Template:Subpage Tabs

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Tabs for displaying the subpages of a page that is itself a subpage. It lists all subpages, including all children and grandchildren pages.


{{Subpage Tabs|Page/Subpage}}

or for pages with different display names:
{{Subpage Tabs|Λ-No.11-|Lambda-11}}


1 Subpage (Ragna the Bloodedge/Gameplay)

For illustrative purposes

1 Character (Lambda-11)

2 Character (Bang Shishigami)


Uses the SubPageList extension, which supposedly should work as intended. However, template parsing fails and showpage=yes might not be working as intended (instead of being appended to the list as a list item ("li" element), it is being appended as a separate paragraph ("p" element), which complicates styliing).

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