Help:Upload Wizard

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If the image is from Twitter, use Campaign:Twitter to upload the image instead
If the image is a sample image of merchandise, use Campaign:Merchandise to upload the image instead
If the image is from BlazBlue Radio, use Campaign:BBRadio to upload the image instead
If the image is a character palette, use Campaign:Character Palettes to upload the image instead
See all Upload Wizard campaigns: Special:Campaigns


  • Click "Upload file" on the navigation bar under the Tools header OR
  • Navigate to Special:UploadWizard


You can upload up to 50 files at once. If you try to upload more, a popup will prevent you from moving on.

Release Rights


One of:

  • Copy/paste the url of the source.
  • Put the name of the game (eg BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle).
  • Combine them, if necessary: [url Name of the Game].

This will be copied across all files that you'd uploaded in this batch. (All the files will be listed with the same source unless you select the last option, to define them separately for each file).


List the copyright holder(s) for the image.

  • Usually, this is just
Arc System Works
  • For BlazBlue Revolution Reburning, it is instead
* 91 Act
* Arc System Works
  • For BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle, it is instead
* Atlus
* Arc System Works
* French Bread
* Rooster Teeth

Now tell us why you are sure you have the right to publish this work

Add "Fair Use" by:

  1. Select "Another reason not mentioned above."
  2. Type in {{Fair Use}} into the text box that appears.
  • You can click the Preview button to see what the Fair Use template looks like.


You can edit details for each file individually, or bulk copy details to all files based on the first image.

  • The description box has a dropdown for languages, but you only have to fill it in for English.
  • The date can be selected from a calendar that pops up when you click the textbox, or you can type it in manually (YYYY-MM-DD format). Some images will already have the date and time filled out in this box.
  • Fill in categories that accurately describe the image and characters in the image. Autocomplete is available, but be sure to pick the right one.


Add characters, locations, and weapons

Character, location, and weapon spellings are available here:

Categorize the image into a character's gallery
Add categories to help identify the source material

If it's from official media (e.g. a game), but is user produced (i.e. wasn't ripped from source):

If it's official art from a published source (manga, novel, short story):

The source game or material itself:

Add the Artist (if known)
Add Other Categories

There are also categories not listed under any of the above, but are still valid categories to tag images with (unlisted due to not being exactly a character, location, or weapon).

There are also categories that are being used which don't have pages yet. These can be used as well, but sometimes Upload Wizard's autocomplete can get in the way, and it will also give a warning when submitting the form, asking to double-check if the form has been filled out correctly. Feel free to ask what to do in this case. Those red-linked categories can be found here, sorted by number of pages included in the category:

Add Location And More Information

Below the Categories box, click the > Add location and more information... option to reveal an extra textbox.


This option is available as a separate box to fill in on in certain campaigns. The Caption template can also be appended to the image description or added in the other information text box. See Template:Caption for more details.