (Ending theme) 

Continuum Shift

Disc 3

1."CONTINUUM SHIFT" (BBCS arcade opening theme) 
2."碧羅の天へ誘えど (Short ver)" (BBCS console opening theme) 
3."蒼弓の光 (Short ver)" (BBCS Extend opening theme) 
4."Gluttony Fang" (Hazama's theme) 
5."Condemnation Wings" (Tsubaki Yayoi's theme) 
6."Alexandrite" (Makoto Nanaya's theme) 
7."Endless Despair" (Unlimited Hazama's theme) 
8."Active Angel" (Platinum the Trinity's theme) 
9."Howling Moon" (Valkenhayn R. Hellsing's theme) 
10."Plastic Night" (Relius Clover's theme) 
11."Pandora tears" (BBCS Story Mode insert song) 
12."Sword of Doom" (Mu-12's theme) 
13."Childish killer" (Jin vs. Tsubaki's theme) 
14."blue-bloom" (BBCS Extend ending theme) 

Disc 4

1."深蒼" (BBCS2 opening theme) 
2."splash" (Story mode) 
3."Nightmare Fiction" (Ragna vs. Hazama's theme) 
4."Memory of Tears" (Tsubaki vs. Noel's theme) 
5."X-matic(クロスマチック)" (Relius vs. Carl's theme) 
6."Cross Line" (Jin vs. Tsubaki's theme) 
7."Premonition" (Story mode) 
8."re:stung" (Story mode) 
9."Audience" (Story mode) 
10."pinky promise" (Story mode) 
11."Breeze" (Story mode) 
12."Uprising" (Story mode) 
13."Lakeside" (Story mode) 
14."Comedy" (Story mode) 
15."RUN" (Story mode) 
16."Rubble Song" (BBCS arcade ending theme) 
17."Spiral" (BBCS Extend ending theme) 
18."DIMENSION SHIFT" (BBCS console ending theme) 

Chrono Phantasma

Disc 5

1."CHRONOPHANTASMA" (BBCP arcade opening theme) 
2."White Nights" (Title screen) 
3."explorator" (Menu screen) 
4."Proof of the Warrior" (Character select screen) 
5."Battlefield" (Character stage introduction screen) 
6."Obstinacy" (VS screen) 
7."in JUSTICE" (Hakumen vs. Izayoi's theme) 
8."Black & White" (Ragna vs. Hakumen's theme) 
9."Fatal Judge" (Arcade Mode boss battle) 
10."Proclamation" (Victory screen) 
11."Invasion" (Challenger screen) 
12."Dissonance" (Relius vs. Valkenhayn's theme) 
13."Blood Pain II" (Mirror match theme) 
14."Remaining" (Continue screen) 
15."CHRONORISE" (BBCPEX arcade opening theme) 
16."mist" (Menu screen) 
17."maleficus" (Story mode) 
18."Nemesis Horizon" (Story mode) 
19."THE HIGHLANDER" (vs. Takemikazuchi's theme) 
20."Stardust Memories-CHROver-" (BBCPEX arcade ending theme) 
21."RISING" (BBCP arcade ending theme) 
22."Then" (Game over) 

Disc 6

1."Blue sanction(Short ver)" (BBCP console opening theme) 
2."BLUE desire(Short ver)" (BBCP Extend opening theme) 
3."舞神" (Amane Nishiki's theme) 
4."Justice Sword" (Izayoi's theme) 
5."Spirit of Fire" (Bullet's theme) 
6."The Tyrant" (Azrael's theme) 
7."Black aggression" (Kagura Mutsuki's theme) 
8."Science Fiction" (Kokonoe's theme) 
9."Sector7" (Sector Seven's theme) 
10."SIX-HEROES" (Six Heroes' theme) 
11."Crystal Forest" (Celica A. Mercury's theme) 
12."Silent Scream" (Yuuki Terumi's theme) 
13."marionette" (BBCP Extend ending theme) 
14."Bang!Bang!Bigbang!-正義上等!ヒーロー登場!-" (Bang's theme (when Bang's Furinkazan activates)) 
15."Drive Qualia -過去と未来のコトノハ-" (BBCP console ending theme) 

