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NA: Arc System Works America

ARC Live!, short for Arc System Works Official Live, is an English-language livestream hosted weekly by Arc System Works America, and is the equivalent of the Japanese-language livestream ArcNama, hosted by Arc System Works in Japan. Episodes are streamed on Twitch and archived on YouTube.

It promotes BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle as well as other games that Arc System Works publishes, and is hosted by D-Piddy. Arc System Works staff, English voice actors, and prominent members of the fighting game community (FGC) appear as guests.


Stream DateEpisode Title
Feb 7, 2018ARC Live! EP1
Guest: Cloud805
Feb 12, 2018ARC Live! EP2 - Q&A w/ Daisuke & Mori
Guests: Daisuke Ishiwatari and Mori Toshimichi
Feb 21, 2018ARC Live! EP3 - BB:TAG DLC, Price & Dub Details w/ Vampy Bit Me + Giveaways

Watch as we are joined with cosplayer and streamer, Vampy Bit Me to discuss some of the new BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle announcements of game pricing, DLC characters and English dubs. D-Piddy also teaches Vampy the basic controls and mechanics of BB:Tag, and eventually go a few matches (guess who wins?). We close it out with more Slice, Dice & Rice!

Guest: Vampy Bit Me
Feb 28, 2018ARC Live! EP4 - The Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2 "Re-Finement" Patch w/ Sajam & Tasty Steve

Watch as we are joined with fighting game commentators and personalities, Sajam and Tasty Steve, as we discuss and play the new Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2 patch with Mike Engler of Aksys Games! We also talk about the upcoming anime fighting game event, Anime Ascension, which will feature BlazBlue: Central Fiction, Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2 along many other air-dash fighters. Later in the episode, D-Piddy and our guests play Damascus Gear Operation Tokyo, which is now our on the Nintendo Switch eShop. We close with BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle, and have Sajam and Tasty Steve play for the first time and get their thoughts on the game and it's place in the competitive fighting game scene.

Guests: Sajam and Tasty Steve, Mike Engler (Arc System Works)
Mar 7, 2018ARC Live! EP5 - BB:TAG Pre-Orders Are Open! w/ KrizzieKay + Giveaways

On this episode, we are joined with professional fighting game player, Krizzie Kay, to play BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle. We also announce the launch of the new Arc System Works America website at (check it out, the new design is sexy). We also briefly talk about the newly launch title, Damascus Gear Operation: Osaka, which is now available for PS4, PSVita and Steam, then finish off with some game play of the already released Switch title, Of Mice & Sand.

Guest: Kizzie Kay
Mar 14, 2018ARC Live! EP6: Q&A w/ Arc System Works President, Minoru Kidooka!

On this special episode of Arc Live, Mikey and fighting game commentator, James Chen, are joined by Arc System Works very own CEO and president, Minoru Kidooka. We take fan questions from Twitter and the Twitch chat and have Kidooka-san answer them. Will even see a Guilty Gear vs BlazBlue crossover game? What are his thoughts on possibly having Arc System Works develop another anime property like they did with Dragon Ball FighterZ? Would something like Avatar: The Last Airbender be a possibility? Is a hotdog a sandwich? We get his thoughts on all the important questions. Later, we see how much Kidooka-san was trained by Tekken's own Katsuhiro Harada. Would Arc System Works president have enough skills (and even remember some moves) to go against D-Piddy in a first to 3 in Tekken? With James Chen taking his usual seat in the commentary chair, let's find out!

Guest: Minoru Kidooka (Arc System Works President)
Mar 21, 2018ARC Live! EP7: BlazBlue Cross Tag w/ BrKrDave & JonaKim + Under Night In-Birth EXE:Late[St] Giveaway

In this episode, D-Piddy is joined by some of the best BlazBlue players in the United States, Jona Kim and Brkr Dave. Watch as this will be there first time playing the game (okay... Jona might have played a little during EVO Japan a few months back, but let's just call it his first time too). They'll be breaking some of the moves down, go over the new mechanics and button layout, try out combos and tech, as well as compare and contrast BlazBlue, Persona 4 Arena and Under Night In-Birth gameplay to the newly designed Cross Tag Battle system. We also giveaway some codes to Under Night In-Birth Exe: Late[St].

