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Help:Manual of Style/Character Pages/Gallery

Help page
  • Create galleries as a subpage of the character's main page: e.g. Ragna the Bloodedge/Gallery
  • In the automatically generated boilerplate text (see also #Boilerplate below):
    • Replace Ragna the Bloodedge with the name of the character the page is being created for.
    • In the case of the Murakumo units, whose display names are different from their base page names, use {{Character Tabs|Λ-No.11-|Lambda-11}} where Λ-No.11- is the name of her main overview page and Lambda-11 is the name that her subpages are on (Lambda-11/Gameplay, etc)

How to add an image to a character's gallery

  1. Upload it via Upload Wizard. (ref. Help:Upload Wizard for general assistance with using Upload Wizard)
  2. Categorize the image with:

At set intervals, the bot User:Deus Machina Nirvana will check recent changes and update the image's Gallery Metadata, which will let the image be pulled into the proper gallery sections.

About the gallery system

Each section of Template:Gallery Metadata corresponds to a category on the wiki:

{{Gallery Metadata
|characters=Category:Media by Character
|cameos=Category:Media by Character
|locations=Category:Media by Location
|weapons=Category:Media by Weapon
|source=Category:Media by Source, Category:Media from Novels, Category:Media from Manga, Category:Media from Collaborations
|artists=Category:Media by Artist
|section=Category:Media by Gallery Category

Categories that are linked to this system are marked with this message box:

Adding a section to the gallery

  1. Go to Module:Character Gallery/data. Add the new section.
  2. Make sure any new categories being used as "sections" in the gallery are included in Category:Media by Gallery Category (like Card Art, Birthday Art, etc)
    1. This can be achieved by adding [[Category:Media by Gallery Category]] to the new category page
    2. Nirvana only checks and adds/updates Gallery Metadata for images with a category listed in Category:Media by Gallery Category
  3. Rerun Nirvana on past images uploaded with the new category (or categories) - requires python, pywikibot, the associated pywikibot scripts linked below, and access to Deus Machina Nirvana.
    1. OR manually add Template:Gallery Metadata to the images with the appropriate fields filled out.

Images that need verification of their characters and cameos

Some images, like birthday art and arcade CGs, have appearing character separated into "cameos" and "non-cameos". Nirvana attempts to categorize characters into cameos and non-cameos based on whether the character's name appears in the title of the image (e.g. File:BlazBlue_Central_Fiction_Nine_the_Phantom_Arcade_00(A).png), and may sometimes make mistakes. The following tracks images that Nirvana could not disambiguate.

16.1% complete

Backlog: Needs Verification of Ambiguous Characters
Goal: 0 articles
Current: 47 articles
Initial: 56 articles

Statistics automatically update (refresh).

Further Reading


Edit this section to see and change the boilerplate text.