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Gameplay:Kagura Mutsuki BBCF

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Kagura is a power type character who uses stances to crush the opponent. His long reaching normal attacks keep the opponent at bay, then he counters using his various stances once the enemy offensive is shut down. At mid-range, use standing C or crouching C. Both have very long range, allowing you to control space while staying out of the opponent's reach.

During standing C or crouching C, always try charging with ← or ↙. If successful, cancel from the normal attack into Dragon Spirit. After firing Dragon Spirit, dash after it to close distance. The A version Dragon Spirit movement is compact and easy to use, but if you're at a longer distance, the B version is better as it provides more attacks. Also, it's effective to connect from a C attack to ↓ + D → Dragon's Blade. If the C attack hits, this will become a combo, and even if it's guarded, you won't get counterattacked easily.

Against opponents who use lots of projectiles from a distance, use Sky Dragon's Strike to resist projectiles and charge in. Once close using Sky Dragon's Strike, connect to ↓ + D and either the middle attack Dragon Strike or the low attack Dragon's Blade.

You can jump cancel from ↓ + B, then immediately after jumping use Dragon's Dance to break crouch guards. A key point is to continue to input ↗ during → + B, so practice this.

When under pressure from the opponent, Dragon's Ascent is effective. The B version is invulnerable to jump attacks, making it suited as an anti-air counterattack. The C version is completely invulnerable, so use it when attacked from the ground.[1]

Command List

Name Command
Normal Input Alternative Input
Black Gale
Burakku Geiru
Transitions into his stance. While in stance, pressing A, B, or C will unleash a specific attack. Further, while in a stance, or during a stance-attack, every other stance can be used during the string.
Infinite Coupling
ヴィエメンスエッジVehemence Edge
Viemensu Ejji
A + B + C + D
Kagura Infinite Coupling.gif Eliminates the maximum amount of times his stance can be used. As long as the same stance isn't used consecutively, switching stances can be done indefinitely.
Dark Flame of the Bellowing Dragon
Kōryū Genmarettōzan
During OD, A + B + C + D

"...the Azure Dragon's rage!"
Smashes opponents with his massive sword. If it connects, will unleash a barrage of slashing attacks.
D Stance
D Kamae
D (midair also)
Kagura 5D.gif
On the ground
Kagura j.5D.gif
→ Dragon Blast
A during D stance
Kagura Dragon Blast.gif
Blocks incoming attacks with his sword, and attacks directly in front. This will block certain incoming attacks.
→ Dragon's Claw
B during D stance
Kagura Dragon Claw (sans target).gif
Grabs the opponent, and kicks them forward.
→ Dragon Slaughter
C during D stance
Kagura Dragon Slaughter.gif
A massive and flashy dance of the sword to opponents in front of him.
↓D Stance
↓D (midair also)
Kagura 2D.gif
On the ground
Kagura j.2D.gif
→ Dragon Strike
A during ↓D stance
Kagura Dragon Strike.gif
A powerful slamming attack of his massive sword that cannot be blocked while crouching.
→ Dragon's Blade
B during ↓D stance
Kagura Dragon's Blade.gif
A swift and low strike with his sword that opponents cannot block while standing.
→ Dragon's Dual Strike
C during ↓D stance
Kagura Dragon's Dual Strike.gif
After launching the opponent with a low-to-high strike, he will smash them into the ground with a powerful blow.
→D Stance
→D (midair also)
Kagura 6D.gif
On the ground
Kagura j.6D.gif
→ Dragon's Fang
A during →D stance
Kagura Dragon's Fang.gif
Pulls his blade backwards, charging up his energy, then swiftly lunges towards his opponent. While in motion, certain attacks will be evaded.
→ Dragon's Mirage
B during →D stance
Kagura Dragon's Mirage.gif
Swiftly lunges forward and slips behind his opponent, smashing his blade into the ground. While in motion, certain attacks will be evaded.
→ Sky Dragon's Strike
C during →D stance
Kagura Sky Dragon's Strike.gif
Pulls his blade backwards, charging up his energy, then unloads it all in a powerful lunging thrust. When hit, the opponent will be sent flying backwards.
→ Release
Kamae Kaijō
← + D during any type of D stance (midair also)
Releases the stance.
Dragon Spirit
龍縛旋Dragon's Binding Revolution(りゅうばくせん)
← charge → + A or B
Kagura A Dragon Spirit.gif
A version
Kagura B Dragon Spirit.gif
B version
Throws a ball of energy at the opponent. The B version is slower, but can negate the effects of certain incoming projectiles.
Dragon's Ascent
龍刃翔Dragon's Blade Ascent(りゅうじんしょう)
↓ charge ↑ + B or C
Kagura B Dragon's Ascent.gif
Swings the massive blade upwards, knocking opponents out of the sky.
Dragon's Dance
龍憐舞Dragon's Compassionate Dance(りゅうれんぶ)
↑ charge ↓ + C in midair or during Dragon's Ascent Midair SP
Kagura Dragon's Dance.gif
Swings his massive sword downwards while airborne to perform an aerial attack that cannot be blocked while crouching.
Distortion Drive
Supreme Dragon's Inferno
龍覇・獄焔塵Dragon's Supremacy: Hell's Inferno(りゅうは・ごくえんじん)
Ryūha Gokuenjin
← charge ↙↓↘→ + C ← + SP

A consecutive series of attacks beginning with a fissure of the earth that strikes the opponent.
The Dragon Lord's Striking Fang
龍皇・斬牙歐衝Dragon Emperor's Killing Fang Strike(りゅうおう・ざんがおうしょう)
Ryūō Zangaōshō
↓↑ + D during stance (midair also)

An extremely powerful single blow that send opponents flying into the air.
Astral Heat
Black Dragon's Sky-Rending Blade
黒龍天翔雷刃Black Dragon's Heavenly Soaring Thunder Blade(こくりゅうてんしょうらいじん)
Kokuryū Tenshō Raijin
↓↘→↓↘→ + C

"Bahamut's Gale!"
Summons dark lightning to his blade, and smashes it into the opponent.


  • Kagura calls out the name of various dragons and figures related to dragons when performing moves.



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