Guests: Jona Kim and Brkr Dave
Mar 28, 2018ARC Live! EP8: BlazBlue Cross Tag w/ TheBiter & Bond, Eat Beat Dead Spike-san + GIVEAWAYS!

In this episode, D-Piddy is joined by two local anime fighter players, TheBiter and Dillon bond, who are mostly known for their run during Persona 4 Arena and competing in that game. They begin talking about BB:TAG, their overall thoughts and collectively go over some of the recently Arc System Works published titles. The first game they play is Eat Beat DeadSpike-san, where all three take turns playing some of the BlazBlue themes in the rhythm game, then go straight into BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle. The problem is... they ended up playing the wrong build on stream! Regardless, everyone had fun and we still gave away game codes.

Guests: TheBiter and Dillon Bond
Apr 4, 2018ARC Live! EP9: Q&A w/ Voice Actress Cristina Vee (Noel Vermillion, Nu-13)

In this special episode, D-Piddy and Gail have Cristina Vee, voice actress known for her role in Power Rangers Hyperforce as Vesper, Sailor Moon as Rei Hino / Sailor Mars, and of course, in BlazBlue as Noel Vermillion, Nu-13, Saya, Lambda-11 and Mu-12. We open up the show some questions we chose from Twitter and Facebook, then took some from the chat. We then got Cristina to play D-Piddy in BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle where he taught her some of the basics of the game, and we closed it off with some EatBeat DeadSpike-san giveaways on the Switch!

Guest: Cristina Vee (Noel Vermillion, Nu-13)
Apr 11, 2018ARC Live! EP10: BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle w/ Sherry Nhan + Secret Reveal

Pro Street Fighter player SherryJenix and pro Dragon Ball FighterZ player Yohosie guest in this episode of ArcLive. They play BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle for the very first time (this is also Sherry's first time playing any fighting game), and get their thoughts on the game. We later get a special guest from Arc System Works Japan to talk about what it's like working for the company, some of his projects he's worked on, and then we finally close it off with the reveal of the BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle Collector's Edition for the US release!

Guest: Sherry Nhan
Apr 18, 2019ARC Live! EP11: BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle w/ Koefficient

On this episode, we have anime fighting game player Koefficient joining us! Aside from competing in various fighting games, he also uses YouTube as a platform to dissect, discuss and just create content that focuses on anime fighters, with BlazBlue being his most popular series to talk about, and recently, our upcoming BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle. In the first half of the episode, D-Piddy talks about Koefficient's history with fighters and what he currently thinks about BB:TAG. Then, Koefficient begins his questions that his following, and the community, want to know... and Mikey has the answers. The second half of the episode we get D-Piddy go 1v1 against Koefficient (who will get the most wins?) and we close it off with a nice surprise from an artist!

Guest: Koefficient
Apr 26, 2018ARC Live! EP12: Guilty Gear REV2 Open Challenges w/ Cloud805 & Kizzie Kay

We bring back Kizzie Kay and Cloud805 (who comes late due to Los Angeles traffic). In the first half of this episode, D-Piddy and Kizzie gives us our first look at Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R on the Nintendo Switch (Yuji also comes in and plays Kizzie for a bit). Once Cloud805 finally comes, Kizzie teaches Cloud the basics of Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2, the bread and butter for Sol-Badguy, and then we throw him into the wolves and play the chatroom in open lobby matches. How does Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite do? Well... pretty good for someone who doesn't play Guilty Gear. But once Cloud is done, Kizzie, a GG REV2 champion, takes on the lobby, and the results is as you would expect (he didn't lose one match).

Guests: Cloud805 and Kizzie Kay
May 2, 2018ARC Live! EP13: BB:TAG Plot/Storymode + BB:CF Open Lobby Battles

In this episode, we bring in fighting game pros Beautifuldude and Foo, who both specialize in anime fighters! In the first half of the episode, we bring you a little tease to what the story of BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle is about! Why are our heroes from these different worlds fighting? Well, Arc System Works' own Yuji comes in to give us a little synopsis, as well as play a little of the game's story mode! Then on the second half of the episode, we have our guests play against members of the chatroom! Will anyone be able to beat our guests in an open battle? Let's find out!

Guests: BeautifuldudeGG and Foonanigims
May 9, 2018ARC Live! EP14: BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle Live From Wednesday Night Fights!

