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BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle Original Soundtrack (BLAZBLUE CROSS TAG BATTLE オリジナルサウンドトラック, BLAZBLUE CROSS TAG BATTLE ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK) is the limited-edition soundtrack bundled with the special edition of BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle.

Disc 1

No. Title Description Length
01. Crossing Fate BBTAG theme 4:24
02. Crossing Fate feat.P4U BBTAG theme (Atlus arr.) 4:55
03. Crossing Fate feat.UNI BBTAG theme (French Bread arr.) 4:39
04. Crossing Fate feat.RWBY BBTAG theme (Rooster Teeth arr.) 4:24
05. Resonance Ending song 4:24
06. SYSTEM BBTAG in-game soundtrack 4:43
07. Ruby Mix (BBTAG Special) Ruby's theme (Battle arrange) 4:58
08. Weiss Mix (BBTAG Special) Weiss' theme (Battle arrange) 5:50
09. Blake Mix (BBTAG Special) Blake's theme (Battle arrange) 5:05
10. Yang Mix (BBTAG Special) Yang's theme (Battle arrange) 5:06
11. Calamitytrigger BBCT arcade opening 1:36
12. CONTINUUM SHIFT BBCS arcade opening 1:20
13. CHRONOPHANTASMA BBCP arcade opening 1:35
14. CENTRALFICTION BBCF arcade opening 1:40
15. Crossing Fate (Short Ver) BBTAG theme (Trailer mix ver.) 1:32


  • Composer
Norichika Satō佐藤 ノリチカ
(Arc System Works) (Tracks 1-6, 15)
Jeff Williams (Rooster Teeth Productions, LLC.) (Tracks 7-10)
Daisuke Ishiwatari石渡 太輔
(Arc System Works) (Tracks 11~14)
  • Arrangement
Tetsuya Kobayashi (Arc System Works Sound Team Supervisor) (Track 2)
(Lisa Rec Corporation) (Track 3)
Jeff Williams (Rooster Teeth Productions, LLC.) (Track 4)
  • Guitar
Toshihiro Kajiwara梶原 稔広
(Arc System Works)
sho (VividCoin) (Lisa Rec Corporation)
  • Bass
Atsushi Hasegawa長谷川 敦
(Arc System Works)
  • Violin
Itō Yūma伊藤 友馬
(Arc System Works)
  • Vocal
Casey Lee Williams (Rooster Teeth Productions, LLC.)
  • Special Thanks
Daisuke Ishiwatari石渡 太輔
(Arc System Works)

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