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  • ASW April Fools 2018 Illustration.jpg
    Konomi Higuchi. BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle's main designer Konomi Higuchi's live painting illustration is completed! The dreamy Es is done♪ The livestream is also nearing its end! Don't miss the last part! (Chao, 00:33 "add Category:Translations, other versions")
    Arc Nama 24h Special ~The World~ Higuchi Livestreamed Painting Session.png
    (Chao, 00:32 "add other versions")
    BlazBlue Es Birthday 03.jpg
    2018 (Chao, 05:03 "add other versions")
    BlazBlue Es Birthday 02.jpg
    2018. And from company designers we have some illustrations for Es! Today, let's celebrate with Es' beloved pudding! The collab cafe that begins today also has a dish on its menu that's based on Es. Everyone, please celebrate with us! (Chao, 05:02 "add other versions")
    BlazBlue Es Birthday 01.jpg
    2018. Today is Es' birthday! Es debuted in XBlaze, and is an anti-ability-user soldier of the Mitsurugi Agency. She doesn't show emotions, but after passing time with Touya Kagari and the others, she began to develop her own will and prioritize her own wishes. (Chao, 05:02 "add other versions")
    BlazBlue 10th Anniversary Creators Katsura Muramatsu 08.jpg
    "Bug 9: Swampy Front Poison-Dripping
    Looks like a bladder cherry but opened up, with a mouth inside that spits out a large amount of liquid poison. The liquid flies into the air and begins to fall while breaking up, the surroundings become filled with poison gas, the opponent dies, freezes afterwards.
    Bug 10: Spread Open
    Comes form Arakune's mouth(?) as something similar to a drop of water, opens up in the air like an umbrella, drifts lazily, and falls gently. The inside of the umbrella has sharp teeth, and if touched it will suck out all the body's blood. After sucking blood it becomes red, and upon its retrieval, Arakune regains health.
    1. Shoots out 2. Opens umbrella 3. Falls
    Bug 11: Red Jita
    A huge, deep red creature similar to a centipede extends out, whereas Arakune's body gradually grows shorter, or in other words, shrinks."
    Katsura Muramatsu (Chao, 01:16 "edit caption: bug names")
    BlazBlue 10th Anniversary Creators Katsura Muramatsu 09.jpg
    "Bug 27: Full of Eyes
    Elastic, rotund, licks the face. Weak point is its eyes.
    Bug 28: Mr. Tartar
    Highly intelligent. Said to have been created by human civilization."
    Next to uncolored sketch: "Closed"
    "Bug 29: Kikuchisayoko
    An existence whose name must not be spoken. A bug created from a secret technique after solitude in an exorcist's warehouse. Its seal was removed."
    Katsura Muramatsu (Chao, 01:09 "'")
    BlazBlue Azrael Birthday 04.jpg
    2018. And from a designer, we have an illustration of Azrael! This is the pressure and extreme intimidation of an overwhelmingly strong opponent that Ragna and the others had to face! I wonder just what kind of worthy opponent is reflected in those eyes.... Please celebrate with us! (Chao, 06:03 "add Category:Translations, other versions")
    BlazBlue Azrael Birthday 03.jpg
    2018. Today is Azrael's birthday! Azrael normally hungers for battles against strong opponents; this, combined with his absurd strength, earned him the names "Mad Dog" and "Deathbringer"! At the end of this month, there will be a Halloween Event that can satisfy even Azrael! It's currently accepting registrations! (Chao, 06:03 "add Category:Translations, other versions")
    BlazBlue Summer Mini Chara Yukata Ver Trading Can Badge Vol 3.jpg
    (Chao, 00:47 "change category from nirvana -> deus machina: nirvana")