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Ragna the Bloodedge

  • MAX HP + 3000
  • Animation changes
  • Locked in Blood Kain state
  • No longer loses health from Blood Kain
  • Sword based C attacks gains health steal properties
  • Speed Increases dramatically
  • Heat casually increases

Extra Commands

Name Command
Normal Input Alternative Input
Dead Spike
↓↙← + D
A short ranged projectile that absorbs the opponent's life.
⇒ Additional Attack ↓↙← + D after "Dead Spike"
Copies the animation from Hell's Fang's additional attack.
  ⇒ Additional Attack ↓↙← + D after "Additional Attack"
Copies the animation from Carnage Scissors's first hit.
Distortion Drive
↓↘→↓↘→ + A
Copies Hell's Fang animation, before finishing with the final hit of Devoured by Darkness. (Extend Only)

Jin Kisaragi

  • MAX HP + 4500
  • All specials excluding Musou has freeze properties
  • All base D attacks can refreeze 6 times (Excluding standing D which only refreezes once)
  • Special D attacks can refreeze up to 12 times
  • Musou hits additional times before the ending slash; 3 for A and B, 4 for C, and 5 for D
  • D Musou freezes on the last hit, rather than the initial one
  • Koukuujin: Yukikaze is triggered regardles of attacked or not
  • Hiyoku Getsumei ends with Koukuujin:Yukikaze (Extend only)
  • Hiyoku Getsumei can now be used airborne (Extend only)

Noel Vermillion

  • MAX HP +3000
  • Can now perform 5 more Chain Revolver actions per session
  • Chain Revolver ground starter can be canceled into any Chain Revolver action
  • All Chain Revolver actions link into themselves
  • Spring Raid can be used three times in a row
  • Optic Barrel can be used three times in a row