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Victory Screen

Situation Line Voice
Vs. Ragna
That          truth, and that is   nother piece.
Vs. Jin
Fear more      love          hate       ! Let        self crumble away,       pathetic        mediary.
Vs. Noel
            if you're Azure          White...
Vs. Rachel
        world seems               large   compared      others, hahaha.
Vs. Taokaka
   you            still,          have                   darkness
Vs. Tager
          too        just her toy            end.
Vs. Litchi
Why             sad...?                   grieving?   don't understand,    don't under       ... My words...      losing them...
Vs. Arakune
       already myself.           no need
Vs. Bang
Hmm... is                    blade? I          fast         .
Vs. Carl
    kid, eh?       like bugs,         ? Eat      .       delicious. Eat up! Hahaha!
Vs. Hakumen
Ahhhhh  You'r   worth  ss! Wor  ess! Worthle  !            less!            less! WorthlessW      lessWORTHLESS!
Vs. Nu-13
Azu       Azur     Please   gi    me      Azure... I'm      I'm   .