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Hibiki is a character who uses quick movements and illusions to toy with his opponent. Don't focus on repeating actions, and use a variety of moves to confuse the opponent. At mid-range, use Standing C, then connect into → + D. → + D connects into standing B with Revolver Action, so even if you're guarded you can get into close combat.

If the opponent is wary of Standing C into → + D, use Standing D instead. When Standing D hits, use middle attack Dual Wing Smash: Heaven and low attack Duel Wing Smash: Earth to shake up their guard. Once close to the opponent, use middle attack ← + B and low attack Crouching B or → + A to shake up their guard. After Standing B → additional B, you have an option between middle or low attacks like crouching B or ← + B.

If the opponent gains some distance, connect Soaring Kick → Piercing Feather. After Piercing Feather, attack with Jumping A or Jumping B to continue your assault. In addition, knowing when to mix in Soaring Slash: Revolution which requires a reversed direction guard, or a normal throw, will give your opponent some major trouble in defending themselves. If the opponent attacks from the air, use Crouching C to counter them. If you see the opponent jump while you're using Soaring Kick, it's recommended to use the C button to activate Pulverizing Fin.

When pressured by the opponent, the invulnerability from Double Wing Cyclone is reliable. Using a Rapid Cancel makes this an even more solid choice. [1]

Command List

Name Command
Normal Input Alternative Input
Double Chase
Daburu Cheisu
Creates clones to attack the opponent
Schwarz Lace
シュバルツレイスSchwarz Wraith
Shubarutsu Reisu
A + B + C + D
Enhances various drive attacks
Mark: "Purification"
柝扇「祓雛」Purifying Chick(さくおうぎ「はらえびな」)
Sakuōgi "Haraebina"
During OD, A + B + C + D
Soaring Kick
↓↘→ + A
→ Piercing Feather
A during Soaring Kick
→ Thrashing Claw
B during Soaring Kick
→ Pulverizing Fin
鶚砕きOsprey Smash(みさごくだき)
Misago Kudaki
C during Soaring Kick
→ Catastrophic Strike
Maga Uchi
D during Soaring Kick
Dual Wing Smash: Heaven
比翼陣 天(ひよくじん てん)
Hiyokujin Ten
↓↙← + A ↓ + SP
Dual Wing Smash: Earth
比翼陣 地(ひよくじん ち)
Hiyokujin Chi
↓↙← + B
→ Dual Wing Smash: Void
比翼陣 虚(ひよくじん うつろ)
Hiyokujin Utsuro
D during Dual Wing Slash: Heaven or Earth
Soaring Slash
↓↙← + C → + SP
Soaring Slash: Revolution
飛斬衝 廻(ひざんしょう かい)
Hizanshō Kai
↓↙← + D
Double Wing Cyclone
→↓↘ + C SP
Piercing Muzzle-blade
尖嘴刃Steep Beak-Blade(せんしじん)
↓↙← + A in midair SP in midair
Distortion Drive
Shadow Dance: "Hidden Phoenix"
番舞 「朧鳳」Paired Dance "Mist Phoenix"(つがいまい「おぼろおおとり」)
Tsugaimai "Oboro Ōtori"
→↘↓↙←→ + C ← + SP
Black Thunder: "Nue"
冥雷 「鵺」(くれみかづち「ぬえ」)
Kuremikadzuchi "Nue"
→↘↓↙←→ + D
Astral Heat
Divine Nightfall: "Raven"
天晦Darkening the Sky 「哭鴉」(あまつごもり「なきがらす」)
Amatsugomori "Nakigarasu"
↓↓↓ + D


  • In Dual Wing Smash (比翼陣 Hiyokujin), the "Dual Wing" (比翼 Hiyoku) could be a reference to the 比翼鳥bǐyìniǎo, a one-winged, one-eyed bird in Chinese mythology that must form pairs in order to fly. Idioms in Chinese and Japanese that reference this bird often refer to couples.
  • In Mark: "Purification" (柝扇「祓雛」 Sakuōgi "Haraebina"), the kanji used in "Mark" (柝扇 Sakuogi) are 柝 taku, wooden clappers signalling the start or end of a performance, and 扇 ōgi, meaning folding fan.
  • In Shadow Dance: "Hidden Phoenix" (番舞 「朧鳳」 Tsugaimai "Oboro Ōtori"), the "Shadow Dance" (番舞 Tsugaimai) refers to a pair of dances that are danced consecutively.



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