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NA: Arc System Works America

ARC Live!, short for Arc System Works Official Live, is an English-language livestream hosted weekly by Arc System Works America, and is the equivalent of the Japanese-language livestream ArcNama, hosted by Arc System Works in Japan. Episodes are streamed on Twitch and archived on YouTube.

It promotes BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle as well as other games that Arc System Works publishes, and is hosted by D-Piddy. Arc System Works staff, English voice actors, and prominent members of the fighting game community (FGC) appear as guests.


Feb 7, 2018
ARC Live! EP1

Guest: Cloud805
Feb 12, 2018
ARC Live! EP2 - Q&A w/ Daisuke & Mori

Guests: Daisuke Ishiwatari and Toshimichi Mori
Feb 21, 2018
ARC Live! EP3 - BB:TAG DLC, Price & Dub Details w/ Vampy Bit Me + Giveaways

Guest: Vampy Bit Me
Feb 28, 2018
ARC Live! EP4 - The Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2 "Re-Finement" Patch w/ Sajam & Tasty Steve

Guests: Sajam and Tasty Steve, Mike Engler (Arc System Works)
Mar 7, 2018
ARC Live! EP5 - BB:TAG Pre-Orders Are Open! w/ KrizzieKay + Giveaways

Guest: Kizzie Kay
Mar 14, 2018
ARC Live! EP6: Q&A w/ Arc System Works President, Minoru Kidooka!

Guest: Minoru Kidooka (Arc System Works President)
Mar 21, 2018
ARC Live! EP7: BlazBlue Cross Tag w/ BrKrDave & JonaKim + Under Night In-Birth EXE:Late[St] Giveaway

Guests: Jona Kim and Brkr Dave
Mar 28, 2018
ARC Live! EP8: BlazBlue Cross Tag w/ TheBiter & Bond, Eat Beat Dead Spike-san + GIVEAWAYS!

Guests: TheBiter and Dillon Bond
Apr 4, 2018
ARC Live! EP9: Q&A w/ Voice Actress Cristina Vee (Noel Vermillion, Nu-13)

Guest: Cristina Vee (Noel Vermillion, Nu-13)
Apr 11, 2018
ARC Live! EP10: BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle w/ Sherry Nhan + Secret Reveal

Guest: Sherry Nhan
Apr 18, 2019
ARC Live! EP11: BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle w/ Koefficient

Guest: Koefficient
Apr 26, 2018
ARC Live! EP12: Guilty Gear REV2 Open Challenges w/ Cloud805 & Kizzie Kay

Guests: Cloud805 and Kizzie Kay
May 2, 2018
ARC Live! EP13: BB:TAG Plot/Storymode + BB:CF Open Lobby Battles

Guests: BeautifuldudeGG and Foonanigims
May 9, 2018
ARC Live! EP14: BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle Live From Wednesday Night Fights!

Guest: none
May 16, 2018
ARC Live! EP15: Hands on Platinum, Kanji, Orie & Blake w/ Shunao & Samifish!

Guests: Shunao and Samifish
May 23, 2018
ARC Live! EP16: Arcade Sticks & More BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle!

Guests: RS and J-Man
May 30, 2018

Guests: Kizzie Kay and Maguma
Jun 6, 2018
ARC Live! EP18: Live from Wednesday Night Fights! ANNOUNCEMENT INCOMING!

Guests: Minoru Kidooka (ASW CEO), Samifish, RS_FRC
Jun 13, 2019
ARC Live! EP19: With Guests Minoru Kidooka (CEO) & Junya Motomura (GGXrd & DBFZ), Then BB:Tag Analysis With Brett & Apologyman

Guests: Minoru Kidooka (ASW CEO). Junya Motomura (GGXrd/DBFZ Art Director), ArcMod, Brett, ApologyMan
Jun 20, 2019
ARC Live! EP20: New Merchandise, Events & Gameplay

Guests: Samifish
Jun 27, 2018
ARC Live! EP21: Food & Video Games

Guests: Xanthe Huyne (Vatista), Okamoto Kitchen
Jul 11, 2018
ARC Live! EP22: AX Recap, Kill La Kill & Gotcha Racing 2nd

Guest: Vampy Bit Me
Jul 18, 2018
ARC Live! EP23

Guest: James Chen

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