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To be used with Template:Gallery Section (BBRadio) or Template:Gallery Section (Cargo)


This module builds a URL to Special:ViewData to fix some undesirable behavior in the link that's generated by default:

  1. The first batch of results are excluded. We want to display all results, even ones that have already been returned.
  2. The results per page are limited to whatever was initially set as the limit, unless the limit was 0, in which case Special:ViewData shows 100 results per page. We want to be able to manually set this limit.


To create a link for Template: Gallery Section (BBRadio):

{{#invoke:ViewData URL|BBRadio|character|season
|intro=<h3>BlazBlue Radio D</h3>

To create a link for Template:Gallery Section (Cargo):

{{#invoke:ViewData URL|Files
|order_by=Date DESC