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Gameplay:Jin Kisaragi BBCF

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Jin is extremely well-rounded, and is a threat at any distance. His abilities include projectiles and rushing attacks, as well as moves with invincibility, making him highly recommended for anyone new to BlazBlue.

At mid-range, his Standing C on the ground and Jumping C attacks have long reach and are easy to use. Jumping C is especially strong when jumping vertically or backwards. From Standing C, use Revolver Action into Standing D as well as ↘ + C. Since it's Jump Cancelable, Jin can Jump forward and continue pressure with Jump ↓ + C. When Standing C hits, aim for a combo using Musou Senshouzan (Crystal Strike) or Musou Tosshougeki (Freezing Crystal Strike). If the opponent blocks it, Hishouken (Ice Blade) is a good follow up.

When close to the opponent, use middle attack → + A or Low attack Crouching B to break through their guard. Standing A and Crouching A can be connected into your choice of middle and Low attacks. → + A cannot be cancelled into Special Attacks, but suing Rapid Cancel makes it possible to combo. Use it aggressively when the Heat Gauge is over 50%. Standing B draws the opponent in closer. After drawing them in, try connecting into attacks such as a normal throw, Crouching A, or Crouching B to continue your assault.

When the opponent closes in from the air, Crouching C is a good option when they're near, otherwise meet them with Fubuki (Blizzard). If Jin himself is also in the air, Jump C is also a powerful move.

When the opponent is laying on the pressure, Rehhyou (Violent Ice) and Hirensou (Dual Ice Strike) are good for driving them away. Using them in conjunction with Rapid Cancel makes them even safer defensive options. [1]

Command List

Name Command
Normal Input Alternative Input
Reitou (Frost Bite)
零刀Zero Blade(フロストバイト)
Reitō (Furosutobaito)
An attack that freezes the opponent
Zettou (Frost End)
絶刀Absolute Blade(フロストエンド)
Zettō (Furosutobaito)
A + B + C + D
All of Yukianesa's attacks gain freezing properties.
Empty Sky True Form: Crystal Moonstorm
虚空刃奥義Empty Sky Blade Secret Art 月下氷楼Moonlit Ice Tower
Kokūjin Ōgi Gekka Kōrō
A + B + C + D during Overdrive
Hishouken (Ice Blade)
氷翔剣Ice-Soaring Blade(ひしょうけん)
↓↘→ + A (midair also) ↓ + SP
Hishousetsu (Pillar of Ice)
氷翔刹Ice-Soaring Temple(ひしょうせつ)
↓↘→ + D (midair also) (Uses 25% Heat) ↓ + SP
Musou Senshouzan (Crystal Strike)
霧槍Fog Spear 尖晶斬Sharp Crystal Slash(むそう・せんしょうざん)
Musō Senshōzan
↓↙← + B (follow up with C) → + SP
Musou Tosshougeki (Freezing Crystal Strike)
霧槍Fog Spear 突晶撃Piercing Crystal Strike(むそう とっしょうげき)
Musō Tosshōgeki
↓↙← + D (follow up with C) (Uses 25% Heat) → + SP
Fubuki (Blizzard)
吹雪 (ふぶき)
→↓↘ + B
Rehhyou (Gale)
裂氷Tearing Ice(れっひょ)
→↓↘ + C SP
Hirensou (Dual Ice Strike)
氷連双Linked Ice Pair(ひれんそう)
→↓↘ + D (delayable) (Uses 25% Heat) SP
Sekkajin (Snow Flower Storm)
雪華塵Snow Flower Dust(せっかじん)
↓↓ + C
→ Additional Attack D during Sekkajin (Snow Flower Storm) (Uses 25% Heat)
Hizansen (Permafrost)
氷斬閃Ice-Cutting Flash(ひざんせん)
Midair ↓↙← + C Midair SP
Hizangeki (Arctic Strike)
氷斬撃Ice-Cutting Strike(ひざんげき)
Midair ↓↙← + D (Uses 25% Heat) Midair SP
Distortion Drive
Touga Hyoujin (Ice Fang)
凍牙氷刃Frozen-Fanged Ice Blade(とうがひょうじん)
Tōga Hyōjin
→↘↓↙←→ + C (Uses 50% Heat) ← + SP (Uses 50% Heat)
Hiyoku Getsumei (Moonsong)
氷翼月鳴Ice-Winged Mooncry (ひよくげつめい)
Hiyoku Getsumei
→↘↓↙←→ + D (Uses 50% Heat) Midair SP (Uses 50% Heat)
Kokuujin: Yukikaze
虚空刃Empty Sky Blade 雪風Snow-bearing Wind(こくうじん ゆきかぜ)
Kokūjin Yukizake
↓↘→↓↘→+D (Uses 50% Heat)
Astral Heat
Rengoku Hyouya (Arctic Dungeon)
煉獄氷夜Purgatory's Freezing Night(れんごくひょうや)
Rengoku Hyōya
↓ charge ↑+D (uses 100% Heat)


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  1. BlazBlue: Central Fiction, Tutorial Mode, Character Specifics, Jin Kisaragi, Lesson 03: Strategy Lessons