In this special episode, we bring you a first look at RWBY's Blake and the fighters from Character Pack #1, Platinum The Trinity, Kanji Tatsumi and Orie to Wednesday Night Fights, brought to you by the Level Up Series at the eSports Arena, Santa Ana.

Guest: none
May 16, 2018ARC Live! EP15: Hands on Platinum, Kanji, Orie & Blake w/ Shunao & Samifish!
Guests: Shunao and Samifish
May 23, 2018ARC Live! EP16: Arcade Sticks & More BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle!
Guests: RS and J-Man
May 30, 2018ARC Live! EP17: BLAZBLUE CROSS TAG [Battle] IN 6 DAYS!
Guests: Kizzie Kay and Maguma
Jun 6, 2018ARC Live! EP18: Live from Wednesday Night Fights! ANNOUNCEMENT INCOMING!
Guests: Minoru Kidooka (ASW CEO), Samifish, RS_FRC
Jun 13, 2019ARC Live! EP19: With Guests Minoru Kidooka (CEO) & Junya Motomura (GGXrd & DBFZ), Then BB:Tag Analysis With Brett & Apologyman
Guests: Minoru Kidooka (ASW CEO). Junya Motomura (GGXrd/DBFZ Art Director), ArcMod, Brett, ApologyMan
Jun 20, 2019ARC Live! EP20: New Merchandise, Events & Gameplay
Guests: Samifish
Jun 27, 2018ARC Live! EP21: Food & Video Games
Guests: Xanthe Huyne (Vatista), Okamoto Kitchen
Jul 11, 2018ARC Live! EP22: AX Recap, Kill La Kill & Gotcha Racing 2nd
Guest: Vampy Bit Me
Jul 18, 2018ARC Live! EP23: AX Recap, Kill La Kill & Gotcha Racing 2nd
Guest: James Chen
Jul 25, 2018ARC Live! EP24: Teach Me Mr.Chef-chi! Teach Me Mr.Li-Chen! featuring James Chen and EGPWonderChef
Guests: James Chen, EGPWonderChef
Aug 7, 2018ArcLive Episode 25: EVO Post-Show featuring Arc System Works Japan!

We talk about things post-EVO: our announcements, the standings, the matches, and more.

Guests: Minoru Kidooka(Arc System Works' president), Mori Toshimichi (BlazBlue series producer), Riku Ozawa (game designer and ArcNama host), and Masanari Ara (BBTAG game designer)

Hosts: Samifish, ninjamikey
Aug 15, 2018(RERUN) ArcLive Episode 26: EVO Post-Show with Arc System Works Japan and the BBTAG Development Team!

Join us for a special post #EVO2018 episode of #ArcLive, with the always awesome @jchensor in the house to break it all down!...Come join the chat and relive some EVO memories![1]

Guest: James Chen
Aug 22, 2018ArcLive Episode 27: UNIST Extravaganza

To celebrate the release of #UNIST on Steam this week, #ArcLive is going in hard with a UNIST Extravaganza! Special guests @KilgoreTheFish, @LPT_actionwoman, @Phoxx_3D, and @Konmai573 will be in the studio to discuss all things Under Night.[2]

Guests: Kilgore, Phoxx, Konmai, LPT
Aug 29, 2018ArcLive Episode 28: UNIST Class ft. James Chen, Konmai, and Sojoro

Curious about #UnderNight? Have you dipped your toes in with #UNIEL or #UNIST but are still learning the ropes? Join @jchensor and @Konmai573 Wednesday at 5pm PST on #ArcLive as they give some deep dive character break downs! Pro or casual, there's always something to learn.[3]

Guests: James Chen, Konmai
Sept 5, 2018ArcLive Episode 29: SoCal Character Clinic ft. GookieMonster & ZONG_one

It's time for an #ArcLive revolution! A #GuiltyGear REV2olution to be exact. Join us and special guests GookieMonster and ZONG_one as they give you a lab session in Guilty Gear greatness! [4]

Guests: GookieMonster, ZONG_one
Sept 12, 2018ArcLive Episode 30

Today's #ArcLive will be special. We have two great guests @OlafRedland and @ffSade. We will be breaking down #BBTAG 1.30 balance changes... And what's that? We might be breaking some #ArcREVO news? Oh my. [5]

