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Ragna is a standard character who is strongest at mid to close range. He has many easy-to-use, orthodox normal attacks and special attack, he's highly recommended for first-time BlazBlue players.

At mid-range, make frequent use of attacks with a lot of reach, like Ragna's standing B and Standing C, as well as his Jumping C. These attacks are especially useful "pokes", hitting with the tip of the attack. Connecting Standing B into Standing C, then cancelling into Hell's Fang is a fundamental combo. If it hits, use Hell's Fang's follow-up attack to knock the opponent to the ground. If Standing C is blocked, in addition to Hell's Fang, you can throw in the middle attack Gauntlet Hades, or Blood Scythe, which recovers fast enough to let you start moving again first.

When close to the opponent, mix things up with the middle attack → + B, and low attacks like Crouching B and ↘ + C to break their block. → + B is a large attack, so it's a good idea to cancel into it with Revolver Action from Crouching A into → + B or from Crouching B into → + B. If the opponent closes in from the air, meet them with → + A, Jump A, or Jump D to counter. If you follow-up → + A with Standing D or → + D, you can start a combo.

When under pressure, C Inferno Divider is a good choice because it has a window of invincibility. Using it in conjunction with Rapid Cancel makes it an even more solid option. [1]

Command List

Name Command
Normal Input Alternative Input
Soul Eater D
An attack that absorbs the opponent's life.
Blood Kain IDEA A + B + C + D
Enhances Soul Eater Drive attacks.
→ Seed of Tartaros A + B + C + D during OD
Swings his sword downward. If it hits the opponent, it will knock them back.
Hell's Fang
↓↙← + A → + SP
A lunging attack that moves forward.
→ Additional Attack ↓↙← + D after "Hell's Fang" A, B, C, D or SP after "Hell's Fang"
An additional attack that absorbs the opponent's HP.
Inferno Divider
→↓↘ + C or D (midair also) SP (midair also)
An anti-air attack.
→ Uppercut ↓↘→ + C after "Inferno Divider" A, B, C, D or SP after "Inferno Divider"
An additional attack after Inferno Divider.
→ Straight Punch ↓↘→ + C after "Uppercut" A, B, C or D after "Uppercut"
A strong attack that sends the opponent backward.
→ Ax Kick ↓↙← + D after "Uppercut" A, B, C, D or SP after "Uppercut"
An attack that slams the opponent to the ground.
Gauntlet Hades
↓↙← + B (midair also) → + SP in midair
An overhead lunging attack.
→ Spin Kick ↓↙← + D after "Gauntlet Hades" SP after "Gauntlet Hades"
Absorbs the opponent's life and kicks them upward.
Dead Spike
↓↙← + D ↓ + SP
A short-ranged projectile that absorbs the opponent's life.
Blood Scythe ↓↙← + D (midair also) ← + SP in midair
A leap into the air, following by a powerful downward strike.
Nightmare Edge ↓↙← + C in midair ↓ + SP in midair
Dives down at an opponent directly below
→ Additional Attack ↓↙← + D during "Nightmare Edge" A, B, C, D or SP after "Nightmare Edge"
An attack that absorbs the opponent's life.
Not Over Yet ↓↓ + C while opponent is down
An attack performed on an opponent who is down.
Distortion Drive
Carnage Scrissors
→↘↓↙←→ + D (delayable) (uses 50% Heat) ← + SP (uses 50% Heat)
After doing a lunging attack, Ragna will do an additional attack that will absorb the opponent's life. You can stop his attack midway by holding the Drive button.
Devoured by Darkness
Yami ni Kuwarero
↓↙←↓↙← + D (uses 50% Heat)
An unblockable attack that absorbs a massive amount of the opponent's life.
Astral Heat
Black Onslaught ↓↙←↙↓↘→ + C (uses 100% Heat)
A fury of attacks with Ragna's scythe. Only finishes if the initial swipe hits the opponent.



  • Color palette 6: Tomokazu Sugita also voices Sakata Gintoki, the protagonist of the comedy series Gin Tama
  • Color palette 13: Both Tomokuza Sugita and Patrick Seitz voice Reisi Munakata, a major character in K Project

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