Disc 7

1."Rebellion II" (Ragna the Bloodedge's theme) 
2."Lust SIN II" (Jin Kisaragi's theme) 
3."Bullet Dance II" (Noel Vermillion's theme) 
4."Queen of rose II" (Rachel Alucard's theme) 
5."Catus Carnival II" (Taokaka's theme) 
6."MOTOR HEAD II" (Iron Tager's theme) 
7."Oriental Flower II" (Litchi Faye-Ling's theme) 
8."Thin RED Line II" (Arakune's theme) 
9."Gale (烈風) II" (Bang Shishigami's theme) 
10."Marionette Purple II" (Carl Clover's theme) 
11."SUSANOOH II" (Hakumen's theme) 
12."Awakening the Chaos II" (Nu-13/Lambda-11's theme) 
13."Condemnation Wings II" (Tsubaki Yayoi's theme) 
14."Gluttony Fang II" (Hazama's theme) 
15."Sword of Doom II" (Mu-12's theme) 

Disc 8

1."Under Heaven Destruction II" (Ragna vs. Jin's theme) 
2."Imperial Code II" (Noel vs. Jin's theme) 
3."White Requiem II" (Rachel vs. Ragna's theme) 
4."Nightmare Fiction II" (Ragna vs. Hazama's theme) 
5."Weak Executioner II" (Arakune vs. Litchi's theme) 
6."X-matic II" (Relius vs. Carl's theme) 
7."Endless Despair II" (Unlimited Hazama's theme) 
8."Black Onslaught II" (Unlimited Ragna's theme) 
9."Alexandrite II" (Makoto Nanaya's theme) 
10."Howling Moon II" (Valkenhayn R. Hellsing's theme) 
11."Active Angel II" (Platinum the Trinity's theme) 
12."Plastic Night II" (Relius Closer's theme) 
13."Memory of Tears II" (Tsubaki vs. Noel's theme) 
14."Childish killer II" (Tsubaki vs. Jin's theme) 

Central Fiction

Disc 9

1."CENTRALFICTION" (BBCF arcade opening theme) 
2."a drop" (Title screen) 
3."CF Field 1" (Menu screen) 
4."Next force" (Character select screen) 
5."CF interlude" (Character stage introduction theme) 
6."CF VS" (VS screen) 
7."Bloodline" (Ragna/Jin vs. Izanami's theme) 
8."Reincarnation" (Nine vs. Celica/Kokonoe/Jubei's theme) 
9."CF winner" (Victory screen) 
10."CF Challenger" (Challenger screen) 
11."God of War" (Hakumen vs. Susano'o's theme) 
12."CF continue" (Continue screen) 
13."CENTRALFICTION-RESUIT" (BBCF2 opening theme) 
14."CF Field 2" (Menu screen) 
15."Neo ABYSS" (Grim of Abyss Mode) 
16."THE WORLD END" (Unlimited Izanami's theme) 
17."Hakaishin (破壊神)" (Susano'o's theme) 
18."Twilight tear" (BBCF arcade ending theme) 
19."CF gameover" (Game over) 

Disc 10

1."TRUE-BLUE" (BBCF console opening theme) 
2."Jaeger" (Naoto Kurogane's theme) 
3."VARIABLE HEART" (Mai Natsume's theme) 
4."in the shadows" (Hibiki Kohaku's theme) 
5."Air" (Story mode) 
6."STAND UNRIVALED" (Jubei's theme) 
7."Walpurgisnacht" (Nine the Phantom's theme) 
8."conciliation" (Es' theme) 
9."END GAZER" (Es vs. Celica/Nine's theme) 
10."black throb" (Story mode (Black Beast)) 
11."YOMOTSUHIRASAKA" (Izanami's theme) 
12."MUST DIE" (Susano'o's theme) 
13."Stardust Memory ~永遠の日々~" (Ragna vs. Noel's theme (Story mode)) 
14."BLAZBLUE ~蒼光-ヒカリ-の向こうへ~" (BBCF console ending theme) 

Bonus Disc

Bonus disc

This bonus disc is bundled with simultaneous purchases of BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle Special Edition and the BlazBlue Sound Box from the ebten Arc Shop.

1."Turning Fate" (BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle Version 2.0 Trailer BGM) 


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