Guests: Mike "Olafredland" Spragg, Sade
Sept 26, 2018ArcLive Episode 32: CEOtaku: The reign of King Jona & the inaugural Slice Dice & Rice tournament

#ArcLive is bringing you a four way Slice, Dice & Rice tournament featuring special guests @vcJonaKim, @VampyBitme, @_dpiddy, @SorenTheWorld! @jchensor returns as well as our guest commentator! PLUS our special message from @Swery65! Tonight at 5pm PST:[6]

Host: Arc Karrie
Guests: Jona, VampyBitMe, D-Piddy, Sojoro

Guest Commentator: James Chen
Oct 3, 2018ArcLive Episode 33: Octo, Konmai, & Arc Kenny ask what "IF" in Kill La Kill The Game: IF

This week our #ArcLive is going to be a little more... Kill la Killier than usual. Guest @Octopimp will be joining us as we dive deep into the upcoming #KillLaKill fighting game! It's going down tomorrow at 5pm PST at ! #killlakillgame[7]

Guests: Octopimp
Oct 10, 2018ArcLive Episode 34: The Missing featuring special guest Swery.

We have the incomparable @Swery65 in the studio for a special episode of #ArcLive today! With #TheMISSING launching tomorrow, don't miss a chance to interact with the man himself tonight! It all starts at 5pm PST at twitch/tv/ArcSystemWorksU[8]

Guests: Hidetaka "Swery" Suehiro
Oct 17, 2018ArcLive Episode 35: Guilty Gear Community Day Ft. Viro & UYU

Today’s #ArcLive is Guilty of changing Gears to a #GuiltyGear themed episode! (Get it? We’re so clever). It starts at 5pm PST with special guests @Kizzie_Kay310 and @ViroFGC on our twitch channel. [9]

Host: Arc Yuji

Guests: UYU Kizzie Kay and Viro
Oct 24, 2018ArcLive Episode 36: BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle Character Breakdown Ft. Samifish

School is in session! #ArcLive tonight features @Samifish11 giving an in depth character workshop for #BBTAG. He will also have some insight into the BBTAG Top 8 during the SEA Major Singapore #ArcREVO Tournament. 5pm PST. . Be there![10]

Guests: Samifish
Oct 31, 2018ArcLive Episode 37: Arc-tober Art Showdown ft. Aggronize & RobotCat

We have a special art centric episode of #ArcLive for you this week! Artists @Aggronize and @RobotCatArt will be here to showcase their talents! And it’s Halloween, so who knows what might happen? It all starts at 5pm PST on![11]

Host: Arc Yuji

Guests: Aggronize and RobotCat
Nov 7, 2018ArcLive Casual Stream: Let's Play with KarrieBear
Nov 21, 2018ArcLive Rerun: Relive the Magic!

Attention all BazeBlue gamers! Our very own Naoko-san leads a pre Thanksgiving #ArcLive with speical guests “That guy who’ll kick your ass with a guitar hero controller” @yohseph and @DjandoM! Celebrate 10 years of #BlazBlue with us at 5pm PST at[12]

Host: Naoko-san

Guests: Josuke and Christian
Dec 12, 2018ArcLive Episode 39: Guilty Gear Accent Core +R Day Ft. ClassicFightingGamer & DQRF

We're rocking Guilty Gear Accent Core +R on #ARCLive today! TO and community organizer @CFightingGamer will be playing some matches and chatting along. Join us in 4.5 hours on Twitch! #ACPR #GuiltyGear

Host: Arc Yuji

Guests: ClassicFightingGamer, DQRF
Dec 19, 2018ArcLive Episode 40: KILL la KILL - IF New Character Showcase with WonderChef & Arc Kenny

We've got a very special episode of #ArcLive prepped for this week!
Come join us at at 5pm PST for an in depth look at KILL la KILL - IF's two newest characters, fully voiced! #KILLlaKILLthegame

Host: Arc Kenny

Guests: WonderClaus
Stream DateEpisode Title
Jan 16, 2019ARC Live! EP40

Let’s start off #ArcLive’s 2019 off strong! Arc System Works President Minoru Kidooka is joining us on this week’s episode for a special AMA. Reply with a question you’d like answered live on air using tag #ArcLiveAMA![13]

Hosts: Arc Yuji, James Chen

Guest: Minori Kidooka (President of ASW)

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