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Gameplay:Nine the Phantom BBCF: Difference between revisions

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(Nine's "Drive" was confirmed in her moveset, like how other characters have either their weapons, Ars Magus, special abilities inherent to them, or skillsets as Drives)
Line 17: Line 17:
| drive    =  
| drive    =  
   {{Command List Row
   {{Command List Row
     | EN    = None (Nine does not have Drive)
     | EN    = The Abyss Diver
     | JP    =  
     | JP    =  
     | romaji =  
     | romaji =  
Line 85: Line 85:
   {{Command List Row
   {{Command List Row
     | EN    = Flame Punisher
     | EN    = Flame Punisher
     | JP    = <ruby><rb>荒れ狂う炎灼の消滅結尾</rb><rt>End Result of the Annihilating Rampaging Blaze</rt></ruby> -フレイムバニッシャー-
     | JP    = <ruby><rb>荒れ狂う炎灼の消滅結尾</rb><rt>End Result of the Annihilating Rampaging Blaze</rt></ruby> <ruby><rb>-フレイムバニッシャー-</rb><rt>Flame Banisher</rt></ruby>
     | romaji = Arekuruu Enshaku no Shōmetsu Ketsubi "Fureimu Banisshā"
     | romaji = Arekuruu Enshaku no Shōmetsu Ketsubi "Fureimu Banisshā"
     | input  = ↓↘→↓↘→ + A
     | input  = ↓↘→↓↘→ + A
Line 101: Line 101:
   {{Command List Row
   {{Command List Row
     | EN    = Azurite Nova
     | EN    = Azurite Nova
     | JP    = <ruby><rb>燃え盛る藍銅の獄葬災禍</rb><rt>Cataclysmic Imprisonment in [[wikipedia:Copper_peptide_GHK-Cu|Copper Peptide]]</rt></ruby> -アズライトインフェルノ-
     | JP    = <ruby><rb>燃え盛る藍銅の獄葬災禍</rb><rt>Cataclysmic Imprisonment in [[wikipedia:Copper_peptide_GHK-Cu|Copper Peptide]]</rt></ruby> <ruby><rb>-アズライトインフェルノ-</rb><rt>Azurite Inferno</rt></ruby>
     | romaji = Oesakaru Randō no Gokusō Saika "Azuraito Inferuno"
     | romaji = Oesakaru Randō no Gokusō Saika "Azuraito Inferuno"
     | input  = ↓↘→↓↘→ + C
     | input  = ↓↘→↓↘→ + C
Line 118: Line 118:

== Palettes==
<gallery heights="100px" style="text-align:center;">
<gallery heights="100px" style="text-align:center;">
File:BBCF PH Palette 01.png|01
File:BBCF PH Palette 01.png|01

Revision as of 17:11, 15 October 2023


Nine is a mage who fights her opponents with a wide range of magic. Her controls are rather unique, and it require the Player to remember the magic spells she can use with her D. Once mastered, however, she offers a wide range of options for attacking.

All of Nine's dashes are replaced with teleports, and she is able to perform an additional dash. Additional dashes can be used pressing ↑↑ to upwards, or ↓↓ to go downwards.

Normal attacks, A, B, C are similar in damage and power. Instead, her ← versions are generally quick, her Standing and Crouching attacks have long horizontal reach, and her → attacks are good against airborne opponents.

At mid-range, try to use Standing B or Standing C as much as possible. Both attacks have long reach -- they will reach the opponent as soon as the match starts. Standing B and Standing C can be used twice in a row with Revolver Action, and can be chained with Standing C into Standing b. If it lands, connect it with Crimson Raider.

If the opponent is defensively blocking your attacks, use magic with D or combo into the overhead, Navy Pressure. Navy Pressure will seek the opponent, making it useful even at long ranges. When attacking your opponent, use the D overhead Kunzite of Keep Breaker or the low Morganite of Malice. Connecting ← + A into Standing C into Standing C, will allow you to transition into Kunzite of the Keep Breaker. Use that combo with Standing C into ↘ + C to keep the opponent guessing. Morganite of Malice can be chained ↘ + C. After that, quickly transition into Navy Pressure, which will collide with the opponent at almost the same time they try to Emergency Recovery from ↘ + C.

Against opponents from midair, use the attack that makes you invulnerable to aerial attacks, Mauvette Roar. If you are able to react quickly, pursue the opponent with a → + B. Flax Nurture can be used as an invulnerable move as long as there is magic equipped in the Active Slot. If the opponent gets too close, keep them at bay with this move. Furthermore, Counter Assaults are effective, if you can spare the Heat Gauge. Nine's counter assault results in a sliding-down for the opponent, which is an excellent way to reset, and keep your distance. [1]

Command List

Name Command
Normal Input Alternative Input
The Abyss Diver D
Press D to use various magic attacks
Burning Red
Baningu Reddo
A + B + C + D
Will alter the Active Slot spell, even if the attack misses the opponent
Scarlet Vein
嘲笑う真緋の虚栄Ridiculing Scarlet Vanity -スカーレットヴェイン-
Azawarau Mahi no Kyoei "Sukāretto Vein"
During OD, A + B + C + D
Crimson Raider
果てなき真紅の襲撃Endlessly Crimson Raid -クリムゾンレイダー-
Hatenaki Shinku no Shūgeki "Kurimuzon Reidā"
↓↙← + A (also in midair) → + SP
Mauvette Roar
断罪せし紫苑の咆哮Roar of the Condemning Aster -モーベットロア-
Danzaiseshi Shion no Hōkō "Mōbetto Roa"
↓↙← + SP
Navy Pressure
蹂躙する蒼碧の重圧Overwhelming Deep Blue Pressure -ネイビープレッシャー-
Jūrinsuru Sōheki no Jūatsu "Neibī Puresshā"
↓↙← + C ↓ + SP
Seamoss Gate
原初たる翠緑の門Primitive Emerald Gate -シーモスゲート-
Genshotaru Suiryoku no Mon "Shīmosu Gēto"
↓↘→ + D (also in midair) ↓ + SP in midair
Flax Nurture
大いなる雄黄の促進Nurture of the Great Oripment -フラックスナーチャー-
Ōinaru Yūō no Sokushin "Furakkusu Nāchā"
↓↙← + D (also in midair) SP in midair
Distortion Drive
Flame Punisher
荒れ狂う炎灼の消滅結尾End Result of the Annihilating Rampaging Blaze -フレイムバニッシャー-Flame Banisher
Arekuruu Enshaku no Shōmetsu Ketsubi "Fureimu Banisshā"
↓↘→↓↘→ + A
Cardinal Nova
選ばれし煉朱の新星輪廻Chosen Smelting-Red Nova's Saṃsāra -カーディナルノヴァ-
Erabareshi Renshu no Shinsei Rinne "Kādinaru Nova"
↓↘→↓↘→ + B
Azurite Nova
燃え盛る藍銅の獄葬災禍Cataclysmic Imprisonment in Copper Peptide -アズライトインフェルノ-Azurite Inferno
Oesakaru Randō no Gokusō Saika "Azuraito Inferuno"
↓↘→↓↘→ + C ← + SP
Astral Heat
Colorless Void
降臨せし無色の終天無極Advent of the Colorless Reaches of Infinity -カラーレスヴォイド-
Kōrinseshi Mushoku no Shūten Mukyoku "Karāresu Voido"
↓↘→↓↘→ + D



  1. BlazBlue: Central Fiction, Tutorial Mode, Character Specifics, Nine the Phantom - Lesson 03. Strategy Lessons